The 7 Best Researched Shoes For Dog Groomers (updated 2023)

Dog Grooming is a highly physical task that requires you to be on your feet all day in wet and hairy conditions. You need the right pair of footwear for this demanding job. No one wants blisters or sore feet!

We have spent eight hours asking groomers what they look for in the perfect pair of grooming shoes. As well as what frustrates them, what to watch out for and what are their faves. Let’s take a look at our nine top picks for the best shoes for dog groomers.

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Top Winners for Best Dog Groomers Shoes 2022

Best Grooming Shoes OverallKlogs Naples Footwear Men and WomenKlogs shoes are the best shoes for groomers
Best Sneaker StyleVionic Pro Women’s Simmons Kiara
Best For Dog WashingBOGS women’s classic bootbogs womens
Best for Cold WeatherUGG Women’s Chevonne Ankle BootGrey ugg chevonnes are a great dog groomers shoe
Best for Longevity and styleDansko Womens and Mens Professional Clogsdanke flower printed footwear


What should you consider when choosing the right shoes for the job

You are standing in these shoes 7-10 hours a day in wet slippery conditions. Not only should your shoes be comfortable, but they also need to be practical and safe.


The material the shoes are made of is very important. The quality of the materials will influence how productive you are. It is best to choose high-quality, breathable natural materials that can be easily cleaned such as patent leather. Natural rubber and mesh are good alternatives.

Slip-resistant soles

The sole should be slip-resistant and ideally meet ASTM f489-96 standards.  You can’t give your furry clients the best possible grooming experience if you’re constantly slipping and sliding around the floor. Not only do they help to keep you safe on the job, but they also provide extra traction and stability when you’re working with wet dogs. Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than taking a tumble in front of a room full of barking dogs! Grooming is a wet, slippery business, and slipping and injuring yourself can affect your livelihood. The best is a rubber sole for its slip resistance


Standing 8-10 hours a day means supportive, comfortable shoes are critical! Look for a shoe with great arch support and a supportive innersole.


This is equally important. You need to find a shoe or boot that gives you the perfect fit. If it doesn’t fit quite right return it!

Water resistance

Waterproof shoes are necessary for dog groomers. This is because part of the job includes bathing the dog. Look for a shoe that offers water-resistant features. Soggy wet feet will only lead to problems such as fungal infections.


You should always buy high-quality shoes because they will last a lot longer. If you want to be successful in the long run, you should invest in quality and long-lasting shoes. Make sure that the shoes you buy include all everything we listed above. Braden a dog groomer from Illinois made the following comment. “I kept using my street shoes for grooming. I kept ending up with wet feet and throwing my shoes out every few months. I finally sucked it up and bought a pair of Bogs and I have not looked back. These shoes have been going two years and counting.”



Product Review On The Best Shoes For dog Groomers for 2022

1. Klogs Naples Footwear Men and Women

klogs naples inside pic

Gone are those days when dog groomers had to find waterproof shoes which would serve the purpose but be ugly or uncomfortable! First up, there are these cute waterproof shoes from Klogs which fit perfectly, neither moving up and down while walking nor scrunching your toes with the rounded toe box. So no worries of water getting inside while bathing the doggo.

These not only serve as multipurpose but they are also versatile when it comes to size, color, and function. Klogs Naples come in smooth leather, patent leather, embossed leather, soft suede, or tooled leather for waterproof breathability. They range from size 5 to 14, in multiple color options including these cute french bulldog ones.

The Maxum™ slip-resistant outer sole provides comfort, support, and stability. The sole also meets ASTM f489-96 standards which are really important for dog groomers working in wet and slippery conditions! The removable latex-free inner is machine washable keeping your feet fresh and smell-free.

Best shoes for dog groomers? Undoubtedly this is one of the kind! 


  • Very comfortable and great cushioning for all-day standing with a nonslip sole
  • Can be cleaned quickly and easily with a wet cloth.
  • A wide range of color options available to choose from
  • The insole is removable, making it easier to wash and air dry when needed
  • For men and women. TIP: Women order normal size; men order one whole size larger and order WIDE.
  • Built to last with reviewers reporting it can last 2-3 years on the job so while expensive they are good value for money versus cheaper shoes that may only last one season


  • On the pricier side – but see pros above about reported longevity
  • Styles are more limited than other brands discussed

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2. Dansko Womens and Mens Professional Clogs


dansko professional groomer              Danske black mens clog

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The next contender for the best shoes for dog groomers is the highly dependable, comfortable Dansko Professional. The iconic silhouette of this shoe is made with a roomy reinforced toe box, an anatomically contoured PU midsole, and heel counter that allows for lateral stability. The anti-fatigue rocker bottom assists when walking to add hours in comfort throughout your day! These shoes have an impressive array of styles and colors for women and are popular for their fun designs.

