How to Groom a Dog That Bites: Groomer’s Tips

Nearly 60 percent of people prefer dogs as pets compared to other types of animals. They would rather have dogs in their compounds than cats or rabbits. When you first take a dog, you need to learn how to train it in various things. Dogs are different. And that means some will come with different behaviors like defecating anywhere, biting people, and tearing things apart, among other things.

You will have to groom your dog so that it can conform to your environment and adopt certain behaviors. Grooming a dog can be very enjoyable until the moment that reaches when it bites you. What will you do? Will you stop grooming the dog? Read below on how long to groom a dog that bites.

How to Groom a Dog That Bites

Determine the Cause for the Bite

First, it is important you determine the cause for the dog biting you. You need to understand the reason instead of assuming and ending the sessions.

Dogs bite because of many reasons, and some of these can be self-defense, a painful medical condition, hate being touched in a particular place, grooming procedure, and many more.

You might be using a tool that inflicts pain upon the dog, and that is why it will bite you. Take, for example, you want to comb your child’s unkempt hair, and you use a hard comb, they will start screaming and might even run away. Why? Well, it is because of the pain that you have caused him. This also applies to your dog.

In some cases, your dog might have had a bad experience with grooming. Maybe it was earlier mistreated, and it went through a lot of pain, and if you start grooming, it will bite you in self-defense.

Prepare Your Dog for Grooming

You need to prepare your dog for grooming sessions, and this is for your security purposes. You want to make the grooming process or session enjoyable, and preparing your dog is vital. In case your dog is sick or suffering from a certain medical condition, then you need to take it for a checkup first. The veteran will be able to know if your dog has a problem and what steps to take. It is always recommended you start the grooming sessions for a short time then slowly extend them.

The vital aspect is making the sessions enjoyable for your dog. Your dog will slowly get accustomed to the sessions as you progress. You need to show your dog the kind of tools you will be using.

You can allow them to sniff them and even try stroking them using the tools. You can start by one stroke then stop for 5 minutes before another stroke. You will do this so that your dog can learn that the tools are not harmful at all.

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Groom a Dog by Using Positive Reinforcements

It is said that if you want to groom a dog well, then you should set positive reinforcements in place. These work well for all dogs, especially ones that bite. You will have to reward them for their excellent behavior and ignore the bad ones. Perhaps if your dog knows that it should defecate on a specific area outside and follows that, then you should reward it. On the other hand, if it fails and defecates anywhere, you should never reward it. Here is how you can make the grooming experience enjoyable without getting any bites.

Make Grooming Pleasurable

You will be able to make grooming pleasurable if you keep them short. You can decide to shave it for only 5 to 10 minutes then leave it to go play around. If you keep the grooming sessions long, then it will lose patience and bite you. You can do it bits by bits until you finish. Keep in mind, if you give your dog a break, you will have to wait for it to come back. Dogs are different from human beings, which you will call to tell them time is up, and you need to get back to what you were doing.

Never Shout at Your Dog

You should never shout or punish your dog by beating it up because of its bad behavior or just because it growled. If your dog growls during the grooming session, then it means that it did not like what you were doing. It is a sign that it is angry, and it will bite you, and that allows you to stop the session. You can stop the session for 10 to 20 minutes, and with that, you will be giving your dog a break.

Offering Treats during the Session

During the grooming session, you can give your dog treats if they behave well. The treats should be tasty and also in small quantities. The treats will make your dog understand that the grooming session is something positive and amazing. When you give your dog the treats, ensure it’s only for the grooming time. After every grooming session, live them to eat something for a few minutes. Once they are done, continue with the session, and they will finally be able to stay for a longer time. The period can be 10 minutes to 15 before they get used to it and add time for the grooming session.


You need to give your dog more time to adjust and get used to the sessions. Remember that your dog may be finding this new to them, and they need time to process it. One day will not help them understand what you are doing. They will take time to accept all the various things you are doing to them.

You will have to cultivate patience towards your dog and be gentle towards it. Keep in mind that you need to start your sessions for a short period before they get used to longer periods. 5 to 10 minutes is mostly the preferred time for your biting dog. Your dog will slowly learn and will start noticing changes from your dog. If your dog bites, make your grooming sessions as short as possible to avoid getting bites.

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