10 Best Harness for English Bulldog 2020: Helps To Control More

First things first, does your bulldog need a harness? Why not a collar?  Well, it has been proven that a harness is more comfortable and safer compared to a collar.

While the neck is a good location to secure a collar, the thin short neck of a bulldog allows the collar to slip off.

That said, you need to be on the lookout for the best harness for your English bulldog, if you want value for your money. That’s what we’ll talk about in the next few paragraphs.

A Quick Chart: Best Picks Harnesses for English Bulldogs

We’ve rounded up all the best-made harnesses available and prepared the following list for you. You can use it to save time as you get to learn a thing or two about bulldogs.

  1. 1
    Ruffwear – Front Range Dog Harness
  2. 2
    Bulldog Grade No Pull Dog Harness
  3. 3
    Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware
  4. 4
    Mihachi Secure Dog Harness
  5. 5
    Beirui Leather Dog Harness
  6. 6
    HDP Big Dog Soft No Pull Harness

The Best Harnesses for English Bulldogs – Review

1. Ruffwear – Front Range Dog Harness

The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is a regular saddle that is comfortable and very easy to put on. The outfit has a two-rope connection which provides it with a great fit.

The first one is an aluminum V-ring fixated on the pooch's back for ordinary strolls. The second one is a strong webbing at the canine's chest to oppose pulling and provide you with extra control.

Product Description 

This affordable harness for English Bulldog has a double rope connection which as we have mentioned is great for securing your dog. Of course, that’s a great feature for those long walks in busy streets.

One particular feature that caught our eye here is the extra cushioning on the lower side. That’s quite important for comfort. And we happen to believe that any dog can wear it all day long all thanks to the soft padding this extra cushion provides.

Other Features and Benefits

The extra feature that we really like here is the pocket for dog ID. This is found adjacent to the neckline and comes in handy in keeping the information about your dog safely.

Of course, that’s a big plus should anything happen to your dog or if you happen to be separated from them when traveling.

Yet another awesome feature with this harness is that it comes with a light reflector. We all know just how important reflectors are especially when there’s poor visibility. Enough said!


  • Two leash attachment points
  • Reflector provided for extra safety
  • Extra padding
  • Comfy and snuggly
  • Premium quality
  • Dog ID pocket provided


  • Pricier than average harnesses

2. Bulldog Grade No Pull Dog Harness

If you are looking for a dog harness that meets the specific needs of your unique breed of bulldogs, this Bulldog Grade harness might be worth a try.

It is a sturdy product plus it comes with all the basic tools needed to make your walks even more rewarding. Let’s take a look at its specific features to understand just how to measures up to the expectations of its discerning buyers.

Product Description

The four clasps enable you to measure your harness to accommodate your strangely molded Bully flawlessly. The top segment is reversible, allowing you to pick what works best for you.

Made with a slender but sturdy oxford cloth material, this product is quite durable. And in fact, we’d recommend it to anyone who owns an aggressive dog.

At the same time, this material is made in such a way that it enables your pooch to breathe freely. And it’s quite a looker we must say!

Other Features and Benefits

We particularly like the fact that this harness comes with strengthened x-stitched nylon connectors. These are quite useful in protecting your dog and also ensuring that the harness lasts longer.

For extra comfort, you get an X-molded chest vest. This is made from a breathable material as it’s meant to absorb your dog’s sweat. And of course, it also helps add a bit of reinforcement to the chest area adding more safety to your grip.

Last but not least, there’s a vehicle safety belt provided. That’s a no-brainer. As long as you travel with your pooch, you’ll need to get them to buckle up as well.


  • Made to last
  • Meant for dogs of different sizes
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Great control handle
  • Car safety seat strap provided


  • Not available in extra-small sizes

3. Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware

The Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware is the ideal harness to use when you are a deftness coach, nose work mentor, or an official who trains police dogs.

What is more, it is perfect for day-to-day use since it easy to use and a no-brainer to set up.

Product Description

Right off the bat, this harness comes with a side bad connection pocket. Simply put, this is where you can put your cellphones, dog treats, reports, immunization documents, your dog’s documents, etc.

A closer look at its design further reveals that it is escape-proof. Indeed, it is designed with the most active and enthusiastic dogs in mind. So, if you own one such, be sure to give it a shot.

