10 Best Shampoo For Maltese 2020: Impartial Selections

Well, you will get the most comprehensive answer here and you will never have to ask anybody again about shampoo for your Maltese. Your Maltese deserves proper care to have good health. In addition, since you live with it under the same roof, you do not want to take chances with fleas and ticks.

Therefore, you should take good care of your dog to ensure that it has no skin infections, does not yield a foul smell and it is not infested with parasites. You should wash the dog with any of the following shampoos and the results will make you marvel.

In fact, whoever visits your house will enquirer more about it and want to know exactly which products you use to clean your dog. Read to unearth all the amazing details.

Shampoo For Maltese: A Quick Comparison Table

These are high quality, reliable, effective, and safe shampoos for your dog. They contain natural ingredients and they have no side effects for your dogs. However, some of them are not safe for your puppies. The following table carefully lays the features and specs of these shampoos side by side so that you can read and understand them:-

  1. 1
    Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo
  2. 2
    Honeydew Lavender Shampoo
  3. 3
    Adams Shampoo For Dogs
  4. 4
    Fresh & Clean Shampoo For Mongrels
  5. 5
    Wahl No-Rinse & Waterless Dog Shampoo
  6. 6
    Furminator Dog Conditioner

The Best Shampoo For Maltese - Reviews

1. Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo

Earthbath is designed to leave terrific results on your dog skin and you will not help to admire every bit of it. It not only cleans the dog's skin but also deodorizes it to have a captivating fragrance.

Moreover, the skin is also left plush and soft for easier management of the hair. You can comb the hair and it will remain properly arranged in the right order. This shampoo is also compatible with flea products and it does not wash them off because it is soap-free.

Categorically, this shampoo has principal ingredients like aloe Vera and oatmeal which combat itchy and dry skin. Moreover, the aforementioned ingredients also get rid of irritation, re-moisturize dry and sensitive skin, and promote healing.


  • Has a great fragrance
  • Soap-free
  • Combats sensitive, irritating, and itchy skin
  • Promotes healing
  • Re-moisturizes dry skin


  • Integrates Aloe Vera and Oatmeal
  • Weight: 1.06lbs.


  • Effective, safe and gentle
  • Cruelty-free, natural and biodegradable


  • Harmful when swallowed by humans

2. Honeydew Lavender Shampoo

This is among the renowned and distinguished shampoos that yield exquisite result on your dog. Your dog gets amazing results when its skin is cleaned, conditioned, and soothed. In case it has sensitive, irritating, rough skin, that will be a thing of the past.

It goes without saying that dog’s do not smell good. Even that dog smell is also done away with by this shampoo. Furthermore, it cleans gently and it is mild on your dog hence no side effects. No more irritation on your dog skin.

The manufacturer has incorporated lavender to calm the dog skin from all kinds of discomforts. All these nice properties make this shampoo to give your dog a therapeutic bath experience. Finally, it is cruelty and tear-free. Therefore, you will not be alarmed when the shampoo accidentally gets into the dog's eyes.


  • Cruelty and tear-free
  • Has no paraben
  • Contains Jojoba and essential oils
  • Has lavender oil and colloidal oatmeal
  • Effective and safe for your dog


  • Weight: 11.2 ounces.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Rectifies all skin problems
  • Gentle and nice on your dog
  • Sweet-scented


  • Takes long and its expensive to ship

Not many shampoos favour puppies. However, this one is specially designed to ensure that your puppy’s needs are taken care of. Parasites are very destructive particularly to puppies because their immunity and body strength are poor.

However, when you wash the puppy with this shampoo, all the parasites are killed and the protection remains. Furthermore, your flea larvae and eggs are not spared by this product. To top it all, ticks are effectively eradicated and even veterinarians highly recommend this shampoo.

Adams is not a trial and error shampoo because it has been in the market since 1975. With it, your puppies and even mature dog’s will not be infested by parasites.


  • Kills parasites
  • Removes scales, dirt and dandruff
  • Incorporates coconut, aloe Vera, lanolin, and oatmeal
  • Leaves dog coat shiny, soft and manageable


  • Weight: 12 ounces


  • Has a nice fragrance
  • Eradicates parasites and their larvae plus eggs
  • Has natural ingredients


  • Cannot be used by puppies below 12 weeks old

4. Fresh & Clean Shampoo For Mongrels

This specially designed shampoo is the exact answer to all skin challenges of your dog. First of all, it removes the bad odour on your dog’s skin. It also cleans all the dirt and grime away to leave a sweet and long-lasting fragrance on it.

