How to Clean Beagles Ears at Home and Avoiding Ear Infection

Beagles are bred as hunting dogs and are known to have long, floppy ears to help them track their prey’s smell. The design of their ears leaves them more susceptible to dirt and infections. As part of the grooming routine, therefore, you should clean your Beagles’ ears regularly. Just like you clean your entire body or house in all corners, you should accord the same practice to your beagle.

If you have never cleaned your beagle’s ears, you’ll probably have to learn how to do it by yourself at home. Fortunately, learning how to clean beagles ears isn’t difficult, provided you have all the right supplies. Beagle shock collars also come in handy if you want your Beagle to follow commands.

How to Clean Beagles Ears

Step-by-step guide on how to clean Beagle’s Ears

Cleaning your Beagle’s ears is the easiest thing ever. It is not challenging as some view it, which means you do not need an expert to help you. It will only take a few minutes of your time, probably 5 to 10 minutes, to clean both ears. Here is how to go about it.

Gather Cleaning Products

Start by gathering all the supplies you require, such as an ear cleaner, cotton balls, and treats. You have several options for this step. You can use cleaning products that you made on your own. This can be achieved by mixing white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to help kill bacteria. Some also prefer to use products like Canine Ear cleaning fluid with some cotton balls. Make sure the cleaning product is free of parabens and harsh chemicals.

Check for Infection

Since Beagles have floppy ears, they are more prone to infections due to the trapped dirt and moisture. So before you start cleaning your dog’s ear, ensure you thoroughly check if there are any infections. Look for things like discharges or swollen tissues. If there are any of these signs, you should visit a vet immediately. Ear infections can result in serious problems when left untreated. Your vet will recommend a specific ear cleaner for dogs with infections. If there are no signs, you can proceed and clean your beagle’s ears.

Find Right Time

When you want to clean your beagle’s ears, you need to find the right time. This is not according to your preference but your dog’s. That means you cannot call your dog at any time of the day and start cleaning its ears right away. So when is the right time?

Clean the beagle’s ears when it’s calm. This can be either when it’s tired and relaxed or sleeping. You can also do the cleaning when it’s full after it has taken its food. You will have an easy time doing the cleaning without any distractions from your dog. Never clean the beagle’s ears when it’s hungry, as a hungry dog can be difficult to manage or control.

Spray the Ear Cleanser in the Beagles Ear

Start by spraying or squeezing the ear cleanser inside the dog’s ear. You can either use the Canine Ear cleaning solution or the homemade cleaner you prepared. When putting in the ear cleanser, you will have to lift the ear flap then add the drops inside the ear canal. Do the same thing to the other ear.

Massage the Ear

After putting in some drops, you can massage your beagle’s ear gently. Massaging helps in ensuring the cleanser touches all the parts of the beagle’s ear. You will also repeat the same process to the other ear. Be careful and gentle when performing this because the least you want is to irritate your dog.

You will be surprised that even if your dog wakes up from sleep, it might be calm as you clean its ears. Dogs love being gently touched, and your cleaning process will go smoothly.

Wipe Ears Using Cotton Balls

Use cotton balls to wipe your beagle’s ears. The cotton balls are soft; hence no bruises can be formed during the wiping process. Lift the ear flap and wipe the right ear, then repeat the same with the left ear. Avoid using the same cotton in wiping both ears. Instead, use different cotton balls.

Remove the wax and any other debris that are visible. Once you are done, discard the materials you used and leave your dog to relax.

Make it a positive experience

Treats are a great way to reward your Beagle after cleaning his ears. Don’t let your dog associate ear cleaning with a painful experience. He might try to avoid it next time.

How often should you do the cleaning?

There is no perfect schedule to follow when it comes to cleaning your Beagle’s ears. It is recommended you do it often due to the nature of their ears. You can choose to clean its ears once a week or after two weeks to prevent the buildup of earwax.

Sometimes how often you clean your beagle’s ears will depend on how often he develops wax buildup. That can help you schedule how many times you will be doing the cleaning. To make it easier to remember, you can write it down and adhere to the schedule. This should be combined with annual visits to the vet’s office to keep it infection-free.

Benefits of Cleaning the Beagles Ear Regularly

These are some of the benefits of cleaning our beagle’s ears:

  • Regular cleaning of your beagle’s ears helps in reducing the chances of getting an infection.
  • Regular ear cleaning can prevent discharges and odor.
  • There will be no irritation experienced due to debris and wax when you do the cleaning regularly.
  • Your beagle will have good health, and you can be sure no money is used often in treating your dog.


Knowing how to clean Beagle’s ears is essential. Always clean your beagle’s ears regularly. Ideally, use cotton balls instead of cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are known to push the wax and dirt inside, which makes them hard to remove. Cleaning your beagle’s ears is essential, just like the rest of its body. Never procrastinate cleaning its ears. Regular will leave the beagle’s ears healthy and free from infection.

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