Oh! And it also comes with a spotlight holder as well. Therefore, you can use it even for those nightly missions. In fact, there are some people who use it for rescue operations.

Other Features and Benefits

The Trixie comes with a handle fixing attachment which enables you to limit the dog’s movement whenever necessary.

What is more, the reflective edges and chest lash helps you to keep your dog noticeable even from a long distance when out strolling in the dark.


  • Heavy-duty buckles
  • Closable handle
  • Flashlight holder
  • Water repellent cover
  • Handy side bag provided


  • Too costly

4. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

When you have a big dog and are looking for a dog harness, you should consider this Mihachi Secure Dog Harness. The harness is one of the most secure models available for medium and huge breeds.

Product Description 

The Mihachi Secure Dog Harness has three distinct ties that enable you to keep your canine secure. What is more, the edges are soft to enable you to reduce chaffing and irritation.

In addition, a handle is incorporated at the top of the tackle, and reflective sewing enables you to keep your canine noticeable sparing it from street mysteries in the dark at night and the dawn.

Besides that, the high-intensity polyester that’s non-toxic and lightweight material enables you to enjoy its services for a long time also for easy cleaning.

Other Features and Benefits

The ties are cushioned helping you to keep your dog more comfortable and uniformly distribute the pressure over its chest, shoulders, and ribs.

Five distinctive adjustable points enabling you to accomplish an incredible fit, and reflective sewing is utilized to help increment his permeability.


  • Padded belly and leg loops
  • Several adjustment points
  • Durable plastic handle


  • For big dogs only

5. Beirui Leather Dog Harness

Looking for an ideal dog harness for day-to-day strolling? We happen to think that the Beirui Leather Dog Harness is worth checking out.

The first thing we like about it is that it is available in different colors and you can always find a collar that matches your color needs.

Beyond the color options, you get a delicate yet sturdy calfskin saddle. This is not only gentle but also quite durable. So, we’d recommend it for strong and aggressive dog species.

Product Description

Functionality seems to have been a top priority for the makers of this dog harness. As we’ve mentioned, its neckline is made using full-grain calfskin leather. As you know, leather is known for being a long-lasting material.

Behind the neckline is a rock-solid composite D-ring. You can conveniently use this ring to connect the chain for an easier time controlling your dog’s movements.

Other Features and Benefits

You’re looking at a dog harness system that comes with four studded mushroom rivets. These rivets are so strong that they can even handle the impact of a 150-pound dog trying to pull its way off the leash.

Besides that, you get a neckline that’s adjustable according to the size of your dog’s neck. You basically can adjust it over a range of 18 to 25 inches.

And to sum it all up, this is an easy-to-use and comfortable harness which helps relax your dog’s muscle movements. As such, it’s ideal for all-day use.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Easy on and off
  • High-quality leather
  • Compatible for different breeds
  • There are three size options


  • Strong chemical smell

6. HDP Big Dog Soft No Pull Harness

Searching for a perfect tackle for mutts? This harness comes with some pretty well-made snap clasps which also boast extra cushioning.

In general, this is a well built and tough harness system. It is designed to handle dogs of different sizes including extremely large ones.

Toward the neckline, this harness packs a comfortable cushioning. This is made from breathable materials meaning it’s convenient for all-day use.

Product Description

One thing we really like about this harness is that it has a pretty well-made chest surface. And with it, you can comfortably control your dog fully assured that they’re comfortably restrained.

In fact, this chest part is designed in such a manner that it enables strain and pressure to circulate uniformly through your pet’s shoulders and chest.

And that goes a long way in keeping them comfortable even when you’re walking them in busy streets.

Other Features and Benefits

If we were to choose just one of the extra features this harness comes with, we’d have to go for the D-ring. It’s a pretty well-made ring that’s meant to handle your dog’s aggressive pulls.

Moreover, the D-ring is designed to attach firmly onto a center ring which is equally well-made. Long story short, this entire set up is all it takes to enjoy good control over your pet. And that’s all it takes to give your pooch just enough freedom of movement especially in restricted areas.


  • No-choke design
  • Sturdy neck strap
  • Quality padding
  • The D-ring
  • 4 different sizes & 6 different colors.
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • The best harness for elderly Bulldog.


