10 Best Toys for German Shepherd Dogs 2020 – Latest List

German Shepherd Dogs or simply GSDs are some of the best-known territorial dogs. Not only are they protective but they also make excellent playmates. So, if you own one of them, there’s a playful side of them that you might want to explore.

Getting playful, however, requires you to choose a plaything that’s suited for the nature and character of this dog species. In particular, the best toys for German Shepherd dogs are ones that fulfill the following requirements.

  • Durable and capable of withstanding aggressive chewing
  • Interactive so it keeps their sharp brains engaged
  • You might also want the toy to provide treats for your GSD
  1. 1
    Tether Tug- Rope Interactive Dog Toy -Great for German Shepherd
  2. 2
    Outward Hound-Ottosson Dog Toy Puzzle Brick
  3. 3
    West Paw Interactive Zogoflex Tux Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Chew
  4. 4
    Bingpet-Braided Rope Dog Toy Tough Durable Cute Chew Safe Large Dogs Activity
  5. 5
    West Paw: Bumi Dog Toy Design Large
  6. 6
    Kong Classic Dog Toy - Chase and Fetch, Fun to Chew, Durable Natural Rubber

The Best German Shepherd Toys – Review

1. Tether Tug- Rope Interactive Dog Toy -Great for German Shepherd

The high intelligence associated with German Shepherd dogs requires proper mental and physical stimulation to manage. And that’s where the Tether Tug Rope comes in handy.

This is a fantastic toy that your dog can comfortably use on their own. So, you don’t have to put your body on the line as your aggressive German Shepherd unleashes its energy on the toy.

Product Description

This affordable toy for German Shepherd is designed for the outdoors. It is a knotted rope attached to a pole. Each toy rope comes with three parts namely, the rope, the pole and a metal base for mounting on the ground. The metal base is inserted in the ground.

Designed for heavy pullers, the rope is sturdy and well-suiting its purpose. Using the rope encourages your dog to exercise alone. The numerous exercises the rope will expose your dog to will promote cardiovascular health.

Setting it up is quite easy, it is also easy for the dog to play with the knotted rope. The rope is safe to chew and it is ideal for small spaces and therefore convenient to set up.

Other Features and Benefits

The tethering prevents the rope from getting too dirty and as such, easy to clean. What’s more, the rope section is detachable and therefore cleaning it is a breeze.

There are different sizes available to suit different breeds and sizes of dogs. You will choose the size that is most suitable for your dog. The available sizes are Puppy/mini size which are for dogs up to 15 lbs, the medium size is for dogs between 15 lbs-35 lbs.

The larger size is for dogs that are between 35 lbs-60 lbs, then we have the extra-large size for dogs that are over 60lbs.


  • A perfect way for your dog to play tug-of-war
  • Various sizes available to suit different sizes of dogs
  • It stays clean because it is tethered.
  • Easy to clean
  • The rope is sturdy and ideal for all breeds of dogs.
  • The toy keeps chewers and other dogs busy and distracts them from destroying precious items in the home.
  • It helps the dog play on its own and therefore you won’t get worn out.


  • It is an outdoor and not indoor game because it is hard to tether the toy in a house.
  • The toy may encourage you to slacken on your playtime with your dog.

2. Outward Hound-Ottosson Dog Toy Puzzle Brick

Creative toys can make your dog’s playtime fun. The Outward Hound-Ottosson Dog Toy Puzzle Brick is an interactive toy that enables the dog to entertain himself while also feeding. Therefore, it is not a bonding game with the owner, although some dog owners find a way to turn it into a bonding game.

The puzzle is constructed from a BPA-free food-grade plastic. There are various compartments offering different activities to keep your dog engaged for a long time.

Product Description

This is an intermediate dog puzzle. Noteworthy the game is a mental stimulus. It is a hunting game where the dog is expected to use his nose to find treats stuffed in the compartments. And then the dog gets rewarded by eating the treat.

It features 20 compartments, four removable plastic bones, and 8 openable pieces. The feeding compartments are easy to open and close. More so, the bone pieces are removable.

