How Long Should I Wait To Walk My Dog After Eating

If you have a dog as a pet, then you know that you need to take care of it. It has become part of your family, and that means you should provide all its needs. Some of these needs include food, shelter, medication, and exercise. When you do this, it will show that you are properly taking care of your dog.

Exercising your dog not only means playing around with it but also taking it for a walk. If you have fed your dog, you need to take it for a walk. Do not live it just lying there as it is not healthy for your dog. Many people ask themselves how long they should wait to walk my dog after eating?

How Long Should I Wait To Walk My Dog After Eating

Is there a Best Time to Walk Your Dog after Eating?

Believe it or not, there is always the best time to walk your dog after eating. The time is set there with the best reasons, and when you practice or follow that, your dog will benefit. There are many misconceptions about not walking your dog after eating. Some people believe the misconceptions and, on the other hand, some research to know the truth.

Best Time to Walk Your Dog

It is always recommended to walk your dog 2 hours after it has been fed. For instance, if your dog eats at 7 am, then you should walk it at 9 am. On the other hand, if your dog eats at 4 pm, then you should walk it at 6 pm. This is the best time to walk your dog after eating. If you tend to forget, then you can draft a schedule or set up a reminder. This will help you and also the members of your household if it happens you are not around. They will always know when to walk the dog. Never walk your dog immediately after eating.

The amount of food your dog eats will also determine how long you should wait to take it for a walk. If your dog had light food, then you can take it for a walk after 1 hour of eating. On the other hand, if it had a full meal, then you should to the 2-hour schedule.

There is an occasion where your dog will want to play after eating. Many dogs tend to play or become jumpy after eating. You should resist this behavior towards your dog, especially if your dog took a large meal. It is recommended you try your best and keep the dog indoors so that it can rest before taking it for a walk. Perhaps you can play a tug of water only for a short while then let it rest before you go out for a walk. When you keep up with the same routine, your dog will become used to it.

Effects of Walking Your Dog Immediately After Eating

An individual who takes their dog for a walk immediately after eating will cause pain to the dog. Your dog will experience bloating or torsion. The circulation at the digestive tract will be blocked; hence gases will be trapped. When that happens, your dog will become restless, have a swollen abdomen, and feel a certain level of discomfort. Your dog will keep walking around and feel reluctant to lie down. If that occurs, you will have to take your dog to seek treatment and which is an expense you can avoid if you avoid taking your dog for a walk immediately after eating.

Benefits of Taking Your Dog for a Walk 2 Hours after Eating

Walking your dog after 2 hours of eating has some benefits for your dog. Your dog will be able to exercise, and the food they ate will be able to settle down. Walking helps them in balancing their weight, which means they will not become overweight to the point they are unable to walk.

Some dogs always defecate an hour after meals, when you train yours they can hold. When you take them for a walk, they will now be able to release themselves. If you fail to train your dog, then it will like to relieve itself anywhere anytime. When you do that, you will be able to establish a potty schedule.

Another benefit is that their glucose level will be stable. After meals, the glucose level in dogs always tends to go up, but if you take them for a walk, they will balance. If your dog is suffering from diabetes, then walking will help in low blood sugar levels. The dogs’ bodies will also have energy throughout the day and be jovial.

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Practical Suggestion

After meals, you can walk your dog for about 30 to 40 minutes as they have already had a resting period. Some dogs can take up to 1 hour or 2 hours walk. All this depends on their physical health. If your dog is overweight, you should avoid taking it for longer walks and instead focus more on exercise to help it reduce its weight. You will also help it be in a healthy condition and always be happy. Make sure you walk your dog twice a day after its meals following the recommendation provided in the article.

Final Thoughts

Your dog needs care and love, and if you practice all this, you will be caring for your dog. You should never allow your dog to exercise after meals or play a lot. Dogs exercising after meal swill bring about health issues, which might even lead to death. This is because they will strain a lot, and their stomach could start swelling, which in turn will cause blockages.

Allow your dog to digest its food properly, and that is by waiting for an average of 2 hours before you take it for a walk. You should always try as much as you can to consult a veterinarian if you are not sure of something about your dog as you consider it a part of you.

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