How To Groom Dogs With Long Hair: Important Details For You

It is said that dogs are a man’s best friend. We co-exist harmoniously with them in our homes, they are part of our daily lives. They relate well with us they are actually treated like part of the family of their owners.

They relate well with all family members including kids. They enter everywhere even in sensitive rooms like kitchens and bedrooms, eating and dinning with us. For this reason grooming is crucial, hygiene is important.

Grooming is a requirement it‘s a general routine and also a health factor. It prevents contracting diseases and also spreading them further. Well-groomed dogs are also beautiful to live with and adorable to look at.

Groom Dogs With Long Hair

There are many types of dogs and long-haired dogs are one of them. Akita and Afghan hound are two of the breeds with such hair. Well-groomed long hair is smooth and well flowing.

A well-groomed dog is?

• A parasite free dog.

• A happy dog, discomforts from bites from parasite like fleas are rare.

• A like-able dog. People will love to hold him and cuddle him.

Why does dogs with long hair need special grooming?

Dogs with long hair need special care and attention. Dirty hair or locks can interfere with dog’s normal routine. With hair around the eyes, ears and general body they become uncomfortable and aggressive.

When the hair entangles it makes mats causing irritation. The mats reduce the flowing of the hair. This results to bad movement and posture and this becomes a nightmare to the dog normal behavior.

Long hair is a hide place for pet parasites like fleas and others. This will cause the dog especially puppies to scratch due to skin irritation. These cause bad wounds on the skill which can lead to further infections

How many times should it be groomed?

Grooming should be taken as an important routine in the dog’s life. A routine is something done after a specific time. The dogs should be groomed not less than every 3-months

This is because the hair takes some time to grow back. Exposing its inner skin can cause sunburns. Not grooming causes discomfort in the dogs due to parasite and dirt.

Basic Tools and Equipment Needed For Grooming

There are tools that are at the heart of every grooming, they ensure that the hair, nails and general body is clean. They include the following (they are affordable to buy and maintain in our homes).

A pair of scissors: They are for cutting the hairs, they should be sharp to save on time and give a smooth cut.

Clippers: They are can also be used in place of the scissors. They are used for the hair and nails.

De-matter: It is specially used for disentangling the hair to prevent mats caused by entangled locks.

Combs: They are used for the general of combing and disentangling the hair. A dog should have his own.

Hair dryer/blow dryer: This is used to dry the hair. Some dogs have thick long hair and it might take time for air to dry it.

Other crucial elements include: spraying containers, shampoos, leave-in conditioner, dog parasite controls etc. Let us now discuss the exact procedure typically involved when it comes to the grooming of your furry-friend.

Procedure for grooming

Grooming should be a process. A careful process to be exact. Skipping a step can cause major harm than good.

The first step should be to make the dog comfortable. It should be handled with ease. It should be as comfortable as possible, stroking gently can help.

Ensure the dog has laid down well. A comfortable dog will give you easy time during grooming.

Use a Specific Pattern 

Secondly bathe the dog with a specific pattern. Start from top to bottom while stroking. This Pattern prevent the hair from entangling.

Use a comb also to gently comb downwards, clean comb should be used. To prevent dandruff’s and fungal infections.

What follows should be shampooing. Scrap well as you add shampoo until it’s clean. Rinse well then Apply conditioner it helps to prevent hair/fur loss due to breakages.

Using a Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is the best, since it will stay on the dog’s hair for a long time, no rinsing it off. It is not harmful to the dog.

The next step should be drying the hair. A blow drier works best since it takes lesser time dry off water. It allows air to vent in to the hair faster.

A towel can also work well for drying. You can use one or two towel to pat dry.

If well dried, the next step is cutting/trimming the hair. Cutting should be well done.  It is the climax of the grooming   process.

The hair around the ears and eyes is crucial. The hair around the anus should not be forgotten also. Cut until the appealing size is achieved.

Finally use clippers to cut the nails and shorten the paws.

A Unique Approach

Every dog is precious to the owner. They are jewels that are so different from humans. Yet so cordial with them.

Dogs require to be well-nurtured. Grooming is one example of care and maintenance. Sparing some time to give to this is no waste of time.

Dogs with well-groomed long hair especially are. Just like hair to women is a jewelry so is hair to dogs. Maintain it and he will be a muse in your homes.

Final Thoughts

Ensure all the grooming steps are always followed to the letter. Make it a routine also and follow-ups.

Grooming should not be done by children. If done it should be done under strict supervision by adults. This is a safety measure to observe (they can become wild at times).

In general dog should be well maintained, both with short and long hair. By doing this you will enjoy the company of a happy dog.

If you love something, take care of it, no matter the cost that is incurred. A dog’s clean hair is a tool of seduction to every person. You will have to love owning him/her.                                  

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