You can fill the compartments with different types of treats. Some of the treats you can consider are dry and non-dry foods like chicken kibble, healthy treats and diced baby carrots. The advantage of this toy is that it is both an indoor and outdoor toy.

On top of that, it makes feeding times interactive and fun and promotes healthy eating. This is because the dog eats a little food at a time as they continue to unravel what is behind the compartments.

Since the puzzle brick is stationery, you will still need to engage your dog in activities that are physical. Your dog will also need bonding games.

Other Features and Benefits

This well-priced toy is easy to clean because it is constructed from plastic. To wash it, hand clean it with warm soapy warm, then rinse and dry it. It also comes in bright colors which can help you to know when it gets unnecessarily dirty.


  • Affordably priced.
  • It reduces your dog’s boredom.
  • The dog entertains himself.
  • It can keep the dog engaged for long.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is a mental stimulus game.
  • The toy promotes interactive, fun and healthy eating.


  • Not for bonding times with your dog.
  • Your dog will still need other activities, for physical exercises.

3. West Paw Interactive Zogoflex Tux Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Chew

To avoid destruction around the house, keep your German Shepherd dog busy with creative toys. This toy is manufactured in the USA. It is an indestructible game suitable for aggressive chewers. Actually, the manufacturer has provided a 100% guarantee against damage by your dog.

Product Description

This is a dual-purpose dog toy that can be used as a treat dispenser or as a chewy toy. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, most dogs love this toy. Manufactured from a durable rubber material, the toy is BPA and Phthalate-free, it is FDA compliant and therefore non-toxic.

The toy has a hollow space that you can use for dispensing treats. As a treat dispenser, it can be used to reinforce good behavior. What’s more for hot days, it acts well for dispensing frozen treats.

On the other hand, the toy floats can be used for fun times in the water at the beach. Additionally, it can be used for playing fetch games.

The toy has a bouncy texture that makes solo playing fun because it is a chewable toy. The toy can keep your dog stimulated and preoccupied for a couple of minutes when you are busy or too tired to play. Besides, it is a good toy for teething puppies, because it is sturdy yet teeth-friendly.

Other Features and Benefits

There are various colors available to choose from. The colors are bright and therefore visible in grass, snow or water. Apart from that, there multiple sizes to suit small, medium and large dogs. What’s more, it is dishwasher safe and recyclable.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Suitable for bonding games and solo games.
  • 100% guaranteed against destruction.
  • It floats and as such wonderful for water games.
  • Toxins free.
  • Treat dispensing toy.
  • It is chew-proof.
  • The toy is easy to clean.
  • Recyclable and therefore a green product.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from.


  • However, it wears down if chewed on all-day.

4. Bingpet-Braided Rope Dog Toy Tough Durable Cute Chew Safe Large Dogs Activity

Toys and activities will keep your German shepherd dog active. This is a tug-of-war toy game that most active dogs love.  It is a tough toy that suits large, aggressive chewers who hardly maintain toys.

Product Description

The Bingpet- Braided Rope Dog Toy is manufactured from 100% durable cotton. The toy is great for both indoor and outdoor games. Besides, the toy is ideal for bonding times and for solo games.

Designed with five knots, your dog can use the rope solo for playing and chewing. On the other hand, fetch games give your furry baby using this rope will give your dog an opportunity to run and exercise. Bonding games include fetch and tug-of-war.

Apart from working as a toy, the rope cleans your dog’s teeth when being chewed and therefore it is good for oral hygiene. Durably constructed, the rope is also a safe toy with no risk of breaking your dog’s teeth.

Other Features and Benefits

The rope is 36 inches long, which is a moderate length. Long ropes are more durable because the dog will not keep biting the same spot. A long length is also ideal when you have several dogs and two dogs can play tug of war with each other.

Although it is not long, it is big and ideal for large breeds of dogs.

For maintenance, you can clean the rope in your washer easily, that said, it is harder to clean it than cleaning a plastic toy. On the downside, the manufacturer has only one color and one size model available.


