10 Best Dog Shampoo for Shedding 2022: Low Shed Low Pain

Roses are red, violets are blue and well…dogs shed hair! In other words, dogs shed hair all the time – it’s a normal part of their life. But if the hair being shed is just too much for you to put up with, you may need to take action.

While it’s normal to shed just a bit of hair every once in a while, lumps of hair on the dog’s bed every morning aren’t normal.

The best way to deal with this problem is by taking a proactive approach. And that’s why we’d recommend only using the best dog shampoos for shedding.

But what exactly goes into a good bottle of pet shampoo? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in the next few lines. In particular, we’ll focus on:

  • The right kinds of ingredients
  • Skin sensitivity issues for dogs
  • Different kinds of fur types

Best Dog Shampoo for Shedding

What Causes My Dog To Shed Its Hair?

We’ve already mentioned the fact that every dog sheds. That’s true unless your dog doesn’t have any hair to be shed. In fact, even poodles which are commonly known to be resilient to shedding occasionally lose strands of hair.

The only difference with poodles is that they have curly fur. The beauty about this kind of fur is that it captures all the dead hair for you instead of having it spread all over your house.

A quick fact worth noting is that dogs tend to grow more hair during winter. And when spring approaches, they also lose the hair in preparation for summer. So, if you’re not prepared for it yet, you need to make plans for that.

However, some dogs shed hair more than others. And with that said, here are some 6 common reasons why that might happen.

Hormonal Imbalance

If your dog experiences hyperthyroidism, they are likely to have their hair become dry and brittle. Also, imbalances in progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen might have a role to play in all that.


It’s quite common for dogs to develop allergies. They can become allergic to medications, the environment or even the food you give them. So, if they’ve been shedding fur excessively of late, double-check the type of food you’ve been providing them with.

Also, be on the lookout for any medication that might contribute to this. And lastly, be sure to look out for any household chemicals that might be to blame for the current situation.

Skin Conditions

Some skin conditions can also worsen the fur shedding process. A few examples of these include ringworms, dermatitis, mange, and mites. Also, some fungal and bacterial infections can worsen the symptoms of fur loss in dogs.


Could it be that your dog is pregnant and that’s why they’re shedding hair? Well, experts are in agreement that some dogs may lose hair during pregnancy and lactation periods. However, excessive hair loss during this stage should be taken as a cause for concern.

Mineral Deficiency

You need to make sure that your pooch is getting the right kind of nutrients in their diet to prevent further loss of fur. In particular, your dog needs some minerals and vitamins in their diet to produce healthy hair. So, be sure to provide them with a balanced diet and also some healthy fats to keep their fur looking healthy.

Concerned that your doggie is still shedding too much fur? Well, the first step we’d encourage you to take is to talk to your vet about it. They will be able to examine the condition and recommend the best approach for managing it.

In most cases, they recommend using shampoos. And in the next few lines, we’d like to talk about how to buy shedding shampoo for dogs.

Dog Shampoos for Shedding: Top Picks List

Before we take a deep dive into the reviews, we’d like to first provide you with the following list. Hopefully, this brief list will provide you with a quick of the options available at your disposal and also help you save reading time.

1. Furminator de Shedding Ultra-Premium Dog Shampoo

Have you wondered why your dog won’t stop shedding? You yearn for the day your dog will have a beautiful and shiny coat. Worry no more, the FURminateor is here for you,

This is a product designed to enhance the experience of hygiene and fur care for both the owner and the pet. Bathing is an essential part of the grooming routine to promote the rejuvenation of your pet’s skin health.

Furminator de Shedding Ultra-Premium Dog Shampoo
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Good news, this product is designed for use monthly as part of a professional grooming regiment.

Product Description 

It contains calendula and papaya extract which ensures both you and your dog make the most of the experience. Furthermore, it contains active ingredients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which reduce shedding during bath time.

That’s right, and it is also paraben- and dye-free to ensure it works well on sensitive skin. And so we also happen to think that it’s one of the safest dog shampoos for shedding available out there currently.

Other Benefits and features

Some of the benefits of this product to you and your dog will include having a natural, pleasant smell. It also gives your dog a glossy coat and soft fur which is key to raising a good looking pet.

However, do not use this product on animals with existing skin conditions. Remember, lather, brush, rinse, and repeat – that’s the application process you need to follow for the best results.


  • A pleasant natural smell
  • It is affordable
  • Good for sensitive skin


  • Don’t use on a dog with pre-existing skin diseases

2. Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo

Do you have a pet that is continually shedding? You know it doesn’t have to be like that, Wahl shed control pet shampoo offers a gentle cleanse which protects your dog’s tender skin and coat. Imagine what it would be like to pet your dog and have no fur on hands.

That’s right, we have tried and tested this shampoo on our German shepherd, and he loves it! We can now pet him and have him walk around the house with no fear of leaving a trail of fur behind.

Product description

Quality is not an issue with the Wahl pet shampoo. The facilities that produce it are in the USA and operate under stringent and certified FDA policies. The shampoo contains active ingredients such as oatmeal and Aloe Vera infused with lemongrass and sage to ensure it is pH balanced.

Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo
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Have no fear; it is PEG-80, alcohol, and paraben-free to ensure your dog receives effective skincare to reduce shedding. It also has a thumbs up from groomers and has also been in use for over 50 years. Therefore, establishing its self as a quality and trusted shampoo.

