How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? Simple Steps

Most people have found themselves in situations where a dog’s co-owner calls a dog to see who the dog responds to first. Although it’s never personal, feelings can be hurt if you lose.  Dogs will openly portray their favorite person, and this can hurt the feelings of those who lose.

They constantly follow the person around. The person may not necessarily be the main caretaker. Less liked co-owners wonder “How can I be the dog’s favorite friend? “How dogs do choose their favorite person? Like people, all dogs are different. However, there are common reasons that can make a dog like a person more than others.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person 2

Positive association

Dogs can favor a person more because of positive associations. The individual the dog associates positive, kind, and warm feelings will ultimately be the favorite. It makes sense when you think about it.

If a person brings good kinds of stuff, the dog tends to like them more. On the other hand, dogs react tend to react poorly with people they have negative associations with. Humans can use positive associations to get a dog to like them more.

Affection and attention strengths the bond

A dog may favor a person who’s not the primary caretaker, but many dogs connect more with the person who attends to attend to them most. For example, in a family, the dog may favor the person who feeds her.  It is effortless to give dog attention.

Additionally, physical affection strengths the bond between the dog and person. If you give a  dog frequent pats, massages, brushes, hugs and love they will love you for more. They love the person who frequently plays with them.

Human and dog personality

Just like people, dogs connect more with a person who matches their personality. A playful dog tends to choose a playful person. While the calm and quiet dog will be attracted to a similar person. Some dog breeds only bond with one person making the person to be the most favorite person. Breeds that mostly bond with only one person include:

  • Shiba inu
  • Greyhound
  • Viszla
  • Basenji

The person they socialize with early

The key age for dog socialization is from birth to six months. Dog’s brain is quite receptive at this age. Therefore, their social experiences shape the rest of their lives. Puppies should have positive associations with various people, things and places.

For example, if you adopted an older dog that was raised by a female in its first six months; they are more likely to bond with women more than men. However, it’s never too late to socialize a dog. The more their experiences the easier it is to get them to bond with other people.

How to become a dog’s favorite person

If you feel you are not the dog’s favorite person, don’t give up. You can strengthen the bond with your dog. The simplest way is to spend a minimum of 30 minutes with your dog. Here are some ways which can make you become the dog’s favorite person;

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Feed and groom your dog

Dogs love people who feed them. Taking care and feeding your dog strengthens your bond. Occasionally, you can choose to hand feed your dog. You should also groom your dog and continuously check its coat.

Practice positive training

Your relationship will be betters of if your dog can respond to basic instructions. For example, come, sit, and stay. Good behavior from your dog will enhance a positive association. Be sure to give your dog verbal praise or food treats when it obeys your command.

For example, tell your dog “good job” if it sits down when you tell it.

Don’t punish the dog when it misbehaves

Positive training prevents you from punishing the dog when it misbehaves. Redirect it and reward it immediately it behaves well. Avoid yelling or hitting your dog. This will only frighten it and destroy your relationship.

To become a dog’s favorite, learn to be patient with your dog because dogs are different. Like human beings, dogs are different. Some may take a longer time in training than others. To

Socialize your dog

When attempting to strengthen your relationship, it’s easy to neglect the dog’s relationship with other people. Know that a dog is happier when interacting with other people or dogs. Allowing your dog to socialize with others but do not force it.

How to know you’re the dog’s favorite person.

You can quickly know your dog loves you the most. For instance, in a family set up, is it you, your sister, brother, spouse? Some signs can help know who the dog loves most.

Frequent eye contact

In some cases, eye contact with a dog may indicate aggression. That’s why it’s advised not to make eye contact at strange dogs. However, if you see your dog frequently loves to look into your eye with no irritation, it’s a sign they love you. It shows they are totally comfortable around you.

Wagging the tail to the right

Swinging the tall to the right shows affection and happiness. If a dog wags a tail to the left it’s a sign of irritation and anxiety. This doesn’t apply to all dogs though. As long as the dog wags the tail parallel to the ground, it’s an affectionate wag.

Checking on you regularly

During a walk, does your dog take a break from sniffing around to look at you?  Or if you’re in a room that’s off bound to them, do they wait on the door or check by frequently?

Generally, if they always check on you, they really love you. If you are walking with other people, take note of who the dog frequently checks on. That’s probably their favorite person.

Final Thoughts

If your dog gets really excited when you get home from school or work, that indicates that they really love you. However, if they rarely notice your arrival, that’s a sign you’re not their favorite. So you need to focus on improving that relationship based on the tips and tidbits provided above.

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