The shampoo integrates natural ingredients like conditioners and aloe Vera which are gentle on your dog skin. Furthermore, they also leave the coat manageable, shiny not to mention that it removes all the tangles and mats.

This shampoo is fortified with vitamin E and aloe Vera which effectively repairs and strengthens the dog’s coat.


  • Gets rid of tangles and mats
  • Has a great and sweet scent that lasts for 2 weeks
  • Repairs the dog skin


  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.


  • Has wonderful results on your dog’s coat
  • Makes the hair soft, shiny and easy to manage
  • Made of natural ingredients


  • Too expensive to ship and buy

5. Wahl No-Rinse & Waterless Dog Shampoo

This shampoo has been in the market for over 50 years owing to its indisputably high quality. It is exemplified by its spectacular results on your dog hair. Specifically, it smoothens, softens, conditions, and cleans dog hair.

Its pH is balanced, and it contains no paraben, PEG-80 or alcohol. You will not be in doubts when cleaning your dog with it because the manufacturer has ensured that your dog cannot develop allergies from it because it is a mild product. 

Furthermore, it is absolutely natural with ingredients such as chamomile and lavender. Moreover, you can use it in a wide variety of animals and pets. It is not limited to dogs only.


  • Cleans and calms animals and does not require rinsing
  • It cleanses, freshens, re-moisturizes, and promotes healing in the dog’s skin
  • Can be used on many animals
  • As a good fragrance
  • Made of natural ingredients


  • Weight: 10.1 ounces


  • Effectively conditions, cleanses, detangles and moisturizes the skin
  • Softens and smoothens the coat


  • Not available in all countries

6. Furminator Dog Conditioner

Dogs are often discriminated, sidelined, mistreated and neglected. However, if you know the essence and value of your dog, you will not watch it suffering from parasite infestation.

This conditioner leaves amazing results on your dog because its performance is quite fantastic. The manufacturer has made it purposely for topical use only and it is good for enhancing de-shedding.

It can be used on puppies from 6 weeks old and above. This product also contains vital fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6. It also has aloe Vera and chamomile that release the undercoat when bathing.

Furminator is safe for your dog because it does not have chemical dyes, parabens or artificial colors. It is also a deodorizing product that has vegetable proteins and baking soda.

When you apply it to your dog, all skin conditions like allergies and itching will become a thing of the past. It also eliminates pet dander not to mention that it is good for dry and sensitive skin.


  • Contains fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6
  • Prevents excessive shedding
  • Has no artificial chemicals or dyes
  • Integrates aloe Vera and chamomile


  • Weight: 1.15 lbs.


  • It deodorizes your dogs
  • Good for sensitive and delicate skin
  • Eliminates all skin conditions
  • Safe and effective


  • Cannot be used by dogs under 6 weeks old

7. Burt’s Bess Shampoo For Puppies

Nature provides the best in everything. Burt’s is one of nature’s best products because all its ingredients were extracted from nature.

Therefore, you will not have a second thought when buying fearing that the product will have harmful chemicals. It does not integrate sulfate, artificial colours and it is easy on your dog owing to the fact that it is cruelty-free.

It is a deodorant as well with a balanced pH and it is suitable for your puppies and dogs. Some of its natural ingredients encompass avocado, oatmeal, honey and lavender. It has no SLS, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.


  • It softens, conditions, soothes and cleanses dog’s skin
  • Made of natural ingredients including buttermilk
  • Effective and safe for your dog
  • It is a conditioner and shampoo


  • Weight: 1lb.


  • Tearless and safe for your dog
  • Good for puppies
  • Has no harmful ingredients


  • Can harm when ingested

8. Nature’s Miracle 2 in 1 Shampoo

This amazing product will give you astounding results. First of all, it gets rid of all the bad odours in your dog and makes it smell nice. It is both a shampoo and conditioner whose performance is quite commendable.

It soothes the skin, deodorizes, and cleans and conditions the skin. In addition, it has a honey sage scent that completely outdoes the dog’s natural foul smell. Other than cleaning, your dog will not get dirty soon because its hair is conditioned and softened.

The skin is also hydrated and softened. To top it all, the manufacturer has no incorporated parabens and dyes. The quality of this product is quite good and you should not doubt it because this shampoo has been in the market for the last 35 years.


  • Has a honey scent
  • Incorporates deodorizer and odour neutralizer
  • It cleans and conditions
  • Hydrates, and soothes the skin


  • Weight 13.6 gm.


