How to Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets: Hair Free Blanket

Dog’s hair all over the place is very frustrating, especially if they are sticking everywhere. Pets’ hair falling off is normal, but most times, it is annoying. If you don’t control hair falling everywhere, you’ll have a harder time cleaning.

As a dog owner, there are so many things you need to invest in for your dog. We spend a lot of money buying other pet stuff and neglect on managing the hair that sheds off. A certain breed of dogs shed more than others. Below are some of the tips that you can use to remove the dog’s hair trapped in blankets.

How to Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets

1. Adhesive Rollers

Rollers with adhesive remove hair out of blankets. They are specifically designed to remove hair from blankets and other materials as well.

  • Shake your blanket, and then place it on a hard surface.
  • Remove the strip and roll it over the blanket.
  • Continue rolling until hair is removed.

The hairs are supposed to be sticking to the adhesive strip. When there’s so much hair collected on the adhesive tape, remove it and dispose of it.

Removing the tape filled with hair releases a new strip of adhesive. The more you continue rolling, the newer adhesive strips are released to make you more room for hair removal. This will ensure you remove all the hairs in the blanket.

2. Sticky Tape

There is always an alternative if you don’t have an adhesive roller. The sticky sides work much better to remove the hair. Wrap it around on something and stick it on the blankets to trap the hair. Move the sticky part across the blanket to collect more hair. When it has trapped enough hair, dispose of it, and get new tapes until everything is clean.

3. Static Electricity

Static electricity forms when two things rub against each other, and there is a positive charge. Several things produce static electricity, and you can take advantage of them to help you remove the dog’s hair stuck on the blankets.

Cello tape

With the blanket spread in a flat place, grab a cello tape and wrap it around the hands. Make sure the sticky part remains on the outside. Stick your hands on the blanket and let the hair stick on the sticky part of the cello tape. You will need to do this several times, depending on the amount of hair you are removing.

Inflated balloons

Spread your blanket on a flat surface and blow a balloon. Use it to rub over the blanket. This will cause static electricity to form. The static electricity helps to pick up pet hairs using the balloon. Do this several times to gather as much hair as possible.

Rubber broom

When in use, bristles of the broom give static electricity. This will prevent the hair from the blanket to be blown in the air. This way, the broom will trap hair and keep them together.

4. Rubber Gloves

Removing the dog’s hair using rubber gloves is pretty simple.

  • Take the rubber gloves and fit them in your hands.
  • Place the blanket on a flat surface and use the hand with the glove to wipe off the hair. Do this multiple times till you are satisfied all the hair is gone.
  • When the glove has gathered enough hair from the blanket, wipe trapped hair on a paper towel or rag and throw the paper towel immediately. This prevents the trapped hair from being blown to the air.
  • Continue wiping the blanket to remove more hair.

For spots that can’t come out easily, consider immersing the glove in water to trap the hair stuck on the glove.

Wipe glove around the blanket to remove any hair left on the blanket Don’t forget to dispose of any hair that was removed from the blanket.

5. Wash Cycles

To remove dog hair, you need to understand the cycles of your washer machine. How you choose to wash it will make the pet’s hair to come out completely or not. The washing machine is designed to clean different types of clothes in a different way. Some require cold water, warm water, a certain amount of temperature, and so forth. But when it comes to a blanket filled with dogs’ hair, the first thing to do is remove the hair off the blanket.

You can use any suitable method mentioned in the article e.g., if you can decide to use the adhesive roller method or the sticky tape. Any method you choose to use, make sure you remove the hair as much as you can.

After the hair removal process from the dog’s blanket is done, its time to finalize the cleaning process. Put the blankets in the washing machine, and I bet you don’t want to ruin your washer with dog’s hair.

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If the blanket has a label with instructions on washing from the manufacturer, you can follow those guidelines. In case there is none, here is what to do:

Stuff the blanket into your washer. It is appropriate to turn on the hot water for better cleaning.

After the washing process is over, you need to dry the blanket. Put the cleaned blanket in a dryer. The lint trap should trap any hair in the blanket in the dryer, and you ought to be using several drying circles to grasp more hair.

The more hair trapped, the better. When each cycle reaches halfway, clean it. Make sure it cleaned in every half of each cycle to allow the lint to trap more hair. Thereafter you can air your blanket in a ventilated area.

Do not forget to clean your washer after you are done washing the blanket. Pet hair can remain inside and will stick to your clothes the next time you use the washing machine.

6. Vacuum

Spread the blanket on the floor Vacuum and clean it the same way you do to your carpets. It will trap the hair from the blanket and keep it hair fee. When vacuuming the hair, it is advisable you do it in one direction and not in back and forth motion. You can also get vacuum cleaners for dogs at the pet store and use it to vacuum the dog to avoid the hairs falling off on surfaces.

Other methods of removing dog’s hair

Pet’s hair trapped in a blanket can easily be removed by everyday things around our houses. You don’t need to invest a lot, and although they seem tiresome to work with, they give the same results. They remove the hair trapped on the blankets with these things found in your kitchen or laundry room. Vacuum places where the dog sits on or sleeps to make your home hair-free.

1. Dishwashing Sponge

Don’t assume it’s only meant for the dishes. Lay the blanket on a flat surface and use the sponge to brush on the blanket gently to trap hair. It takes a lot of time but eventually removes the hair.

2. A softened fabric

There are several fabric softeners in the market to pick from. If you have one in your laundry room, take water and a portion of the softener and mix them together. Dip your blanket in that solution to soften. This helps in loosening the dog’s hair from the blanket. Use other methods for effective removal. There are commercial softeners you can get at affordable prices.

3. Soles of your rubber shoes

This one seems so much fun. Just lay the blanket on the ground, put on your favorite rubber-soled shoes, and rub your feet on the blanket. You can drag them across or back and forth. The best part is that your family or friends can join for a quicker hair removal process.


There are so many ways you can use to avoid dog’s hair from sticking everywhere in your house, especially if you have an allergic reaction. To avoid your home, get messy with hair everywhere, put these things into consideration.

Groom your dog regularly to avoid it shedding a lot of hair. This way, you won’t have trouble having hair sticking on the blankets. Alternatively, when buying a dog, go for a breed that does not shed or sheds less hair. Brush your dog’s fur frequently so that any loose hair may fall off and trim it when necessary.

Invest in de-shedding tools.

Keep your pet healthy. If your dog isn’t feeding well enough, it becomes prone to shedding hair due to the lack of some nutrients in the body.

Vacuum frequently


As a dog owner, this is something you will have to get used since it can’t be stopped completely, but with the right tips, it can be minimized. Some dog breeds naturally shed off their hair at a certain time of the year. Invest in de-shedding tools one can use to especially if the breed of your dog is the type that shed off frequently. When your dog sheds a lot of hair more often, then it is time to check in with your vet to know the problem.

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