  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is suitable for power chewers.
  • The rope is perfect for tug-of-war games.
  • Ideal for solo games and bonding games.
  • It is good for your dog’s oral hygiene.
  • Its extra-large size makes it ideal for large dogs.
  • It holds up because it is durably constructed.


  • Most ideal for large dogs because it is one size.
  • Available in one color model only.
  • Only one dog can play with it because the rope is short.

5. West Paw: Bumi Dog Toy Design Large

An idle or bored dog can start chewing his feet and tail, creative toys will keep him from such destructive behavior. Made in the USA, the West Paw- Bumi Dog Toy is non-toxic chewing toy. It is FDA compliant, Phthalate-free and BPA free.

The manufacturer-West Paw is a certified B Corporation. B corporations are socially responsible and environment-friendly organizations.

Product Features

This is a plastic tug and fetch toy. It is innovatively designed with an interactive S shape, the shape makes it easy for both the dog and pet family to grip.  Brightly colored, it makes finding it easy in snow, grass or water. The toy stretches to twice its length making playtimes more fun.

Moreover, it is both for indoor and outdoor use. The design of the toy makes it ideal for bonding times with you. That is not all, two dogs can play tug-of-war with the toy.

It is a tough toy and suits heavy-duty tug-of-war games. What’s more, it is great also for water fetch games because it floats.

However, it is not a chew toy and it is intended for supervised play times only.

Other Features and Benefits

The toy is made from recyclable materials and is eco-friendly. To recycle the toy, join the manufacturer’s closed-loop toy recycling program.

Apart from that, it is made of an easy to clean material and therefore the toy is dishwasher safe. You can choose an appropriate color from the different color models available. Besides that, in comparison to other toys, it is moderately priced.


  • It is durably constructed for longevity.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor games.
  • Conspicuous colors.
  • It is fantastic for water games.
  • Different color models available.
  • Different color models available.
  • Dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean.
  • Eco-friendly because it is recyclable.


  • It is not a chewing toy.

6. Kong Classic Dog Toy - Chase and Fetch, Fun to Chew, Durable Natural Rubber

Investing in creative toys is a good way to deal with your German Shepherd’s high energy levels. The Kong Classic Dog Toy is a multipurpose toy that the dog can play with solo or you can play with your dog during bonding times. You can also stuff treats in the toy. The ball is manufactured in the USA.

Product Description

This toy is constructed from a rubber material and it holds up against tough chewers. Your dog can use this toy for a multipurpose of games including playing with you fetch games. On its own, the dog can chew the toy or you can stuff other toys, snacks and treats inside for the dog.

The advantage is that the treats distract the dog from chewing the toy for a while. Secondly, the treats can last because the dog won’t eat all of them at once.

Additionally, you can use the toy to reinforce good behavior, by using the toy go give treats to your dog whenever they are well-behaved. Besides, when it also helps to clean your dog’s teeth and gums without any risk of harming the dog’s teeth.

Other Features and Benefits

There are various sizes available to suit different ages and breeds of dogs, namely small, medium and large. Check your dog’s weight to know the appropriate size of toy to buy. Besides, it is an easy to clean ball making it a hygienic choice.

However, the ball will not last if given to heavy chewers on full time. As such, you can take away the toy as soon as all the treats are eaten.


  • Durably constructed with rubber.
  • It is ideal for both solo games and bonding games.
  • There is a size to suit your dog.
  • It is good for your dog’s oral hygiene.
  • You can use it to reinforce good behavior.
  • Using the toy as a treat dispenser makes treats last.


  • Not suitable for leaving with heavy chewers full-time.

7. Oneisall Indestructible Bone Dog Toy- Pet Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers & Puppy Dogs

When buying toys for your German Shepherd dog, consider toys for bonding with you and toys he can play with alone. This toy is ideal for keeping heavy chewers busy because it is designed for that purpose.

Product Description

This toy is creatively crafted, you can use it as a stress reliever object to prevent the dog from destructive behavior around the house. The toy is perfect to keep your furry friend busy when you are unable to keep him company.

