Best Toys for French Bulldogs 2020– Top 7 Picks Listed

If there’s one breed of dog that’s quite unique, it has to be the French Bulldog. The dog species is known for its huge personality and an easy-going approach to life. Also referred to as the Frenchie, this pooch is ranked among the best companion dogs of all time.

One good way to keep this dog busy is by exposing them to games. And what better way to get them playing than by using toys.

We’d like to talk about the best toys for French bulldogs. So, whether you want to give them some treats or get them up and running, the following guide would be of great help.

Popular Toys for French Bulldogs: Comparison List

We’re going to get started with a list that brings together top toys for these playful dogs. If you want to read the detailed reviews, simply keep scrolling down.

  1. 1
    Ourpets Treat Ball IQ Dispensing Interactive Food Dog Toy
  2. 2
    Wickedbone Interactive and Automatic Smart Bone Toys
  3. 3
    Foxtail Fetch Balls for Dogs
  4. 4
    Nylabone Flavored Dura Chew Petit Dog Chew Toy
  5. 5
    Nylabone Double Bacon Flavored Dog toy
  6. 6
    Plush Squeak Pipe Dog Pet Toys

The Best Toys for French Bulldogs - Review

1. Ourpets Treat Ball IQ Dispensing Interactive Food Dog Toy

Most dogs love playing with balls. Now, what if the balls contain treats in them? Perfect, right?

The Ourpets Treat Ball IQ Dispensing Interactive Food Dog Toy is great for providing your dog with hours of interactive fun.

Product Description

What's more, it has an oval shape which enables you to put many types of treats inside. Indeed, this toy is designed to minimize the number of treats your pup gets and extend playtime. It gives adjustable difficulty levels because it has an adjustable interior disc.

Moving on, this dog toy is suitable for medium or small-sized dogs. Also, this product comes in 4-inch or 3-inch version. This toy is made from non-toxic, durable plastic.  You can choose to get a single ball, but it can also be bought in packs.

 Features and Benefits

To begin with, this ball has a two-way release system. First, the treat is released from a dispensing hole, and further, it can be poured from the inner part of the ball. This allows your dog to spend more time with this toy and also helps to get rid of your dog's excess energy.

In addition, this dog toy is super easy to clean since all you need to do is twist the two pieces apart. If your fluffy friend eats too fast, you can use this dog toy for meals to slow him down.  However, some owners have reported that their dog's teeth get stuck in the dispensing hole.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Changeable difficulty level
  • Fun for dogs to play with


  • made of plastic

2. Wickedbone Interactive and Automatic Smart Bone Toys

The Wickedbone Interactive and Automatic Smart Bone Toys is a complete system that's super intelligent. The great thing about this toy is that it's able to react to your dog's actions using a built-in emotional system. A more in-depth review should give you a better understanding of this modernized toy.

Product Description

To use this wicked bone you need to pair it a Bluetooth enabled device, then control it via the wickedbone app that's available for Android and iOS and game on!

Moreover, charging this toy is also easy, and it comes with a micro USB charging cable. It is once for an hour and will last for over 4 hours in interactive mode, 40 minutes in drive mode and three months in sleep mode

This toy allows you to choose between controlling your pet with a joystick drive mode through an app or an interactive auto play modes. This toy can automatically adjust its reaction based on your dog's actions. What's more, it comes with a one year warranty.

Features and Benefits

This toy has a protecting cover that is super easy to take off and easily detachable tires that make cleaning this toy super quick and convenient.  This hard bone keeps your dog busy and entertained when you are not around.

At the same time, its FDA body material, tires and cover are certified, which makes it entirely safe for pets and humans. Also, the inner part is built with a safe PC material. It is recommended that you stop using the toy if the shell becomes damaged.

There's more; it is quite strong, so it able to resist the effect of your pup's playtime. This means this toy will be there for your pet for a long time. Also, this toy can train your fluffy friend to catch objects and to strengthen bonds by interaction.


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Durable
  • Fun to play with
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit pricy

3. Foxtail Fetch Balls for Dogs

Foxtail is popular brand among dog owners and has been in the game for over 25 years. The Foxtail Fetch Balls for Dogs is designed for tooth and distance defying durability. Let us go into a more in-depth review of this toy.

Product Description

This is toy is fun and easy to throw at a far distance. The plaything is quite light in weight so you don't have to throw this toy like a baseball. Instead, when you spin the toy to through it, your shoulder does not need to move an inch.

This toy can splint up to fifty yards range. That being said, this toy is not a suitable chew toy because it is it’s a fetch toy and will tear when a dog chews it.

Features and Benefits

The first notable quality is that this toy is made with a heavy nylon ripstop tail, rubber tooth defiant ball, and a; triple stitched design.  This makes it fly faster and further than other foxtail toys. Your dog is in for a workout!  The ripstop makes the toy long lasting. This great fetch round toy can get rid of your dog's excess energy.