The shoes either have a fabric or leather upper from sizes 5.5-13 in regular and wide widths. Dansko’s Professional Clogs carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. They do not have the safety of the Maxum™ slip-resistant outsole as the Klogs Naples do and then men’s disappointingly come in just black.


  • Leather or fabric uppers for breathability
  • Wide heel strike and “rocker bottom” for foot stability and comfort
  • Women’s come in a wide variety of colors
  • High longevity – should last you a few years
  • Waterproof
  • Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association


  • The inner sole is not removable for washing
  • Men’s has only one color option
  • Sole while antislip does not meet ASTM f489-96 standards

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3. Vionic Pro Women’s Simmons Kiara Service Sneakers

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Clogs and boots, not your thing? Do you prefer a stylish sneaker that will stand up to 12 hours days on your feet? Then the Vionic Pro Women’s Kiara Service Sneakers will do the trick! Vionic’s Pro Kiara sneaker is super-hero workday footwear designed to meet the demands of your feet. A podiatrist-designed footbed delivering three-zone comfort delivers stability and natural alignment from the ground up. Helping relieve plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches bunions heel spurs lower back pain issues!


  • Removable, Vio-Motion™ EVA footbed for quick washing
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole meets or exceeds ASTM F1677 (MARK II testing).
  • Wide toe box for comfort
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis, flat feet and high arches
  • Stylish


  • Some people complain there is not as much arch support as they needed for all day wear. if you fall into this category this may not be the shoe for you.
  • Can be stiff when new and may need wearing in

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4. BOGS Waterproof Rain Boot

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Is your main concern related to having something truly waterproof on your foot? If so, then the women’s waterproof rain boot from Bogs is highly recommended for you. It is a versatile boot with effortless slip-in and off and high water resistance capability!

Shoes with a wide mouth and round toes are considered one of the most functional types, as they make walking and working easily without restricting calf movement. These boots are recommended and loved by groomers in North America wide.

The shoes have a rubber sole and a rubber upper, and that’s one of the most important things for the longevity of the boots. Moreover, neo-tech insulation is used to seal the shoes and keep them waterproof

All in all, for both professional and personal, indoor or outdoor these shoes are a tough contender!


  • Built with 100% premium quality rubber and neoprene for sheer comfort
  • Effortless slip on and off
  • Good grip and minimal traction
  • Neo tech insulation and moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry
  • DuraFresh organic bio-technology activates to fight odors – no more stinky feet


  • Less protection against water splashes
  • People with wider calves might find the opening a bit small. There is a wide boot option if you need

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5. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport 2-W

ryka waterproof

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Luckily you don’t have to bother about shoes matching your outfits if you select your shoes this way. To impress even the most fickle dog groomers, there are these Hydro sport 2-W from Ryka, they will make some great waterproof dog grooming shoes! Durability and grippy soles are the reason why it’s so popular!

This cool pair of shoes come in sizes from 5 to 12 and they have 15 unique patterns and designs. Considering comfort for women, these shoes have wide instep and narrow heels to fit a woman’s foot perfectly!

Good quality rubber makes up the outsole of the shoes, which is great as this type of material doesn’t lose traction on slippery surfaces. Again, they are resilient and flexible, which helps them to adapt to various foot movements. There are drainage ports on the outsole to allow the exit of water for quick drying.

Mesh fabric makes up the upper part, which makes the shoes breathable and lightweight. And the toe box and heel have been overlapped by synthetic to avoid damage. Moreover, both the collar and tongue and padded to ensure proper comfort. And there is a removable footbed which is incredibly comfortable too!

Despite this, its comfort and quick-dry capabilities are highly applauded. For water-related and other grooming activities, the Ryka Hydra Sport is considered remarkable footwear. 


  • Lightweight built and design
  • An efficient drainage port helps in quick-dry up
  • Mesh and drainage port help the shoe to dry off         
  • Good outsole traction even on slippery areas
  • Durable and comfortable


  • The toggle has durability issues
  • Breathability is not up to the mark

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6. NORTY – Women’s Rain Boots 

NORTY Womens Ankle Rain Bootsnorty boots

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Want to keep your feet dry and blister-free post the dog bathing and trimming session? If so, the rain boot from NORTY perhaps is the one you had been looking for! Along with being a perfect partner in your daily dog grooming sessions, it’ll support you in various weather conditions like muddy weather, stormy weather, and snowy weather as well!