This innovatively designed green bone has a bacon flavor, making it smell good and taste good too. The ball is manufactured from a sturdy food-grade nylon, not rubber that is non-toxic and as such there are no safety concerns. Additionally, it is durable. The bone will keep your dog busy alone.

This toy is highly recommended if your dog can spend hours chewing on the same thing. The toy is made from a bite-resistant nylon and if swallowed, it is excreted out of the dog’s body normally, however, it is advisable to see a vet if your dog swallows a part of the ball.

The bone encourages the dog to chew it which distracts it from chewing precious items around the home. Chewing is good for the dog’s oral hygiene and it helps in controlling plaque and tartar by cleaning the dog’s teeth.

As much as it is tough, it is teeth-friendly and safe. However, for aggressive chewers the manufacturer recommends replacing the ball every 6 months.

Other Features and Benefits

There are three different sizes available to suit puppies, medium and large-sized dogs and different breeds of dogs. Besides that, the toy is competitively priced and, therefore, affordable.


  • Affordably priced.
  • The toy reduces your dog’s boredom and anxiety.
  • Keeps the dog occupied when he is alone.
  • Teeth-friendly.
  • Made from food-grade nylon and safe to chew.
  • Good for the dog’s oral hygiene.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • The bacon flavor hooks the dog.


  • Not ideal for bonding games with pet family.
  • Only one color available.

8. Nero Ball-Classic Rope Toy Ball TM-Police K-9 Reward & Exercise Schutzhund

Creative toys will make your German Shepherd dog to do body exercises. The Nero Ball-Classic Rope Toy Ball is an engaging toy. It is a good toy for motivating your dog, bonding with your dog and helping the to do exercises. In addition to that, the dog can play solo games with the toy.

Product Description

This ball is what the Military and Police K-9 use for training dogs worldwide. The ball is made from 100% rubber and has a strong nylon rope attached to it. It is a firm but not really hardball, the inside is hollow.

The balls is medium-heavy as such, the ball is heavy enough and ideal for playing fetch games. In terms of size, it is a perfect size for the dog to handle.

As a training ball, it works great helping your dog to exercise its body. The ball is not designed as a chewing ball, but if you desire to use it for that purpose, then you can remove the nylon rope. The ball is great for bonding times with your dog. The rope makes it possible to throw the ball far and not lose it.

Besides, the rope is removable. The rope also helps to release the ball from the teeth of the dog. The ball is not inflated and as such it can handle a lot of abuse. And since the ball is constructed from a rubber material it is not too hard to endanger your dog’s teeth.

Other Features and Benefits

Because the rope is removable, cleaning the ball is easy, simply clean the rope separately and the ball separately. In terms of costs, it is competitively priced.


  • Competitively priced.
  • Sturdy enough to hold up to military, police and sports activities.
  • The rope controls the ball from rolling away on hard surfaces.
  • Rope design facilitates further throwing.
  • Strong nylon rope.
  • 100 percent natural rubber ball.
  • It is teeth-friendly.


  • It won’t hold up to full time chewing.
  • No destruction guarantee on the ball from the manufacturer.

9. Goughnuts - Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

A dog needs high energy level activities to stay healthy. This toy is manufactured in the USA. The toy is designed for dog’s that shred anything in their sight. Popular with dog owners with chewers, it is also loved by dogs.

Worth noting is that the stick is also used by Police K9 units to train and reward their dogs around the world. The toys come with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Product Description

This toy comes in the shape of a stick or doughnut. It is manufactured from chewy rubber and that makes it safe. Heavy, large, sturdy and durable, the toy can hold up against the heaviest chewers out there.

The toy features a red indication light, which alerts you to withdraw the ball from the dog for safety reasons. It is sizeable enough not to choke your dog. Additionally, it is safe because it is not too hard to harm your dog’s teeth.

Other Features and Benefits

Worth noting, the stick version of the toy is strictly a chew toy that your dog will play solo chewing games with. The doughnut-shaped toy can be used for playing fetch games and rollover games. The ring design also lasts longer because the dog doesn’t chew on the same spot but rotates it.

When making an order, you have a choice between buying a stick toy or a ring toy.


