How to Clean Basset Hound Ears at Home – Step-By-Step Guide

Basset Hounds are calm, laidback, social, clever, and problem solvers. These scent dogs are known for their trailing, detection, and tracking skills. Their distinctive floppy, hanging ears that resemble those of Beagles is what makes them unique and gorgeous.

However, the shape and design of their ears make them prone to ear infections. Dirt and wax buildup in their ear canals can cause irritation and many medical problems. Apart from ears, you’ll need a dog brush for Basset Hound to prevent tangling and matting of hair. With that in mind, here is how to clean Basset Hound ears and keep them healthy.  


Products for Cleaning Basset Hound Ears

There are essential products you need to make sure you have before you clean your Basset Hound ears. This will help you and make your work easier when doing the cleaning. Ensure you have these supplies beforehand:

All this will help you get your basset hound ear clean. It is essential to always get help from a vet on the best ear cleaning solution. Once you are sure you have the products, you can start cleaning their ears.

The procedure of Cleaning Basset Hound Ears

When cleaning, it is recommended to start with the outer area as the priority. Here, you can use a cotton ball that is dampened in a cleaning solution. Make sure you get rid of all the dirt found in this area. You want to do this before you concentrate or move to the inner part.

Gently wipe away the dirt that you find. Do not use the same cotton ball on both ears but instead use a fresh one on the other ear.

Inner Ear

Your next important target is the inner area. Pour the cleaning solution inside the basset’s ear to fill its canal. Once you’ve done that, gently massage its ear for a minimum of 15 to 25 seconds to help loosen dirt and wax.

Now use the cotton balls to wipe the dirt, wax, or debris from the inner ear. It would help if you were very careful at this point not to push down the cotton ball into the ear. If you push the cotton ball down, your basset will feel pain and might even bite you.

Repeat the same process on the other inner part. If you started with the right ear, now move to the left ear. Avoid using the same cotton balls on the same ears. It is healthy when you change the cotton balls.

What’s the Right Time to Clean Basset Hound Ears

There’s a right time to do your dog’s ear cleaning. It would be best if you put into consideration that your dog might resist ear cleaning. So, when is the best time to clean? Always clean your dog’s ear when it’s tired. This is mostly after exercise while it’s relaxing. Another time is when it’s full and perhaps wants to fall asleep. When you follow this, you will successfully clean your dog ear.

You can set up a schedule on when to be cleaning your dog’s ears. You can go even further and set it as a reminder. This helps you not to forget when the cleaning date reached.

Complete Cleaning

It is appropriate for you to counter-check if you have done the cleaning adequately. You want to ensure that no dirt or wax has been left. The entire cleaning process only takes 10 minutes of your time. This is time used in cleaning both your basset hound ears.

If you noticed that there was an excessive build-up of dirt or wax, then the cleaning should be done by a veterinarian. They are professionals in this area, and they will significantly help you clean your basset hound ears.

Importance of Regular Cleaning your Basset Hound Ears

It would help if you did not take cleaning your dog’s ears for granted or even assume. It is vital to regularly clean your basset ears as it has excellent benefits that come with doing that. Some of these benefits are as indicated below:

Healthy and Robust Dog Free From Infection

Your basset will be healthy and strong all through. This is because it will be clean, and the chances of it falling ill are very minimal.

1. Time-Saving As You Won’t Visit the Vet Regularly

You will not waste time by going to the vet unless it’s a severe case. You can use that time to engage in different activities like spending time with your family.

2. No Money Spent To Treat Your Basset Hound Due To an Ear Infection

Keep in mind that when your basset hound gets an ear infection, you might end up using a lot of money. When it gets sick, you will be required to meet all the cost for treating it.

3. No occurrence of lousy odor

Cleaning your basset hound ears leaves its ears fresh and tidy. No foul smell will be experienced as a result of a build-up of wax or dirt.

Those are some of the benefits you get as a result of regularly cleaning your basset hound ears. You will only enjoy this if you maintain the routine and cleaning process. You do not need the help of a professional to get your dog’s ears clean.

Bathing Sessions

During the bathing sessions, you can always take advantage and wipe your Basset Hound ears from time to time. As you go about washing its fur, you can use a damp cloth and gently wipe its ears. It is still part of cleaning, and this helps remove some bacteria or dirt.

Remember, your basset hound has dangling ears which can collect dirt when it’s lying on the floor. Also, ensure you dry all the areas nicely to avoid moisture causing dryness and infection.


Though Basset Hounds like many other dogs do not like their ears being cleaned, they will adjust slowly. It is not something they will enjoy being done to them instantly. Always start early when you bring your basset hound ear being cleaned and appreciate onwards.

Keep in mind, knowing how to clean Basset Hound ears help prevent the spread of infections and other related ear problems. You will rarely see your basset hound scratching its ears or get an ear infection.

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