Learn How to Train a Cavapoo: Step-by-Step Guide

The Cavapoo breed of dog is very intelligent and it learns quickly from any training. It is a hybrid of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle. Training it as early as possible is important in achieving the best results. When it comes to dog food for Cavapoo, this breed doesn’t need much food like other athletic breeds. It still is important to ensure it gets a portion of healthy food. Training them is not a hard task as their curiosity makes them tend to learn quickly. Below are some of the ways on how to train a Cavapoo.

How to Train a Cavapoo

Training your dog

There are various techniques you can use to train your dog especially if this is your first pet. Some of the basic elements of training may include house training, game training, crate training, leash training among others. The first step you need to do before starting the training process is to ensure your dog has a name. It eases the training process if the dog is still new and doesn’t have a name.

Positive reinforcement

Reinforcement can either be positive, negative, extinction or punishment. Positive reinforcement is when you get to reward your dog with treats for cooperation. Bad behavior does not get any reward. It is important to reward immediately the training is over. This helps the dog understand why he is getting the reward.

Dogs forget easily. If you do it later, they wouldn’t know it is for good behavior. Rewards can come in form of treats, food, or toys. The positive reinforcement method is one way to instill good behaviors in a Cavapoo.

House training

House training is important when the dog spends most of its time indoors. A dog that pees anywhere in the house is annoying. It is the first training that you should give a new dog. Potty training needs to start as early as possible.

Consistency is key to getting good results from the training. Just like children, it is sometimes easier to notice when your dog needs to use the bathroom, pacing, circling, etc. Do the training same time every single day. Use common phrases that the dog won’t easily forget when training.

In case it forgets and makes a mistake, do not punish unless you catch him in the act. Harsh judgments are not cool for any dog. The best way to punish to give punishment is by taking back the toys or treats.

Obedience and Behavioral training

Obedience training also helps with good behavior. As a pet owner, you should teach your dog commands that he’s able to understand and remember. Bad behaviors may include barking, chewing on anything especially furniture, biting among others.

Some common commands you can use are like “sit or lie down.” Obedience training equips the dog with the necessary skills. When training, keep the learning sessions as short as possible, dogs can’t have your full attention for long hours. They are also not good at multitasking, so it is important to teach one skill in each lesson.

When having obedience and behavioral training, ensure you do not have the sessions in one specific place. You want to ensure the Cavapoo responds to your commands anywhere. Expose it to different environments and see how well it responds to the training.


Food makes a dog stay healthy. Not all dogs are customed to learn how to eat by themselves. Some will only play with the food or just sniff it. The dog food for a Cavapoo mainly consists of dry food, that is, kibbles. It’s not advisable to feed any dog food scraped from the table. Avoid feeding him human foods.

Train the dog to eat the portion of his bowl. Train him by putting the bowl in a particular location where it is easily accessible. Find a suitable feeding time and have patience in the training. It might take a few days before the Cavapoo gets used to the feeding routine. Have the dog eat in small portions until you learn how much food it can take. You’ll know the dog is happy when he wiggles his tail while eating.

Chew training

A Cavapoo can chew on your furniture if left untrained. There are ways you can ensure this doesn’t happen. You can’t stop a dog from chewing but you can stop it from chewing on the wrong things. Teach him the things he is allowed to chew on to keep the teeth healthy.

Dogs explore their environment through smell. Other times, it may be their way of trying to communicate something to you. Get him appropriate toys for his age to bite on.  It’s best if you get to teach it what to chew and what not to chew.

Other reasons why you may experience this destructive chewing may be boredom or attention-seeking. Teach him what to chew and get him toys if necessary. Keep things like clothes, books, or any household items that might encourage destructive chewing.

To avoid dealing with boredom, give your dog some exercises that will help stimulate him both physically and mentally. In cooperating the training with some commands as well.


Instill some manners on your Cavapoo by training it on a no-biting rule. Biting may arise as a result of nervousness or destructive behavior. They might bite on your fingers if you are not careful. Get pet-friendly toys to gnaw on and control biting.


After every training session, always give a reward. Effectively reward by giving praises and motivating. It will maintain good behavior when rewarded than corrected with punishments. Praise them any time they get something done right. Reward-based training makes learning enjoyable.


Learning how to train a Cavapoo is a process that doesn’t start and end at once. They are very intelligent dogs that will learn very fast. Training helps keep a dog healthy, happy and strengthens the bond between the dog and the pet owner. It’s also a way of communicating and it’s also important that you use only reward-based training. Start the lessons while the Cavapoo is still a puppy to make learning easier and faster. Lastly, since training is an ongoing process, have patience and do not expect results immediately.

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