How to Train an American Bulldog: Essential Tips to Consider

If you have some knowledge about The American Bulldog, then you should know that it is one of the best pets that you can ever have. They are highly intelligent and loyal and tend to create strong bonds with their owners.

This strong attachment may, however, turn catastrophic in the long run if you do not raise your dog the right way. The best time to start imparting valuable lessons into his head is when he is a puppy and still cute, rather than wait until he is an adult when he becomes large and fleshy.

This article will educate you on how you can train your American Bulldog into becoming the model family dog that will be friendly and respectful, to not only your family and friends but towards other creatures as well.

Train an American Bulldog

A Brief Preview on American Bulldogs

The origin of this breed can be traced back to American farmers centuries ago. The farmers were always having a hard time controlling the bulls, especially when it came to market days or castration periods. They, therefore, employed the use of extremely tough dogs for controlling these cattle.

These dogs were muscular with extremely strong jaws, and slowly, the farmers turned them into performing various other farm duties. They would be used to drive in the cattle form grazing as well as driving away wild animals from the farm. This practice was particularly common in the South, where they got the name “Catch Dogs.”

Subsequently, after the Second World War, they got other duties, including police dogs and also began taking part in various dog competitions.

The American Bulldog Character

This breed is intelligent, a fast learner and highly protective of his owner. They make the best family dog, and can also perform other duties including as hunting dogs, border patrol dogs, as well as act as personal guard dogs. You may notice that all these duties involve extensive human bonds and interactions.

As you train your dog, you should appeal to his sensitive side. It is their nature to be friendly towards women and children, and you should emphasize on this so that the essential trait remains with the dog. However, you should never leave your dog alone with the kids just because it is friendly since at the end of the day, dogs are only animals, and anything can happen.

The dog may turn aggressive towards other animals that it deems dangerous towards them or their masters. It may also become violent towards another creature that it considers a prey, so it is vital that during training, you teach them to get along with the other animals within the family, including other dogs and cats.

The Health

The American Bulldog has a life expectancy of 10-16 years and is generally heavy to weigh between 60 to 120lbs. It is also taller than its British counterpart to have a height of 20-26-Inches. As you can probably tell from these numbers, this is a very healthy breed.

Like any other animal, American Bulldogs are prone to a range of illnesses. The breeder should be the one to inform you if there are any health issues that you should worry about.

The main illnesses likely to affect the dog include hip or elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and brachycephalic syndrome.

The Role of the Breeder In the Health Of An American Bulldog 

Breeders should maintain honesty when it comes to the health of the dog. They should screen the breeding lot properly for various diseases and provide them with the necessary certification as a guarantee that everything is well.

They should ensure that breeding takes place between the healthiest dogs to minimize the chances of some illness sneaking in.

Essentials of Training Your Dog  

As you embark on training your American Bulldog, there are some essential tips that you can follow to ensure that you get a satisfactory outcome.

Start Training as a Puppy

You should ensure that your dog starts interacting with other animals as early as possible, possibly as a puppy.

Reward Good Behavior

Any time your dog follows a particular instruction to the latter, make it a habit of rewarding him with a gift, possibly a toy that he likes a lot.

Make a Time Limit

You will realize that short training intervals, maybe 20-25 minutes, throughout a longer session like an hour, are likely to get you instant results.

Training Your American Bulldog  

As earlier stated, the best time to train your American Bulldog is when it is a puppy. We have come up with a variety of techniques that you can follow to turn the Bulldog into that family dog you have always desired.

Interacting with Family, Friends, and Other Dogs Early Enough

This breed tends to develop a firm bond towards its family. Therefore, it is vital that it sees you interact with other individuals and groups so that it can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

Show Confidence and that You are In-Charge

The American Bulldog is known to exercise dominance; therefore, you should involve it in practices and exercises that will show him who the boss is, and that is you.

Biting and Chewing

As a puppy, any time the American Bulldog takes a bite at you, give a firm “No,” and it will learn that biting people at his violation is wrong. You can direct it to take its aggression elsewhere to another object.

Prevent Jumping on You Early Enough

If your Bulldog has a habit of jumping at you all the time, you can stop this behavior by facing away and saying, “No.” It is vital that you control this habit early enough, since if it persists into adulthood, it may pose a danger to human life.

Keep Him in a Leash

This will help you avoid incurring legal liabilities just in case your Bulldog strays into the neighborhood and wrecks havoc. This is particularly common when you move into a new area. You can either build or buy a kennel or get him a collar that won’t chock him.

In Conclusion

The American Bulldog is the ultimate family dog for any household. It develops a strong bond and becomes a core member of the family. However, to enjoy the experience of having this breed around your home, you should train him into learning to respect everyone and other creatures around him.

We hope this article will help you and your American Bulldog become one big happy family.

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