The Ultimate Cavapoo Color Guide: (With Pictures)

Do you have your heart set on a Cavapoo but don’t know which color to choose? This comprehensive guide will show you all the colors of Cavapoos and their costs. Not sure what they look like? Don’t worry there are pictures. So whether you’re looking for a black Cavapoo, a red one, a white one or an apricot one, we’ve got you covered!

Over years of breeding, Cavapoos seem to come in almost every color of the Rainbow (except green and purple!) . Here is a list of colors you may find:

  • Black Cavapoos
  • Red Cavapoos
  • White or cream Cavapoos
  • Brown or chocolate Cavapoos
  • Golden Cavapoos
  • Apricot Cavapoos
  • Phantom : Black and brown (tan) Cavapoos
  • Black & White Cavapoos
  • Red and White Cavapoos
  • Merle Cavapoos
  • Tri-Color Cavapoos

The Cavapoo is a popular type of hybrid dog, created by breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS) with a Toy Poodle. They typically weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and stand between 10 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

These lovable dogs have a moderate energy level and are typically very friendly, making them great companion animals. Cavapoos can inherit the best traits of both of their parent breeds, including a gentle disposition, a love of cuddling, and a low-shedding coat.

While Cavapoos can be good family pets, they do require some grooming and may not be the best choice for families with very young children. Overall, Cavapoos are intelligent, affectionate dogs that make great companions.

Cavapoo colors can vary widely

Why are there so many Cavapoo colors? 

The wide range of Cavapoo colors is due to the fact that both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles come in a variety of colors. When two different colored dogs are bred together, the puppies can inherit any combination of their parents’ colors. As a result, Cavapoos come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

While red and apricot are the most common Cavapoo colors, you can also find black, white, brown, and merle Cavapoos. There is even a rare phantom Cavapoo that has a mostly black coat with some white markings.

What is the most common Cavapoo coat color?

The most common Cavapoo coat color is red, followed by apricot, then golden and then tan and white.

What is the rarest Cavapoo color?

Blue Merle Cavapoos are the rarest as they are not an official color. Pure black and pure white Cavapoos are also extremely rare as both colors are recessive. This means that both parents must carry the gene for these colors in order to produce a puppy with that coat color. Tri-colored Cavapoos are very rare as well

Do Cavapoos change color?

Your Cavapoo will typically stay the same or similar color when you bring your gorgeous pup home. This is especially true for lighter Cavoodle’s. However, darker-coated puppies’ coats may fade slightly or lighten as they get older.

Black Cavapoos

black Cavapoo

Why are Black Cavapoos So Rare?

While Black Poodles are very common, black is a recessive gene so it is difficult to breed a pure black Cavoodle. Their rarity is increased as you also need a black Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be bred with a black Poodle and again, black CKCS are hard to find!

Most black Cavapoo’s will have a white chest or paws and solid black Cavpoos as mentioned are very rare.

How much is a Black Cavapoo?

Solid black Cavapoo’s are normally sold for between $3,000-6,000 USD!

Do Black Cavapoos fade?

Yes, as Black Cavapoos get older, their color may fade. This is due to the “fading gene” that they inherited from the Poodle parent. This takes place during the first two years of life until the dog reaches its final adult color. Some Black Cavapoos do not fade at all, while others can turn a lighter faded black.

Red Cavapoos

red cavapoo

Are red Cavapoos rare?

Red (or Ruby) Cavapoo’s are not rare and are one of the more common coat colors. The red coat color is produced from breeding a red (ruby) CKCS with a red Poodle. Since red is a dominant gene all puppies should have this coat color.

The “red” shade can vary greatly from almost a strawberry blond to a deep rich red color which is often highly sought after.

What is the difference between a Red Cavapoo and an Apricot Cavapoo?

How much is a red Cavapoo?

They range from $1,500-$4,000 with deep dark red Cavoodle’s being more expensive

What is the difference between a red Cavapoo an apricot Cavapoo?

The only difference is the color. Apricot Cavapoos are produced by breeding a ruby (red) CKCS with an apricot poodle. While ruby Cavapoo’s are bred from a red poodle and red CKCS.

White or cream Cavapoos

white cavapoo

Are White Cavapoos rare?

Yes. Like black Cavapoo’s the white gene is recessive and it is very difficult to breed a solid white Cavoodle. Usually, they will be bi or tri colored.

Puppies with a solid white or cream coat can only be produced from a white poodle being bred with a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Blenheim CKCS has a white and light brown coat. Even despite this breeding, it is likely that many of the puppies will still have patches of color.

How much is a white Cavapoo?

Typically $3,500-$6,000 USD

Brown or chocolate Cavapoos

brown cavapoo

Are brown Cavapoos rare?

Yes, like black Cavapoos they are rare as the brown gene is recessive. They are produced from the same breeding as the black Cavoodles. ie a black/brown poodle with a black CKS.

How much is a brown or chocolate Cavapoo?