  • Not suitable for extra-large dogs

7. Babyltrl Big Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a tough dog tackle, this one from Babyltrl might meet the cut. It is made from a premium solid nylon oxford material. As you know, this is one of the most durable types of dog harness materials.

And to make sure that your pooch is comfortable, the interior of this harness is further enhanced using a delicate cushioned surface.

So, as you can imagine, this harness is not only durable but also quite comfortable for your pooch to wear for most of the day.

Product Description

User-friendliness is perhaps the main selling point for this product. Right off the bat, it comes with some well-made snap clasps. These look quite basic but have everything it takes to provide you with a steady grip.

What’s more? The clasps are quite easy to put on and take off.

And that’s not all. The two snap clasps come with a well-thought-out lock mechanism. This adds to the security of your pooch even if they’re extremely playful or aggressive.

Other Features and Benefits

The extra feature that caught our attention as far as this harness is concerned has to be its D-ring. The D-ring is quite durable and user-friendly. In fact, it barely takes a few seconds for you to attach a chain onto it.

Another awesome extra feature of this harness is its no-pull design. It is intelligently made in a way that it distributes impact all over the dog’s body thereby preventing choking.

And to crown it all up, the surface of the harness is made using a reflective material which, of course, goes a long way in keeping your dog easily visible. As you know, visibility is quite important, especially when walking on busy roads and streets.


  • Hassle-free set up
  • Sturdy handy handle
  • Easy to wear and secure
  • No pull design


  • Only available for big dogs

8. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

Sometimes, all it takes to control your dog’s movement in crowded streets is a badass harness like this one. Picture this – it has been crash-tested and modified in line with the safety standards of the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards.

On top of that, by just looking at it, you can tell that it’s made from some top-notch quality material. And for this, you can rest assured of durability and comfort for your pooch. But is there more than meets the eye? Let’s investigate.

Product Description

Two things make this unit worth getting. The first one is its no-pull design which ensures that the force of a pulling dog is distributed equally throughout the body. That’s quite important in preventing accidents and injuries.

The second feature is the D-ring. As you know, the quality of the D-ring matters a great deal in determining how you can handle your pooch during a walk. So, we’re indeed glad to see that the manufacturer took their time to make a good D-ring for the job.In general, this harness provides you with 5-adjustable points. That’s pretty much all it takes to adjust the harness to suit dogs of different body sizes.

Other Features and Benefits

Is convenience your craving? The Kurgo Tru-Fit comes with some easy-to-use clasps. And that provides you with a hassle-free time putting the harness on or taking it out.

For your pooch’s comfort, you get a well-padded chest plate. This goes a long way in providing your furry-friend with extra protection around the chest area.

Do you often make some road trips with your pet? The fact that this unit comes with a built-in seat belt tether makes it a wonderful and secure choice for use in the car.

We don’t know about you but this seems like a really good harness for English Bulldogs. It’s not perfect, though. For instance, it seems a bit finicky for use in rugged terrain and water-logged areas.


  • Quick on-and-off
  • No-pull design harness
  • Car seat belt compatibility
  • Five adjustable points


  • Not ideal for climbing or water activities

9. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

If you are really good at using harnesses and want something that’s quite advanced, the 2 Hound Freedom No-Pull would be worth considering. Although we don’t find it to be the most user-friendly option available, we think that it’s hardy and capable of getting the job done.

Product Description

We loved the fact that this harness comes with a two-ended rope. The rope itself is a 6-foot one and is designed in such a manner that it’s attached to the chest circle of your K9.

Its very design is in our view what it takes to make your bridle strolls even more rewarding. And that’s particularly because this harness is designed for chain-free strolling.

Simply connect the rope to the loop which is at the shoulders and you’re good to go. That said, you need to be really good at controlling your dog. If you’re a newbie at that, you might find this harness a bit frustrating to use.

Other Features and Benefits

Unlike conventional harnesses, this one is meant to provide you with a 4-point way to control the dog. This spreads pressure all over your dog’s body preventing injuries and sores due to rubbing.

Another thing, this unit boasts an extra control point which makes it easy for you to control your dog and divert their movements whenever necessary. If you’re a pet trainer, this is certainly the kind of freedom you’d crave for – right?


  • No-pull harness design
  • Contains a soft Swiss velvet lining
  • Dual connection for extra safety
  • 4-Point control reduces pulling


  • Expensive and available for big dogs
  • Requires a bit of expertise to use

10. URPOWER Dog Leash Harness

Whenever your dog wheezes and stifles when you pull them around, that can lead to neck strains. In fact, it can really hurt your pet without you even knowing it.

