Pitbull Vs Rottweiler Who Will Win: Let’s Find Out?

The answer to “Pitbull vs Rottweiler who will win?” is obvious. When it comes to dogs, Pitbull’s and Rottweilers are two of the world’s most dangerous dog breeds. They are notorious for preying even on humans.

Most people consider them vicious and hyper-aggressive due to their breeding purpose, temperament, and personality. If you own a Rottweiler, you may have noted how it can sometimes show aggression over a Rottweiler dog toy.

But Pitbulls and Rottweilers have different abilities and features. So before concluding who will be left standing in a fatal fight between these two dogs, let’s take a look at them individually.

Pitbull Vs Rottweiler Who Will Win


Pitbull isn’t a specific dog breed but a family of several dog breeds. It is a blanket term for dogs that descended from Terriers and Old English Bulldogs.

Breeds under Pitbull include the American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire, and American Pitbull Terrier.

These breeds are often surrounded by controversy because of their dark past. Pitbulls were initially bred to participate in the cruel blood sport of bull-baiting in England. The sport required one or several Pitbulls to attack and torment a bull for hours until the animal collapses due to fatigue or injury. The sport was banned in 1835 due to public outrage in England.

Pitbulls have powerful jaws and muscular bodies. Unlike other dogs, Pitbull’s do not release their victims when they bite. They account for the largest percentage of fatal dog attacks in the United States. So it’s understandable why Pitbull’s are listed as one of the world’s most dangerous dog breeds.


The Rottweiler is a working dog developed initially for driving cattle to the market due to its excessive energy. Later, they were used for hunting owing to their high prey drive. Their instinct is to work and chase prey. But they can also channel their energy into fighting other dogs.

Naturally, they tend to be aloof and dominant. In contrast to Pitbulls, Rottweilers are much antisocial. But with the proper training and approach, you can make them more social and friendlier. A well brought up Rottweiler will be loyal and do anything to protect and please their owners.

Both are dangerous breeds

Both Pitbulls and Rottweilers have a naturally aggressive temperament. Today, they are banned in some places because of their capability of inflicting serious harm. But statistically speaking, Pitbulls account for more dog fatal attacks than Rottweilers. But face-to-face – a Pitbull vs. a Rottweiler – who will win?

Pitbull vs. Rottweiler: Who is the winner?

As aforesaid, Pitbulls were primarily raised to harass, injure, or even kill other animals. They are ruthless and cold-blooded. Pitbulls rarely retreat from their opponents in a prolonged fight. Once their teeth sink into their opponent’s flesh, they won’t release the biting grip until their opponent succumbs to the injury they’ve inflicted.

However, other stronger and more aggressive breeds can harm or kill a Pitbull. One such breed that can easily defend itself from a Pitbull or even a group of Pitbulls is a Rottweiler. Face-to-face, a Rottweiler would undoubtedly beat a Pitbull. Here is why we believe the odds are in Rottweiler’s favor?

Body Size and weight

Let’s talk about the size and weight first. When compared to body size, a Rottweiler is slightly bigger than a Pitbull. A Rottweiler can grow up to 27 inches tall. A Pitbull is about 17 to 20 inches tall. A male Pitbull has an average weight of 40-90 pounds, depending on the Pitbull breed type. An adult male Rottweiler weighs, on average, between 95 to 130 pounds. Both Rottweilers and Pitbulls have enormous strength. They are muscular and feature strong jaws. But the massive size of a Rottweiler gives it a physical advantage over the Pitbull.

Guard dog

Rottweilers possess natural guard dog instincts. Throughout history, Rottweilers were tasked with protecting their owners’ property against trespassers. Those traits are imprinted on their genes up to date. That’s why they are always on guard. Due to their protective instincts and high prey drive, they are more likely to attack and subdue potential enemies. They are ready to put their life on the line to protect their owners.

Pitbulls lack the most important qualities or traits of guard dogs, such as aloofness, alertness, and aggressiveness toward intruders. Despite their bad reputation, a well-trained Pitbull will be a very laidback and fun-loving dog. They are known to be particularly child-friendly and would rather play with a potential enemy than attack them. That could be one of the reasons they suck at keeping robbers away. So due to the ability of a Rottweiler to attack first, it can beat Pitbull hands down. No doubt about that.

Stronger jaws

Rottweilers have around 300 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) of bite force, while Pitbulls have 230 PSI bite force. That means the bite of a Rottweiler is stronger than a Pitbull’s bite. 


Pitbulls do not have endurance comparable to working dog breeds like Rottweilers. As aforesaid, Rottweilers are hunters by nature. People used them for hunting wild and ferocious animals. They were required to run long distances in pursuit of prey. They were bred to kill their prey. Pitbulls may not have the stamina and confidence of the Rottweilers needed to chase and restrain their attackers.   


Both Pitbulls and Rottweilers score high on the aggression index and often make the list of the most dangerous dogs. That said, opinions vary on which between Pitbulls and Rottweilers is the most aggressive dog breed. Though both dogs are aggressive, a Rottweiler is more dominant. Therefore, it is more likely to defeat a Pitbull in a fight.


Pitbulls aren’t considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. But are they really dumb? Well, Pitbulls have slightly above-average intelligence. So they are often placed in the “average intelligent” category. According to research carried out by Stanley Coren, Pitbulls excel mostly in agility and obedience.

Rottweilers are the 9th most intelligent dogs on earth and are capable of smelling danger and react accordingly. They can also take most of their opponents down using their agility, intelligence, strength, and high prey drive.

Less friendly

It’s safe to believe that Pitbulls are the friendliest pets around. A well-trained Pitbull will be eager to please its owners and be happy to socialize with everybody, including strangers. They are loyal and will be delighted to be around people, especially kids. Also, they get along well with other dogs.

Rottweilers are not quite tolerant and friendly. Sometimes, they may be unpredictable due to their high prey drive. They are highly protective of their owners and properties. Therefore, they can be aloof toward strangers and other dogs. A Pitbull may back down in a confrontation with a perceived enemy, but a Rottweiler won’t quit.

Summing it up

Pitbull vs Rottweiler who will win? It’s the old-age debate. Clearly, our opinion isn’t divided when it comes to choosing a champion out of the two.

A Rottweiler is one such dominant and unpredictable breed that can beat up or even kill a Pitbull. He is a fierce predator who has experience chasing and putting down larger prey in the wild. Rottweiler is larger in size, heavier in weight, and more intelligent than a Pitbull.

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