How to Put Eardrops in an Aggressive Dog

You have a lovely and adorable dog, and any guest that comes to visit can’t help but stare at it. People love socializing with it, but it reaches a point where it starts showing some behaviors and can even bite you. Your dog starts barking at every single person, it is too jumpy and also growls too much. Your dog is too aggressive to handle.

You might even feel embarrassed or have stress because of your dog’s behavior. What if your dog becomes sick and perhaps suffers from an ear infection, and you need to give it some medication like eardrops?

You love your dog a lot, and you will do everything to help it get better. But if you are not sure, then this article will provide practical assistance on how to put eardrops in an aggressive dog.

How to Put Eardrops in an Aggressive Dog

Vital Details to Remember

Most of the dogs have larger ear canals, which makes them sensitive, especially when touched. They are normally cleaned in case of any problem. And now that your dog has an infection, then it will be very difficult to treat their ears.

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Your aggressive dog will struggle and even bite you if you try to touch its ears. You need to be gentle and be safe by not putting yourself in danger.

You should try and understand that your dog’s reaction is because of the intense pain it is feeling. That is why it will struggle for you to stop touching the ears.

Should you continue touching your dog’s ears while it’s struggling?

You should never put yourself in any form of a dangerous situation. The answer is no. If your dog keeps struggling, make sure you seek professional help from a veterinarian. You can explain to them how your dog is reacting. And they will be able to advise methods that you will help treat your aggressive dog.

Various Methods to Put Eardrops in An Aggressive Dog

Just like the way you sacrifice for your child to get treated and recover even if they are stubborn is the same way you will treat your aggressive dog. You will have to follow the various methods that are there to help your dog recover. You love seeing it in a healthy condition, and that means you will have to do what is required to help it. The different ways can be sedation, general anesthetic, hiding medication, use of a muzzle, offering tasty treats, and many more.

  • Sedation

The veterinarian will offer a suggestion, and that could be by sedating your dog. Your dog is aggressive, and it needs to be treated and also be given the eardrops. It will be in a sleeping mode. That means it will be too weak and tired to do anything.

You can always work with your expert though it is quite expensive. They will inject your dog and be able to put some eardrops while it’s sleeping. They will not feel any pain during the whole process.

  • Offering Tasty Treats

Another way you can manage to put eardrops in your dog is by providing it tasty bites. Give your dog tasty food using one hand and use the other hand to touch its ears. Be gentle at this point, and keep touching the ears until you notice that it has not flinched or avoided the touch.

Repeat the process several times and on the other side too. As your dog eat the food, lift the flap and clean it using a wet cotton ball. Do single short wipes and then develop them to multiple ones. Afterward, get assistance from someone to feed the dog as you put the eardrops in the aggressive dog, as stated by the veterinarian.

  • Hiding Medication

This can be surprising, but you should know that it works. You should never allow your dog to see the container containing the eardrops. They get accustomed to it and will know that you plan to do something now that they have seen it on your hand.

Hide the container and bring it up to its ears far from its eyes, and then you can proceed with cleaning its ears. Keep in mind that you have provided it with a tasty meal that will act as a distraction. You will easily carry out the procedure if your dog is fully distracted.

  • Use of a Muzzle

You can also use a muzzle and have your dog wear it. With a muzzle on, it will not bite you. Keep in mind that the ears are painful, and they will struggle when you are reaching for the ears. Have someone else help you hold the dog as you perform this procedure.

Take the eardrops and apply the number of drops directed into the ear canal while the flap is up. Afterward, rub the base of the ear against the head in a circular motion. You can now release its ear, and you will see it shaking its head. The dirt will be dissolved, and your dog will shake them out. You will have to wipe it off using cotton wool. Ensure you praise your dog and offer a treat afterward.

Important things to remember

When you give your dog tasty treats, then they will get accustomed to the procedure. You will have an easier time next when you offer medication. You need to cultivate patience when you are dealing with your aggressive dog and especially when it’s something to do with its ears. Keep in mind, if the medication is refrigerated, you will have to make it warm, but you should first inquire from the veterinarian.


Dogs are very sensitive when you touch their ear canals, which mean if your dog is sick, you should avoid touching its ears. You should never put yourself in danger at the expense of giving your dog any treatment.

Once your dog has recovered, train it and slowly touch its ears till the point it will get used to. Next time if it develops a problem, you will not have any difficulties administering medication.

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