  • Suitable for powerful chewers that shred toys in minutes.
  • There are two shapes available, a stick and ring.
  • Its sturdy construction from rubber makes it durable.
  • Its sturdy construction from rubber makes it durable.
  • It is a teeth-friendly toy.
  • Red visual safety indicator.
  • Replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • It is not a budget toy.
  • The stick version cannot be used for bonding games with your dog.
  • Limited color options.
  • Too heavy for puppies or small breed of dogs.
  • It has a strong rubber smell which wears off with time.

10. Goughnuts Original-Dog Chew Toy Ring

It is quite difficult to find a toy for an aggressive chewer. Luckily, manufacturer’s are trying to beat the dogs at this game. The Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Toy Ring is designed for sturdiness by polymer and mechanical engineers who are technical experts.

They try to make tough toys and yet have to consider toys that won’t make the dogs lose their teeth. Although this toy is more expensive than the cost of an average dog toy of a similar caliber, the good thing is that it comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Should your dog destroy it by exposing the inner red stuffing, then you will be entitled to a replacement from the manufacturer.

Product Description

The Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Toy Ring is an indestructible chew toy made from rubber. It is reinforced so that it can withstand your dog’s powerful teeth and jaws, yet safe not to harm the dog’s teeth.

It is a perfect toy for indoor and outdoor use and also perfect for solo games by your dog alone and for bonding games. You can also use the toy for bonding times with your pet.

It is a great toy for fetch games with your furry friend. Additionally, you can use the toy at the beach to play water games because it floats perfectly.

Other Features and Benefits

By buying this toy, you will distract your dog from chewing other stuff in the house which can be a health hazard that can cost you in terms of visits to the vet.

There are a variety of colors to choose from. On the downside, it is more expensive in comparison to other toys.


  • It is designed with the dog’s teeth in mind.
  • There are different colors of the toy available.
  • It is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
  • It is indestructible.
  • It can be used for playing multiple games.
  • It is an indoor and outdoor toy.
  • You can play fetch with it.
  • It can keep your dog busy alone or you can use it for bonding times with your best friend.


  • More expensive than other toys.

Buying Guide for GSD Toys

We’ve already mentioned that these are high-energy dogs. Therefore, your best bet is to find them toys that match up to those demands.


Go for high-quality and durable materials. At the same time, it’s important to ensure that the materials are FDA compliant. And most importantly, look out for phthalate- and BPA-free certifications.


GSDs are aggressive chewers. Therefore, you want to avoid toys that are too delicate for that. If possible, we recommend settling for toys that are labeled as “indestructible.”

Size Matters

GSDs are large in size and, therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy something tiny for them. If anything, super-tiny toys might easily get swallowed causing obstruction. So you really want to avoid those kinds of toys and instead get something that’s just large enough for your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my German Shepherd entertained? Are these high energy dogs? Well, whatever questions you might be having, we’re responding to some of them right now.

Q: Are GSDs good fetchers?

A: In general, German Shepherd Dogs are poor fetchers although they can improve with a bit of training. The jolly ball comes in handy for this kind of training.

Q: How do I manage my dog’s excess energy?

A: The best way to manage your dog’s energy is by keeping them busy. Consider taking them for jogs. Make time for lots of walks. Get them to play games like chase and tug of war.

Q: What are the best toys for behavior training?

A: We generally recommend toys that enable you to stuff treats. This can provide you with the tools you need for behavior training particularly in regards to developing the reward system.

Our Best Pick

Even though all the toys reviewed above are great in one way or another, there’s always that one toy that deserves the top honors. In this case, we’d recommend the Tether Tug Rope. That’s mainly because our GSD is quite aggressive and energetic.

If your dog isn’t as aggressive as ours and you simply want something that engages their mind, we’d suggest going for the Outward Hound-Ottosson Dog Toy Puzzle Brick.

Final Thoughts

Please note that every dog plays differently. Vets recommend supervised playing in some cases. Therefore, the key thing here is to understand your dog’s nature and work with them toward creating a customized playtime for them.

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