How to Keep Roaches Out Of Dog Food

If you get invaded with pests like bed bugs, you will do anything in your power to get rid of them. You will ensure you adhere to cleaning every corner of your house and, if need be, sought the help of pest controllers.

Pests are very annoying creatures, and you can never stay with them in one house. You rather buy pesticides and spray the roaches that keeping roaming in your dining room than vacate your house.

This is because you love your peace and hate anything that might interfere with it. Unfortunately, if you have a dog, you have most likely forgotten about how its shelter is. All you thought of is about yourself and the household.

How to Keep Roaches Out Of Dog Food

Common Mistakes People Do

Many people have pets, but they fail to check on the food they eat or where they sleep. You might have set a routine of giving it food, playing, sleeping, etc., and the routine is the same all through. When it comes to food, many people leave their pets food in a bowl the whole day.

They do this thinking that their pets will eat at their own time when they feel like. They leave it uncovered and never think of anything entering their food. Imagine you are from work and you come home and find that there is food left on the table from 7 am till 9 pm. Will you eat it? Most likely, you won’t.

You need to know that if you leave your pet food around the clock, it will share it with pests like roaches. There is no bargain in that, and it can be harmful to your pet. Therefore, you have to do the right thing to protect your pet from pests. Let us take the example of a dog. If you have a dog, how do you keep roaches out of dog food?

Reasons for Roaches to Invade Your Dogs Food

You first need to understand why the roaches always have a share in your dog’s food. When you fully understand that, then you will know what practical steps you can follow to eliminate them and ensure they are out completely. Some of these reasons might be improper storage, leaving food open, searching for nutrients, among others.

  • Improper Storage

You might be putting or storing your dog food in the wrong way. Many people store the dog’s food somewhere on the floor, garage, or any other inconvenient place. Afterward, when you want to feed your dog, you just scoop food out of the bag without looking inside. In the end, roaches would have gained access to your dog’s food.

  • Leaving the Food Uncovered

This is common in many households who own dogs. They would put food for their dog in a big bowl and leave it there on the ground uncovered. The food will stay there the whole day, and if your dog fails to finish, the food roaches will find it.

  • More Nutrients in Dog Food

Nearly all dog food contains nutrients that come in a little package, and that nutrient is what many pests lack. When the roaches find out that your dog food has nutrients they want, they will keep feeding on your dog food.

Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Dog Food

There are many methods that you can use to keep roaches out of your dog food. This can be by, cleaning up spills, keeping your dog food elevated, never leave food overnight, using a moat dish, and store your dog food properly. These are highlighted below on how to carry each out.

  • Clean Out Spills

If you fail to immediately clean up spills from your dog food, then you will be inviting roaches. You can never stop the roaches from taking the spilled food, and that is why it is important to clean up immediately any spills occur.

  • Keep Your Dogs Food Elevated

You should try and get rid of placing the dog’s bowl on the floor. Placing the bowl on the floor makes it easy for roaches to share your dog’s food. Try and get elevated dog bowls that will make it hard for the roaches to reach. Your dog will adjust to the change slowly, and in the case your dog is tall, they will enjoy the fact that they do not have to bend.

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  • Never Leave Food Overnight

This is one of the few mistakes many individuals do, which attracts roaches, especially when you are fast asleep. They will enjoy themselves as you are not there to kill or scare them away. You will have told them the time and place to find food in the future. If there are leftovers, you can choose to throw in the trash and wash the bowl and avoid putting it back on the ground.

  • Use of a Moat Dish

You should only use this method if your dog is unable to adjust to the elevated bowl. Purchase a moat dish that has spacing on the side and put some water that contains a soap dish. When the roaches smell the soap, they will not eat your dog’s food. You should be careful that your dog doesn’t end up drinking the water.

  • Store Your Dog Food Properly

This step is the most important one to put attention on. Avoid storing your dog food on the floor or ground or even in your basement. Instead, find a bin that can fit your dog’s food and one that closes. When using a big bag and place it on the ground, it will attract the roaches to your dog’s food.


As much as roaches are dangerous to your household, they are to your dog too. You will not eat food that has roaches in, and that means you should not allow roaches to share your dog’s food. Learn to feed your dog a certain portion of food daily, and you will be able to keep roaches away. Follow the steps given to keep roaches out of your dog food.

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