More importantly, it is quite easy to use these toys. All you need to do is merely swinging it by the tail and then release it. The spinning creates a momentum that's way greater than a traditional overhand throw. This toy is vet recommended, which means you are assured of your dog’s safety.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Great for exercise


  • Not a suitable chew toy

4. Nylabone Flavored Dura Chew Petit Dog Chew Toy

If you looking for a toy that your dog can not only play with but also chew , then consider checking the Nylabone Flavored Dura Chew Petit Dog Chew Toy. This Nylabone has a variety of textures and flavors which means your will not get bored.

Product Description

This toy has inbuilt pockets where you can out your pet’s favorite treat.  This toy is veterinarian recommended and is made of durable, tough nylon which make it quite durable. The toys come in a wide range of flavors including; peanut butter, chicken and bacon.The toys are ideal for dogs that weigh up to 25 pounds and are made in the USA.  This toy provides your dog with a good dental hygiene because its bristles rise up when your dog is chewing. This keeps your dog’s teeth clean, massages his gums and controls tartar and plaque.  Besides that, this toy is quite lightweight which makes it easy for your dog to play with and chase around.

Features and Benefits

This toy is designed to withstand extreme chewers. It is also able to provide bored dogs with something to keep them entertained.  What’s more, the toy has unique and amazing texture which makes it suitable for dental health.

The toy offers you two uses in one package. It has a cheese flavor which is enticing for dogs and the good thing is the flavor lasts as long as the pet toy does. However, some customers have reported the toy forms sharp ridges where dogs have chewed.


  • Long lasting
  • Provides dogs with dental hygiene
  • Wide variety of textures and flavors
  • Strong to withstand chews


  • May for sharp ridges

5. Nylabone Double Bacon Flavored Dog toy

Just like the name suggests, toy has a yummy bacon flavor and not only a bacon flavor but double bacon which will keep your dog interested. This toy will keep your fluffy friend busy when you are not around. Let us go into a more in-depth analysis of this chew toy to give you a better understanding of it.

Product Description

This Nylabone Double Bacon Flavored Dog toy comes in 3 sizes x-large, medium, and x-small. This toy us vet recommended, this means you can be confident about giving your pet this toy. This long lasting toy has a strong and tough design which makes it suitable for the most aggressive chewers.

What’s more, it has a unique design which allows your dog to chew easily on any side and also provides four bone tips which make it easy to hold and grab.

Features and Benefits

The first notable feature is the rugged and double construction which makes the toy long lasting. In addition, this toy keeps your fluffy friend entertained and satisfies his natural instruct to chew. Also, this bacon flavored toy encourages healthy and safe chewing habits. Meaning, you can protect your furniture and shoes from destructive chewing.

Besides that, the toy features action cleaning ridges and nubs which helps in cleaning you dog’s teeth, massages his gums and reduce plague and tartar as your dog gnaws and chews. This toy provides your dog with a good dental hygiene because its bristles rise up when your dog is chewing.


  • Keeps your dog engaged
  • Most pets find it irresistible because of the bacon flavor
  • Specially designed for excessive chewers
  • Maintains your dog’s dental hygiene


  • A bit too heavy

6. Plush Squeak Pipe Dog Pet Toys

Dogs feel lonely when they are alone just like humans. That’s why it is important to get your fluffy friend a toy that is fun and one that will help him disperse loneliness. The Plush Squeak Pipe Dog Pet 

Toy will bring fun and joy to your dog when you are not with him we shall see some of its features in our review below.

Product Description

The Plush Squeak Pipe Dog Pet Toys comes in a variety of vibrant and attractive colors. The colors are able to attract your pet and make them maintain a great mood.

It is worth noting that these toys are specially designed for small pets.While most pets love to stay active, some can be quite lazy. This pet might be really helpful as it keeps you pet running and jumping while exercising.

This toy is vet recommended, which means you are assured of your dog’s safety.

Features and Benefits

The first notable feature is that this toy is made from a harmless and not toxic material you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety. More importantly, this toy can meet your dog’s instinctive needs and also enhances the bond between you and your dog.

In addition, the toy is made from quality designs and materials which mean your pet can make the most of it. On top of that, this toy is able to clean your dog’s teeth and the dog must grind frequently. The tough material gives the toy the ability to withstand constant chews. Finally, this toy is quite lightweight so it’s easy for dog to play with and chase around,


  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting material
  • Nontoxic and harmless material
  • Cleans your dog teeth


  • Not ideal for large dogs

7. MuseWanna Stuffed Durable Dog Toy Plush

Dogs naturally like chewing and playing, the chewing problem will increase if not provided with the proper way of following their instinct.  This makes toys the most suitable items for satisfying them. The MuseWanna Stuffed Durable Dog Toy Plush is a great toy for keeping your pet entertained.

