7 Best Shoes for Professional Dog Groomers 2020: Buying Guide

Cleaning and grooming are some of the duties that require special outfits to prevent dirtying oneself. Dog groomers are prone to dog hair which detaches from the dog’s skin. For instance, when you are grooming the dog with a brush, some hair strands break or get uprooted.

Consequently, they fall on your shoes and contaminate them. If you were wearing shoes that are made of some other material apart from leather, hair sticks to them. It is also a bit hectic to remove the hair from the shoes.

To prevent you from that hassle, there are special shoes that are purposely, and categorically designed for this task. Dog grooming shoes are not only nice, but also beautiful, and appealing to look at.

A Comparison Table for Dog Groomers Shoes

The dog groomer's shoes and boots have diverse features and specs. It is good to have them critically analyzed for you so that you can know the best. The following table bears the information of the reviewed shoes and boots:-

The Best Shoes for Dog Groomers - Review

1. Sloggers Women's Waterproof Groomers Shoe

These are stylish and beautiful waterproof shoes. They are not only versatile but also multipurpose shoes. They incorporate a good design that enhances comfort.

You can wear them for the whole day without feeling any discomfort or developing blisters. They have whole day comfort insoles for absolute comfort. To top it all, they have a deep lug signature tread that gives you proper traction.

They range from numbers 6-11, and they are made in the USA. Categorically, they are for women. The upper side is printed with paw prints and flowers. Furthermore, these outstanding shoes are made of 100% recyclable material. They are available in whole sizes only, but they fit you properly.

Owing to the fact that these are versatile shoes, they have good soles that cannot risk your stability. 

They have great treads that cannot slip even when you are working in wet places. The heel is not high for enhanced comfort, and you can use it for pet grooming.


  • Their innersoles are all-day comfort
  • Made of 100% recyclable material
  • Fit your feet properly
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in numbers 6-11
  • Made in the USA


  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Gender: Women's


  • Easy to clean
  • Have comfortable insoles
  • Have good treads
  • They are waterproof
  • Versatile


  • They are for women only
  • They are only manufactured in the USA

2. Womens’ Aqua Water Shoes

These are nice and fanciful shoes that are fit for quite a number of activities. They are amazing dog grooming shoes that you can use, and no doubt your stability. Furthermore, when you comb the dog’s hair, and it falls on the shoes, it does not stick stubbornly.

You can easily remove it, and remain tidy. The material on the upper side is a ten percent cotton blend. In addition, these shoes have a rubber sole that cannot let you slip. For instance, if the floor that you are working on is tiled, obviously it is slippery.

When the hair falls, and you step on it with the normal shoe, you can easily slip, and fall. However, these shoes are reliable because of their rubber sole. Furthermore, the air mesh on the upper side is both durable, and breathable.

The innersole is designed to give you a good bounce back, and it is light in weight.


  • Made of open mesh on the upper side
  • Has holes on the sole to allow breathability
  • Dries quickly due to many perforations
  • Has a water grip sole


  • Available between numbers 6 to 8


  • Your feet cannot sweat
  • Highly breathable
  • Has a durable air mesh
  • Have exceptional midsole


  • You cannot wear them during winter
  • You cannot wear them if don’t want your feet to get wet

3. Womens’ Sport Hydro Shoe

This exemplary shoe has a lot to be desired. Particularly if you are one of the people who are sports enthusiasts, this is the ideal shoe that you will never keep at bay. However, it can also be used as part of the grooming apparel.

These shoes are made of Chlorine resistant material. If you have to wash the dog, and then groom it, you cannot panic. Owing to the sticky rubber sole that enhances better traction, you will be sure that you cannot fall.

Moreover, the upper side is made of Synthetic material which is also a mesh. It is an ideal fitness trainer that is great for working on wet surfaces. To top it all, it has a rubber sole that has good traction.


  • Have a rubber sole
  • Made of mesh and 100% Synthetic
  • Incorporates a Chlorine resistant material
  • Have a nitracel footbed


  • Available between numbers 5 – 7


  • Provides lateral and mid-foot support
  • Good for a water fitness trainer
  • They have good traction


  • You cannot walk with them on dusty ground

4. Norty 14 Solids Hurricane Wellie 

These are high class, and spectacular rain-boots that you can wear during stormy weather. You can also wear them when you are grooming your dog. They are not like the normal kind of wellingtons that people wear.

