How to Put on Easy Walk Harness: Detailed Process

Based on the advanced social skills of dogs, these creatures have been man’s best friend for decades. This is probably because dogs walk in groups and based on their social behavior, they have a biting restrain unlike other animals.

Even with these creatures being friendly with man, it does not change the fact that they are naturally jumpy and curious.

As such, you want to have something at hand to restrain them especially when taking them out on a walk. An easy walk harness is one of the best dog tools you can get for your pooch.

So how do you put it on your dog? Read on to find out.

The Process

The easy walk harness is designed in such a way that it is comfortable for your pooch while preventing your dog from dragging you along.

However, the effectiveness of this harness depends on where you attach the main handle on your pooch. The attachment should be fixed where the chest of your dog begins just at the base of their neck.

By doing it this way, you are able to easily steer your dog in the right direction whenever they try to wander away.

Step 1: 

Try to capture your dog’s attention or distract them by feeding them their favorite treat. This way, they will not be afraid of what is about to happen.

Step 2: 

Loosen the buckles of the harness so that they can easily be unbuckled when need arises.

Step 3: 

Place the harness over the dog’s head and clip in the buckles with the shoulder strap coming first. The front strap, which is the handle strap, can be tied either to the front or to the top as desired.

Step 4: 

Tighten the shoulder strap to the desired length.

Step 5: 

Clip on the lower strap while ensuring that the chest strap lies in place on your dog’s chest.

Step 6: 

Tighten the lower strap to fit your pooch as required. Be careful however, not to tighten it too much. Allow room for breathing and ribcage movement.

Step 7: 

Attach the handle to the ring on the outer handle strap. Your pooch is now ready for a walk.

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Tips on how to Use the Easy Walk Harness

The following are tips that will help you get the most out of your harness.

  • Follow the instructions when fitting the harness. Doing your own thing may cost you in the end.
  • Leave room that fits one of your fingers for the girth strap. Once you do this, the chest strap should fall into place on its own. The chest strap should not be tight as most people make the mistake of tightening it so that it fits under the dog’s armpits.
  • Ensure that the chest strap lies vertically to the belly strap such that the earlier meets the latter at the center of your dog’s body.
  • The belly strap should be as straight as possible from the top to the bottom. If you notice that it forms more of a Y shape, it necessitates you to tighten the shoulder strap and loosen the chest strap.
  • Fasten your leash to both leash ring of the regular collar and the chest ring of the harness. This will help prevent escape and keep the harness in place as well.
  • Change direction or stop walking when your dog pulls. Never allow them to pull into the harness. Give them a treat when they walk beside you to encourage the habit.
  • All the above tips should work in your favor but if not, it could be that your pooch is one of the few dogs that do not respond to this harness, or you may have gotten the wrong size.

What if your dog is chaffing?

Your dog should not experience any chaffing when using this if you use it correctly. For instance, the Easy Walk Harness is only meant for walks and not for a leash longer than six feet r hiking.

If your dog has any injuries on the neck, allow them to completely heal before putting on the harness.

Line the harness with something soft or get a padded one altogether. This will prevent the occurrence of injuries on your pooch even if they pull.

Wash the harness in cold soapy water and let it air dry. This helps in softening it.

Why should you get this harness?

While the Easy Walk Harness looks like any other ordinary harness, it actually comes with a host of benefits that some harnesses are not able to offer.

Of course, you want value for your money and that is what this product guarantees you. Aside from preventing your pooch from chocking himself or herself, it also discourages pulling.

It Stops Pulling

On the Easy Walk Harness, the leash ties to the harness on the breastbone strap with a ring. Moreover, your pooch remains secured in the harness and protected from choking.

The attachment to the breastbone makes it harder for your dog to pull because there is a lot less to pull against. Whenever your pooch attempts to pull, the harness turns them toward your feet and that is the last place they want to go.

With both effects, all your neighbors will suddenly want to emulate your dog-walking skills.

It's Lasts Long

This harness can comfortably withstand daily walks, plenty of play, and swimming sessions without as much as a scratch for over five years. What more could you ask for?

Easy Cleaning Process

There is no stress when it comes to keeping this harness clean. Just throw it into the washer along with your other laundry and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Owning a dog does not just entail feeding them. You also need to take them out occasionally and for that, you need to get a functional and quality harness.

The Easy Walk Harness certainly guarantees this. Of course, your pooch cannot make his or her own choices so the decision lies with you.

Getting the right harness not only creates some of the best memories with your pooch, it also improves the quality of time spent with your pooch.

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