Product Description

The MuseWanna Stuffed Durable Dog Toy Plush built with high-quality corduroy and an environmental friendly rubber. This means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your fluffy friend. The high quality material is well quilted which makes it hard for dogs to rip off.

This toy is ideal for small dogs. The toy is also a great gift for kids and is quite easy to cuddle with.

Besides that, this toy features a bump design that fits well in the dog’s teeth, this helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth and massaging his gums.

Features and Benefits

This toy has is four legged and has realistic dog look. It is also huggable, squeezable and soft which makes it ideal for interacting with.  The detailed lifelike qualities also make it great for satisfying your dog’s instinct to be a mother or a predator.

Additionally, this toy is double stitched and has a chew guard technology, which makes long lasting and s tough so as to withstand the constant chews from your dog. No need to worry about cleaning this toy because it has washable construction which makes it easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • Helps in maintain your dog’s dental hygiene
  • Strong to withstand constant chews
  • Environmental friendly material


  • Only for small dogs

What Makes Bulldog Toys Different?

One thing you need to know is that bulldog toys are meant to be slightly different from ordinary ones. Indeed, these kinds of dogs are quite aggressive. They are also quite good chewers and, therefore, would easily tear apart a poorly made toy.

So, durability is an important factor to consider when choosing the best toys. But that’s just a tip of the iceberg. We’d like to share a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed choice.

The Kinds of Toys to Avoid

If you’re a bulldog owner, chances are that you know that these pets can be fussy toy pickers. And as we have already mentioned, they can be chewing machines.

As such, while it makes sense to buy rawhides and pig ears for other dogs, those are a no-no for French Bulldogs.

Note that these kinds of dogs are also notorious for swallowing things. And, therefore, a poorly made toy would probably end up their throat – causing obstructions. You really don’t want that to happen!

Toys with Treats

It always makes sense to go for a toy that’s shaped like a treat. And it makes even more sense to go for one that can be stuffed with real treats to make playtime even more engaging.

With it, you can stuff anything from peanut butter to sausages, wet dog food or just about anything your pooch loves.

Extra Benefit Toys

We’d refer to them as extra benefit toys and that’s because they are more than just toys. For instance, some of them come with bacon flavoring. Is there a bulldog in this world that doesn’t like bacon?

Besides that, it makes perfect sense to invest in a toy that improves your dog’s dental health. Such additional benefits can go a long way in helping you raise a happier and healthier dog. So, with them, you get to hit two birds with one stone.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Interactive Toys

French bulldogs are known for the fact that they have a noticeable prey drive. So, why not give them something that they can spend their time hunting? If you can find a toy that you can throw a few meters away and get the dog to fetch, that would be great.

Likewise, you might want to provide your pooch with something like a hide-a-squirrel toy. Of course, your dog will most likely tear all the squirrels apart over time. Fortunately, replacements are always available and well worth it.

You only need to keep your mind open. Most of these toys don’t really last long. But they are dang cute so you can always add them to your collection alongside the hardy and long-lasting ones.

Are You Planning To Supervise Your Dog As They Play?

There are so many well-made toys out there in the world. The problem with them, however, is that they can easily be torn apart by an aggressive dog. Our best-recommended way to deal with such problems is by supervising your dog as they play.

In particular, some toys come with roped ends. Others like the Breathe Right from Chuck It have some loose edges that might easily be bitten off by a hungry bulldog. And then there’s also the Kong Classic toy which, though, well-built isn’t infallible.

So, our top recommendation is that you don’t have to insist on the toy being as tough as nails. Sometimes, you should consider buying a toy that you can supervise them play with and that way, you can minimize any destruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to be said about French Bulldog toys. And now, to give you an even better perspective of what playtime means to them, here’s our FAQs section.

Q: Are tug of war toys good for a Frenchie?

A: These are a good category of toys for bulldogs but should only be used under supervision. Most dogs love them as they enable them to release their energy. However, you need to be careful so your pooch doesn’t get overly aggressive while using them.

Q: Why is it important to buy my dog some toys?

A: One of the ways in which toys help is that they keep dogs busy and thereby get rid of boredom. They also provide you with a good reward system that you can use for behavior training.

Which One Is The Best?

The OurPets IQ Treat Ball toy is hard to beat. We particularly love the fact that you can stuff it with treats. And most importantly, it is durable which means it can be used with minimal supervision required.

Final Thoughts

Frenchies are great dogs. No doubt about that. However, they also tend to be quite energetic. Therefore, they deserve some well-made toys as opposed to soft ones.

In the review of the best toys for French bulldogs shared above, we’ve included different kinds of examples. You might want to give them a try just to see which design and style of play interests your dog the most.

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