To begin with, the construction has been kept incredible. The natural high-quality rubber material with a glossy finish is incredibly water-resistant. With their water-resistant rubber sole, these boots are perfect for messy jobs. The cotton lining keeps your feet perfectly dry and they can be worn or removed without any hassle thanks to the stretchable band on each side that helps form fit when you pull it forward like an elastic waistband—no more tugging at ankle area!

However, some customers complain of the slight chemical smell it gives off when it’s taken out of the box.


  • Waterproof
  • Constructed with premium quality rubber material that doesn’t crack when stretched.
  • Gives a non-slip and strong grip, even on wet, slippery surfaces 
  • Great for other casual activities or outdoor chores
  • No chafing or blisters-pure comfort!


  • Gives off a slight chemical scent when it’s taken out of the box
  • Pretty heavy for small feet.

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7. UGG Women’s Chevonne Ankle Boot

Grey ugg chevonnes are a great dog groomers shoe

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Looking for an ultralight, inexpensive, yet durable working pair of shoes? Well, the last one on the list for you is a pair of ‘shorty’ boots from Uggs. If you’re a fan of such a style, they will be the perfect choice for you!

In an effort to make the most versatile and comfortable boots possible, Uggs have a new water-resistant galosh style. The 5″ shaft height makes it easy for anyone (and every leg) to get in on this fun trend! With sheepskin-lined polyurethane insoles that are soft yet durable enough so as not to be uncomfortable when worn all day long. These babies will keep you warm without sacrificing any breathability whatsoever–talk about a win/win situation here folks! Plus they come complete with PVC uppers & outsoles alongside elegant neoprene detailing decorating both sides of each foot – what more could one ask from their newest addition


  • Very flexible upper
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable heel keeps the feet cushioned and dry
  • Easy to slip in and slip off 
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from.


  • Only come in full sizes. If you are half size you need to go up in size. Personally, this can be annoying as I tend to find full sizes just don’t work for my 7.5 sized foot!
  • Nonbreathable and not ideal for hot southern temperatures.

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What do Dog Groomers Wear?

There is no specific dress or uniform for dog groomers. It is based on personal preference and your personal style. Comfortable clothing is essential nevertheless!

Apron and smocks

Aprons and smocks are among the most essential items in a groomer’s uniform to protect your clothes from the flying fur and sudsy water. Aprons and smocks come in a variety of styles, with pull-over, and zip-tie fastening being the most popular.

Sleeves and gloves

Groomers’ sleeves are ideal for dog bathing and then you can take them off for clipping and grooming. Glove oversleeves are popular because they don’t require much adjusting and are easy to put on. Choose nice snug-fitting sleeves or gloves are advised.


Closed-toe shoes are a must to protect your feet from getting nicked by scissors or stepped on by an impatient pup. Waterproof boots are also a good idea if you’ll be spending a lot of time bathing dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most comfortable shoes for dog groomers?

The answer to this one is “it depends” every person has a different shaped foot and different load-bearing (how you stand and the weight you put through the foot). This means there is no one perfect shoe for everyone.

We would recommend you try out a couple of options before you decide. Our overall best pick for most comfortable would be the Klogs Naples if you want a low style of the Bogs Classic if you need a calf boot style.

What is the best shoe for dog bathing?

For dog bathing, you are generally going to want a calf-high boot to keep the water out and prevent water from the shaking dog from soaking your legs. We would recommend the Bogs Classic for dog bathing.

What are the best waterproof dog grooming shoes?

Pretty much all of the picks listed above are great options except for the sneaker styles. For clogs, you can’t go past the Klogs Naples, for an ankle style the Norty’s are great, and for calf length the Bogs Classic.

Final Thoughts

As a hygiene professional, you spend most of the time of your days taking care of pets, so we have compiled the best shoes for dog groomers to take care of you and your feet! 

Given the wide variety of shoes available in the market today, hunting for some good groomer shoes can be an exhausting task. The features you need to look for while buying shoes are comfort, nonslip, longevity, water resistance, and quality. 

The shoes mentioned above have been listed after extensive research. Each stands out uniquely in its own attributes. These are definitely good investments, so choose the optimal one for yourself without delay!

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