Norty 14 Solids have a stylish pattern that adds splendor to the boots and makes them eye-catching. To guarantee your safety, they have a rubber lug sole. They also have a 7/8 & 3/8 inch heel for comfort, and stability on the ground.

They are 13.25 inches high to safeguard you from wetness, and splashes. To top it all, your legs remain absolutely dry.


  • They have a rubber sole
  • Have 0.8 inches heel
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Have a long shaft for splash protection
  • The rubber gives it a good traction


  • Have 7/8 & 3/8 inches platform
  • 13.25 inches tall


  • You can wear them with thick socks
  • Have a 30 day trial period
  • They have stylish patterns


  • They are not fit for indoor wear
  • Are designed for women

5. Crocs Jaunt Shorty Womens’ Boot

Dog grooming outfits are classic, and they have amazing features. These boots have a shorter Croslite shaft which is favorable for the wearer. Furthermore, they are comfortable because they encompass a lightweight cushion.

The outsole is made of durable rubber that is also ideal for giving you ideal firmness on the ground. In addition, the material that they are made of is also waterproof to keep your feet dry.

Precisely, the shaft measures about 6.75 inches from the arch. Moreover, boot opening measures about 12.5 inches all-round.


  • Have a contrast stripe at midsole
  • Encompass a rubber sole
  • Are waterproof
  • Made of Croslite material


  • Shaft measures 6.75 inches from the arch
  • Boot opening 12.5 inches in circumference


  • They are waterproof
  • Are of high quality
  • The rubber sole offers stability on the ground
  • Dog hair cannot stick


  • You cannot wear them on formal occasions

6. Kamik Heidi Womes’ Boots

Kamik Heidi boots are one of the best-imported rubber rain boots. They are not only good for washing, but also one of the dog grooming outfits. These outstanding boots encompass a state of the art outlook and exceptional qualities.

When you are washing or cleaning, you cannot get your feet soaked because these boots are waterproof. They provide a good covering for your legs with an 11-inch shaft from the arch. To top it all, these boots give you absolute comfort when you are grooming your dogs.


  • They have a rubber sole
  • Are waterproof
  • The boots are manmade
  • Have a footbed


  • Have 11-inch shaft
  • The heels are 1 inch high
  • Their circumference is 13.5 inches


  • They are waterproof
  • Are of high quality
  • The boot soles are non-slip


  • They are available in a few countries
  • You cannot wear them everywhere

7. Norty Womens’ Ankle Boots

Dog groomers have special uniforms that they clad in to perform their duties. Dog grooming uniforms incorporate these boots alongside other apparel.

The most outstanding thing about them is that hair does not stick to them. When you groom the dog and even touch the boot with the grooming brush, they cannot be contaminated.

Hair and rubber are not compatible, hence no sticking. They are warm and comfortable, and they give the floor a firm grip.


  • They have a rubber sole
  • The soles have good tread
  • The boots are water-resistant
  • They are made of high-quality rubber


  • The boots’ circumference is 12 inches
  • They have a height of 6 inches


  • They are comfortable & warm
  • Are waterproof, and of high quality


  • They are designed for women

Shoes for Professional Dog Groomers - Buyer's Guide

When you are buying boots or shoes for dog grooming purposes, you should consider the following aspects:-


The material that the shoe or gumboot is made of should not be compatible with hair. Hair should not stick to them.


The sole should have good treads to ensure that you will not slip when you are wearing them. The best is a rubber sole because it does not break, and it is non-slip.


Comfort is key because you cannot wear, and stay with a shoe or boot which is squeezing your foot. You should go to a comfortable one.


This is equally important. Buy a shoe or boot that fits you properly without leaving a big loose gap.

Best Picks: 

In a nutshell, these are the features, and qualities of dog grooming shoes that are ideal for you. The above-reviewed shoes and boots are prime products that you can go for because they have value for your money. They are of high quality, and durable.

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