  • Has no parabens and dyes
  • Removes bad odours from your dog
  • Makes the dog remain clean for longer
  • Compatible with other parasite products


  • It is not available in some countries

9. Pet Head Dog Shampoo

If you have been desiring to have your dog smell amazingly, this is the ultimate product that you should go for. It is also tearless and you cannot panic in case it accidentally gets into your eyes.

It has no harsh chemicals and it is gentle on you. Firstly, it increases the coat’s elasticity, and also restores its suppleness. Pet Head is also hypoallergenic and it nourishes the dog’s skin.

In case your puppy has sensitive skin, this product will treat it very well. It cleans and rinses it gently without any harm. To top it all, this shampoo restores the coat due to its Shea butter ingredient which has an emollient feature.


  • Has a great fragrance
  • It is pH balanced
  • Has Safflower oils
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Tearless and hypoallergenic


  • Weight: 8.6 ounces


  • Has no DEA and petroleum ingredients
  • Safe for your dog
  • Adds elasticity and restores suppleness on your dog’s coat
  • Safe for puppies
  • Eco-friendly


  • Available in small quantities

10. Gerrard Larriet 2 in 1 Shampoo

When buying shampoo, you will obviously go for the one that will give your dog the best results. For instance, if the dog has sensitive skin, it cannot use any kind of shampoo. In that case, you will be very selective.

Categorically, this one is very gentle and easy on you and even people use it to wash their faces. It is also effective on stains and it clears them without bleaching. Moreover, it leaves behind aromatherapy benefits and smooth coats that prevail even after drying.

This shampoo is made of oatmeal and it also serves as a conditioner. Some of its active ingredients include vitamin E, lavender oil, oat, chamomile, and aloe Vera oils.


  • Relieves itching, softens, and clears dog smell
  • Has no sulfate, does not cause allergies and irritation
  • Heals bumps, hot spots and redness
  • Has no fragrances and does not bleach


  • Weight: 1.1 lbs.


  • Transforms coarse hair, excessive undercoats, and matted fur naturally
  • Has no side effects and is good for sensitive skin
  • Has positive results on your dog skin and is gentle


  • A bit expensive

Buyer’s Guide

When buying a dog shampoo, there are things that you should carefully observe. It is not every shampoo that you find is good for your dog or puppy. The following factors should be in the shampoo that you buy for our dog:-

2 in 1

The best shampoo is the one that serves both as a shampoo as well as a conditioner. Furthermore, it should be soapless to avoid doing a lot of washing on your dog. In fact, if you get one that does not require rinsing, that is the best.


What the shampoo is made of determines a lot in terms of quality, effectiveness and performance. Go for the shampoo that has natural ingredients. Some of them include oatmeal, aloe Vera, honey, almond, buttermilk, chamomile, jojoba, lavender, vitamins, and lanolin. All these have their respective therapeutic functions and they treat your dog skin properly. Furthermore, they clear the foul dog smell from the skin and replace it with a sweet fragrance. Dog’s skin is also nourished, replenished, rejuvenated and the hair is treated and conditioned for easier management. Moreover, they also kill parasites and leave your dog clean and good-looking.

Dog’s skin

Does your dog have a sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is very choosy. You cannot use any kind of shampoo on it because it can cause side effects on the dog. Therefore, before buying the shampoo, you should verify whether the dog’s skin is compatible with that shampoo.


This depends on the quality and performance of the shampoo. There are some that last for up to two weeks while others last for just a short time. The durable one is good because you will not have to keep on cleaning the dog frequently. When you clean it, you will wait until when the effects will start fading away so that you can wash the dog again. Some shampoos can last for up to two weeks. Therefore, you should go for the long-lasting one.


Q: How can I wash my dog?

A: Washing your dog with shampoo is a very easy task and it does not have any definite formula. You can wash it in whatever way you please.

Q: Are shampoos safe for pregnant dogs?

A: Yes. All the above shampoos have no threat, side effects, or harm for your pregnant dog.

Q: Do shampoos control parasites?

A: Shampoos are very effective in parasite control.  Instead of buying parasite control products, you would rather use shampoos to get rid of parasites like ticks, lice, and fleas.

Q: What should I avoid when buying shampoos?

A: Do not buy shampoos that have artificial colors, chemicals, dyes, petroleum, parables, etc. They are not natural and their side effects could be harmful to your dog. You should avoid them at all costs because they are cruel and poisonous.

Final Words 

To put it all together, these are the features and qualities of the best shampoo for Maltese. They incorporate natural, organic and biodegradable ingredients and they yield fantastic results on your dog skin. They are good products worth going for because of their commendable performance.

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