Fortunately, URPOWER has the solution to that problem already figured out for you. Their leash harness is designed with comfort in mind.

And what’s more? It’s also quite easy to set up and use.

Product Description

What you get here is a complete harness system with a chain. So you won’t need to spend more cash on buying the chain separately as is the case with other harnesses.

On top of that, we found it quite easy to adjust the lash. So, no matter the size, height or shape of your British Bulldog, this is certainly something adjustable to use.

Other Features and Benefits 

We have already mentioned the fact that this harness is quite adjustable. To add onto that, the very design of this harness is such that it eliminates the need for unnecessary buckles. That frees up your dog’s skin from irritations.

What’s more? The harness is generally quite well-made. You can bank on it to last you for several years even if your dog is the aggressive type.


  • It is easy to use
  • The package comes in leash and harness
  • The product is durable
  • No buckles, no irritation
  • The construction is made from blue jeans
  • Easy to use the leash with the harness


  • No handle

Buying Guide for English Bulldog Harness

Here is what you need to take into consideration when buying a harness for your English bulldog.

Flexible Straps

You may find it challenging to fix a harness on your bulldog because of its broad chest and shoulders. Get a harness with a few adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.


True, English bulldogs are powerful and strong, but they are also an active breed. As such, you will need a durable harness that will not fail when you need it most.


Dog harnesses usually come in two designs: over-the-head and step-in. The over-the-head design has more quality options but if your bulldog is anxious, the step-in harness is a better alternative.


As mentioned before a harness is more secure and safer compared to a collar. However, this only applies if it is fitted properly. A harness that is too tight may limit your dog’s movements while a loose one could allow your dog to wander away.  


Dog harnesses are padded differently. Some harnesses are not even padded which makes it easy for your dog to get bruised. The only downside with padding is that it may cause overheating on hot days.  

Machine Washable

Naturally, your dog harness will get dirty. Get one that can be tossed in the washing machine so that it always looks clean. Nevertheless, most of the harnesses available cannot be washed in a washing machine.

How to Care for Your English bulldog Harness

Maintaining your dog’s harness is not a hard task. Just a simple procedure and you are good to go.

Wash it

Simply toss the harness into a washing machine and let it do the job for you. If the design does not allow for machine washing, just wipe id down with a damp piece of cloth.

Dry it

After washing your harness, ensure that it is dry before using it again. You can either air dry it or put it in the dryer.

Benefits of English bulldog Harness

As a bulldog owner, it will be worthy to note that walking your dog with a harness is easier compared to using a leash.

A leash allows your dog to spin simply because there is only a single point of contact around its neck. The opposite is true when using a harness because it has different points of contact.  Here are more benefits of using a harness.


With a leash, there is always the possibility of chocking your bulldog or injuring it. It is not advisable to leave a leash tied to your dog’s collar because it can actually cause chocking. A harness has several points of contacts that make it safer to use on your dog. 

Better control

You want to be able to control your dog especially in public places. Imagine your dog attacking people at a mall, or you having to run after it in a busy street.

With a harness, you are able to control your dog and have it firmly secured.

Frequently Asked Questions about English bulldog Harnesses

Like most people, you probably have a few questions when it comes to bulldog harnesses. Here are several that often come up.

What is a no pull harness?

This is a dog harness with a patented control ring on its back. It gently tightens on your dog’s chest and discourages pulling.  

Can a harness stop a dog from pulling?

Yes, it can. When the dog pulls, the back attachment tightens and this prevents pulling.

Does it hurt my dog when I pull on the leash?

Dogs will become frustrated most times because they do not understand why their leash jerks their neck. Using a harness will prevent thyroid and neck damage. In short, the harness does not hurt as much as the collar.

Which One Is The Best?

It’s hard to beat the kind of potential the Ruffwear Front Range Harness has to offer. It’s durable and comfortable and that, in our view, is all it takes to raise a happy and healthy pooch.

Final Thoughts

The English bulldog is an amazing dog breed. However, it needs exceptional requirements from a harness. A harness is able to withstand the muscular build of a bulldog and the best harness for an English bulldog should be comfortable and adjustable.

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