How to Groom a Coton De Tulear – Ultimate Coton de Tulear Grooming Guide

Coton de Tulear is a great little companion pet for just about anyone. This low-maintenance pooch has a long, fluffy coat that grows to around seven centimeters. A Coton de Tulear is double-coated and needs a moderate amount of grooming.

To care for this breed, you’ll need to bathe, brush, shave and feed it high-quality Coton de Tulear food. Regular grooming removes loose hair, prevents hair mats, eliminates bugs, and distributes natural oil for a healthy coat. Read on to learn how to groom a Coton de Tulear.

Needed supplies

Grooming is a lot more than brushing or bathing. You will need quite a lot of equipment and supplies for this session. Below are some of the things that you should have at hand before starting the process.

  • Combs
    • A well-spaced tooth brushed the fur and also helped remove any mat and tangles.
  • Clippers
    • When the toenails get longer, you will need to have sharp and efficient clippers around to cut them.
  • Shoes
    • Dog groomer needs the right pair of footwear to spend most of the time standing and doing water-based work in the grooming station
  • Conditioners and shampoos
    • A shampoo cleans out any dirt, and for grooming, you will need a detangling conditioner and a pet-friendly shampoo.
  • Scissors
    • In case some stubborn tangles and mats need cutting.
  • Anti-slip mat
    • If the surface is prone to being slippery, an anti-slip mat will be essential.
  • Cotton balls and wipes
    • It helps clean areas that do not require exposure to water or soap.
  • Treats
    • You will need to reward good behavior after every session.


Brushing is the first step to a good grooming session. It also needs an excellent technique to it the right way. Find a perfect spot indoor or outdoor and put the Coton de Tulear on a flat surface. If you are grooming for the first time, prepare the dog and teach him commands to stay still.

The process will be tedious if the dog keeps wiggling and moving around. Let the dog either stand or let it lie on its sides.



Work in sections

Brushing needs a formula, and it doesn’t matter which part you choose to start brushing. Check the coat for any tangles, mat, fleas, ticks, or injuries by running your fingers through the fur.

Gently brush through the chest, ensuring you are doing it in the direction of the hair growth. Brush from the head as you work down to the feet. You can start from the head to other areas in the body and finish off with the legs. Alternatively, you start with the most accessible part you can manage.

Pay attention to the hair growth direction, and sometimes you will need to brush the legs by starting from the bottom and going upwards. Use a flea comb to help you remove food debris and bugs such as flea and ticks.

Dealing with mat

Removing mat should be the first thing you work on the moment you encounter it. Separate the mat area and slowly brush it tenderly. You will need to remove the mat without having to pull out any hairs. Cutting the mat with a blade is not recommended. A blade should be used only as a last resort when there is no other alternative. Keep the trimming far from the skin to avoid causing injury.

Detangling spray

When the coat has mats and tangles, use a detangling spray to remove them quickly. Sprays or water are something that should never go into the eyes or ears of the dog. Keep these areas spray-free. A detangling spray moistens mats and, therefore, is easier to remove. Saturate the area for a couple of minutes before proceeding to remove it. Ensure you choose one without parabens or harsh chemicals.

Cleaning the ears

The ears are essential areas that most pet owners forget to care for. When bathing your dog, cover the ears with some cotton balls to prevent water from getting inside. The presence of moisture worsens the situation and could lead to ear infections that need vet treatment.

Make it a routine to check the condition of the ears every week. When there’s excess hair growth in the ears, the easiest way to remove it is by using an ear powder. Checking the ears requires a well-ventilated area with good lighting.

To remove the hair growth from the area, apply the ear powder on the ears. Use your


Clipping is only essential when the toenails have become long. Doing this keeps them short and manageable. Clipping also needs your full attention to avoid accidentally clipping the quirk. If you accidentally happen to cut it, the nail will, in turn, bleed. Have some cotton balls and styptic powder standby for any emergencies that might arise. This powder, when firmly pressed onto the affected area, stops the bleeding.

Ensure the dog gets used to the clippers before attempting to use them on the nails. Let the dog sniff it or play around with it for some time and familiarize yourself with it. Allow it to get used to the sound of the clipper so it doesn’t freak out when it’s clipping time.

Other than cutting the nails, check the foot pads for any massive hair growth. The presence of excess hair calls for some trimming. For this, you will use a pair of scissors. Do this once in a while to prevent matting on the area. Use a pair of scissors that is blunt and avoid over-trimming the hair. Remove any particles that might have gotten stuck on the foot while the dog was walking.

Taking care of the eyes

The eyes need to be wiped with clean and harsh-free solutions. The face can get dirty due to the buildup of dirt, food particles, and tear stains. Get some lukewarm water and cotton balls to clean the face. Please do not put too much water on its face; dab the cotton wool with a little warm water to moisten it.

To remove the tear stains, purchase a tear-stain remover from your local pet store and follow the instructions. You could also use wet wipes to wipe off the dirt from the face.

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Cleaning the teeth

Clean the Coton de Tulear at least twice or thrice a week. Use toothpaste formulated for dogs. Apply it on a finger toothbrush and start brushing your pooch. Brushing prevents plaques and keeps the gum and the tooth clean and fresh.


Bathe your Coton de Tulear in warm water along with other bathing products like a conditioner, and shampoo. Where you choose to clean the dog is a personal preference. You can put the dog in a sink or a bathtub.

Lay an anti-slip mat on the bathtub and put cotton balls on each ear to prevent water from getting inside. Let the dog stand on the mat, and then apply shampoo on its coat. Lather it throughout the body and give it a little massage to remove the dirt that is present. Don’t forget hidden places like below the belly, the tail, legs, and glands.

With a washcloth, wash behind the ears and the head. Be careful to avoid accidentally letting soap get into the eyes. It might cause discomfort and irritation to the eyes. When all the body gets cleaned, rinse and apply the shampoo again. Please give it a final rinse with clean, warm water starting from the head to the tail and legs. Rinse from up to down.




Drying the dog should come after you have completed bathing it. Pat it with a clean, soft towel to remove the excess water from the body. Another alternative will be to use a hairdryer that is suitable for the skin of a dog. Set it under low temperatures and blow the fur with warm air until it gets dry.

The third option is the ideal one that most pet owners use, and it involves air drying. Leaving your dog to dry on its own in the sun is time-consuming, but if you are not in a hurry, it is worth considering it as an option.


Dogs love to be showered with praises and pampered with treats. It is an excellent way to say thank you and to make the next similar session enjoyable.

A dog that is rewarded with treats after a good behavior won’t be defiant or stubborn the next time you wish to groom it. Give out your favorite snacks, foods, or toys as a reward.


Every owner should learn how to groom a Coton de Tulear. This dog breed isn’t a heavy shedder and needs grooming at least once a month to keep it looking presentable. It is essential to choose the appropriate grooming tools.

Grooming a Coton de Tulear is a straightforward process, just like with any other type of dog. Do not forget to reward your dog for cooperation when you are done grooming.

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