How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Car: Useful Tips

We experience hot weather, especially during summer, and most times, dog owners get stuck on ways to travel with a dog in the car. You may want to take your dog to a vet or go on a road trip together.

Cars heat so much during hot weather, but that should not stop you from taking your dog with you on a road trip. Even though it is unsafe to have your dog in the car when it’s hot, with little tips and precautions, you can let your dog enjoy have fun on the road.

Steps To Keep Dog Cool

Make your puppy comfortable in the car with these tips and precautions and keep him/her from heat while you enjoy your favorite trip together:

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Car

1. Don’t leave your dog alone in the car

Cool the temperature of your car before letting your dog enter it. Make sure you turn on your AC, and the dog should go inside the vehicle when the heat is comfortable. Make your dog’s safety your priority while traveling.

When you park your car, do it in a shaded area, especially during hot days. It’s not advisable to leave your dog inside the car alone when running errands.

2. Keep the window open and AC on

When traveling with your dog in the car, let the dog sit next to the window to keep them cool. Alternatively, the dog can sit in front of the AC. Put the air conditioning to cool the car before your dog enters it.

3. Hydrate the dog

Dogs should be drinking lots of water. When traveling with a dog, always remember to pack water bottles or water bowls for your dog. They will get thirsty when the temperature is high. Take breaks to ensure your dog does not die of thirst from overheating. Do not let your dog do activities that require energy, as this will make its temperature rise.

4. Aluminate Shade Cloth

Drape this piece of cloth over the window of your car to prevent so much heat in the car. Fix the clamps of the shade cloth to attach it firmly to the car. Apart from reflecting the sun, the shade cloth also promotes airflow.

5. Cool collars and pads

Get your dog car pads and place them on the car seat before the dog enters the car. This will cool the dog’s seating place.

Cooling collars: The cooling collars absorb excess heat from the dog’s body. Make sure your dog has this on to keep him cool. Place it on a freezer hours before going out.

Cooling vests: Before your dog enters the car, get a cooling vest, soak in water, squeeze it and dry with a towel. Before the dog enters the car, put it on for the dog to keep him cool as enjoy your trip together.

6. Window vents

You have to invest if you want your dog to be comfortable and safe, staying in the car. Window vents let you keep your open with the dog in the car. But it is safer since dogs can’t jump out from the vehicle even when it is moving.

7. Crates

For your dog’s safety, put it on a crate and then put in on your car. This way, the dog won’t feel so much heat. You can cover the car with Aluminates shade cloth and travel with your dog with windows open. That way, the dog will not have to deal with the heat of the car.

8. Sun Shades

Put a reflective sunshade on the interior of the front window, which reduces the temperature inside the car. This way, your dog is safe from car heat.

9. Cooling Mat

To keep your dog cool while in the car, get him/her a cooling mat. The mat absorbs the heat of the dog and will cool him/her down when exposed to the heat that’s inside the car. These mats are filled with gel.

10. Cool Dog Tailgate Lock

This tailgate lock allows airflows air to flow and provides ventilation. Just attach it in a half-open position to allow air circulation through your vehicle. This keeps your dog cool even when you pack your car.

11. Portable air conditioning

Create a cool environment for your dog while in the car. Most of this portable air conditioning work with batteries and are more convenient. You don’t have to worry about leaving your dog in the car. Place the air conditioner on the seat of your car and let it maintain a cooler safer temperature for your dog.

12. Car sunshade

If you love your dog, then you will install car shades on your car to protect it from heat. Keep your dog cool by having rear sunshades, window sunshades, and windshield sunshades in your car. Keep the interior of your car cool for your dog.

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13. Rest breaks while on the car

You definitely don’t want to overwhelm your dog with too much car heat while traveling. Stop frequently and let your dog rest in a cool or shaded place. Travel with your dog at the time of the day when it is not hot like morning or evening. Avoid hot hours like afternoons. This way, your dog won’t go through much heat while in the car.


The fewer sweat glands in dogs cannot maintain their bodies to be cool at all times. Cars sometimes overheat, which is not healthy for your dog, and it is better leaving it at home unless it is essential. Dogs can’t keep up with the heat and, most times will require you as a dog owner to make sure the heat is not affecting them.

Keep your dog hydrated all times. Invest in water bowls and water bottles for the dog. And when the car gets hot, park it somewhere, and let the dog get some fresh air. Don’t let your dog alone unattended to in the car. Vehicles with a darker color tend to have very hot interiors. The best car to have your dog inside would be the one with lighter colors. Keeping your dog cool ensures its safety while in the car.

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