Solid brown Cavapoo’s are normally sold for between $2,500-4,000 USD

Apricot Cavapoos

apricot cavapoo

Are Apricot Cavapoos rare?

No, they are one of the most common Cavapoo colors similar to red. Really they are just a very light red Cavapoo when it comes down to it. Apricot Cavapoos are produced by breeding a ruby (red) CKS with an apricot poodle.

How much is an Apricot Cavapoo?

$1,500-3,000 USD

Do Apricot Cavapoos fade?

Yes, they can fade as they get older. The Apricot color is a result of the “fading gene” that is passed down from the Poodle parent. This will take place in the first two years of life until the dog reaches its final adult color. Some Apricot Cavapoos do not fade at all, while others can almost cream.

Golden Cavapoos

Golden Cavapoo

Are Golden Cavapoos rare?

Golden Cavapoos are very common and are produced from a red or brown poodle being bred with a ruby CKCS. Unlike red Cavapoo’s that’s hair will reflect red in the light. These guys will reflect a golden brown light back at you. Hence the name golden!

How much is a Golden Cavapoo?

$1,500-3,000 USD

What is the difference between and golden Cavapoo and an Apricot Cavapoo?

Nothing other than their coat color and the colored light they reflect back. These two coat colors can often be found in the same litter.

Black & White Cavapoos

black and white cavapoo

Are Black and White Cavapoos rare?

While not as rare as solid black, they can be difficult to find. They are often the more common coat type produced when you breed a black poodle with a black Cavalier rather than the solid black. Usually, white patches will be found on the chest and feet.

How much is a Black and white Cavapoo?


Red and White Cavapoos

red and white cavapoo

Are red and White Cavapoos rare?

No, red and white (or apricot) Cavoodle’s are quite common and more so than a solid red or solid apricot. This is because the most common coat type of the CKCS is red and white.

How much is a red and white Cavapoo?


Blue Merle Cavapoos

Are Blue Merle Cavapoos rare?

Yes, they are very rare, and for a good reason. The blue Merle coat color is a strongly recessive gene. It is the result of carrying the “M” merle allele and a negative “m” copy of the merle allele. They are born with patches of blue and black fur, which can create a truly unique and beautiful coat. As they grow older, the blue merle color may lighten or darken, but it will always retain its distinctive patterning.

They also can have blue eyes and don’t have skin pigmentation on their paws and nose causing them to be pink. There are some genetic disorders that are related to the unusual coat color (this is the same with “blue” breeds) such as blindness, deafness, and skin issues.

Since people will pay handsomely for this coat color there are many unscrupulous breeders that try to breed this elusive coat color.

How much is a Blue Merle Cavapoo?

$5,000-$6,000 USD

Tri-Color Cavapoos

tricolor cavapoo

Are tri-color Cavapoos rare?

Yes, they are. These guys almost look like a supermini Bernedoodle with their solid black coats and tan and white patches around their feet and face.

They are produced from breeding a tricolor or bicolor Poodle with tri or bi-colored CKCS. Both are a rarity to find.

How much is a tricolor Cavapoo?

$4,000-$5,000 USD

Phantom (Black and tan) Cavapoos

black and tan cavapoo

Are Phantom Cavapoos rare?

Phantoms are named from their colid black coats highlighted with tan muzzles, chests, feet and eyebrows. They are rare as they need to be bred from a phantom poodle (which is very rare) and a black and tan CKCS (not so rare).

How much is a Phantom Cavapoo?

$4,000-$5,000 USD

Cavapoo FAQs

What Color Cavapoo should I get?

The choice is yours. The only color best to avoid is the merle of blue merle as this coat color can put your pooch at risk of some genetic disorders such as deafness. There is no association between coat color and personality.

Will a Cavapoo’s coat change as they grow?

Yes, a Cavapoos coat will change color and texture as they grow.

Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic?

Yes, Cavapoos are considered to be one of the most hypoallergenic dog breeds.

How should I care for my Cavapoo’s coat?

A Cavapoos coat should be brushed regularly to remove any dead hair and mats. They should also be bathed only when necessary as over bathing can strip their coat of its natural oils.

Check out our guide on grooming Cavalier King Charles Spaniels here

What Is A Parti Cavapoo?

Parti is short for partial meaning the coat has more than one color. This includes bi-colored coats such as black and white and tri-colored coats

black and white cavapoo

Does a cavapoo have a double coat?

No, Cavapoos have a single coat. This coat can be either straight or wavy.

When should a cavapoo have its first haircut?

You should get your Cavoodle used to getting clipped from around 6-8 months of age

Does a Cavapoo Shed?

While many people presume Cavapoo’s don’t shed this is a myth. Their shedding varies from minimal to low since they are bred with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

I want a silver Cavapoo. What should I do?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a silver Cavapoo! Some breeders may call their dogs “silver” if they have a very light coat color, but this is not an official Cavapoo color.

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