Other benefits and features

Check this out: This product has a rich lather for a small quantity, with its coconut-based sodding agent you do not have to use it as much as other shampoos.

It’s lemongrass, sage, and oatmeal scented formula ensure you have control over shedding and dander control. Trust us; this will leave your pet’s coat looking shiny and clean, as well as feeling soft.


  • It has a creamy lather
  • Pleasant smell
  • Gentle on sensitive skin


  •  It’s expensive

3. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Want to know a secret? This shampoo is a 100% biodegradable, not only would you be saving the environment but also taking care of your pet’s fur with it.

The Earthbath All Natural shampoo deals with the shedding and dandruff in a way that we can now pet and let my dog play around the house without having worries of cleaning up a trail of fur.

Awesome, right!

Product Description 

In line with the need to keep everything safe for you and your pet, this product contains all-natural ingredients. They include aloe Vera, oatmeal, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, ginseng, omega-6 fatty acids, awapuhi, and other natural emoluments to ensure your dog reduces shedding and receives effective skincare.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo
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These ingredients combine to nourish, detoxify, and regenerate dead skin cells. And that’s in addition to the fact that it’s soap-free and with a balanced pH. If you’ve been dealing with dandruff before, this product will be sure to get that problem addressed as well.

Other benefits and features

This shampoo is formulated to combat dry, itchy and sensitive skin by promoting healing and re-moisturizing of irritated skin

Moreover, it gives your dog a clean and natural smell and leaves its coat shiny and plush. However, it is not sufficient for washing off topical flea infections.


  • Biodegradable
  • All-Natural ingredients
  • Gentle on the soft skin


  • It is expensive

4. Furminator deShedding Waterless Pet Spray

We have all been there, you buy a good looking grooming product and when you use it on your dog, you realize that it badly affects their sensitive skin. However, the furminator waterless pet spray is made from a unique blend of natural ingredients to ensure safety for your pet’s sensitive skin.

We used it on our dog after proper brushing, and we were surprised when we started to see good results after a few days. You can imagine how happy we are when we are no longer vacuuming two times a day.

Product description

This product contains a unique formula enriched with omega 3 & 6 and safflower seed oil, which helps to reduce excessive shedding without bathing. Furthermore, it contains no chemical dyes or paraben to ensure it protects your pet’s sensitive skin.

Furminator deShedding Waterless Pet Spray
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Imagine this; you don’t have to bath your dog every so often. That means that your pet will receive a proper brushing and afterward spraying it with the Furminator waterless shampoo.

Other benefits and descriptions

It can be used weekly in your grooming routine an in-between alternative to reduce shedding. It smells great and also very good for dogs that hate bathing.

Don’t think so, you can try it for a week, and the results will be encouraging and noticeable. No longer will you be waking up with hair on the bed after you cuddle with your furry buddy?


  • It smells pleasant
  • It is excellent for sensitive skin
  • It is excellent for dogs that don’t like baths


  • It is expensive

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5. Oster Oatmeal Essentials Shampoo

So you want to control the excessive shedding of your pet? Let us tell you a secret, Oster oatmeal essentials shampoo provides a solution for this problem. We know the feeling of having to clean up a trail of fur from your pet; it is exhausting.

You need to understand that bathing your dog so much about its skincare. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a shampoo that is a unique formula for your dog’s condition. Oster Shampoo will ensure both you and your pet enjoy bath time

Product description

This shampoo contains active ingredients such as oatmeal, safflower, and vitamin B5, which are essential to reduce shedding gently. That’s right, your dog’s fur stays where it belongs. It is also made up of all-natural extracts that leave your pet’s coat feeling soft and fresh.

Oster Oatmeal Essentials Shampoo
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Moreover, it contains no alcohol, dyes, phthalates, and parabens, making it great for use on dogs with sensitive skin. The facilities producing it are under strict governance by FDA certified policies to ensure quality and safety.

Other benefits and features

This shampoo contains coconut verbena fragrance which lasts longer, smells nice and is not overpowering. It also helps that it is not too thick, but it has a rich lather that rinses easily.

It also helps in soothing dry and irritated skin. Its unique formula also works well on dandruff.


  • It smells pleasant
  • It is affordable
  • It is biodegradable


  • It irritates eyes and nose

6. Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Shed Control Shampoo

Be honest, how many times do you vacuum your dog in a week? Probably more than you enjoy. But what if you could get an affordable pet shampoo that will make all that a thing of the past?

Burt’s bees shampoo is a nature-friendly health and skincare product formulated especially for pets. Also, with over 30 years in the market, the experience is made to make your pet feel appreciated as part of the family.

Product description

This product contains ingredients such as Water, Coco Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Beeswax, Linseed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, and Decyl Glucoside.

Burt's Bees for Dogs Natural Shed Control Shampoo
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I know what you are thinking, is this shampoo safe for your dog? Yes, it is! It contains no dyes, parabens, or artificial fragrances. It is made with all-natural extracts to ensure the well-being of your furry buddy.

Other benefits and features

Check this out: this product helps you groom your dog gently, and it deeply moisturizes your dog’s skin to reduce dry skin and flaky skin. Also, the facilities that manufacture it are in the USA and operate under strict regulations by the FDA to ensure quality and safety levels have adhered.

The product has a natural fragrance which emanates from the natural ingredients used to ensure your dog always smells naturally fresh.


  • It has a pleasant natural smell
  • It is affordable
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin


  • The bottle lacks a seal

7. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor and Shed Control Shampoo

Seriously, how do you deal with your pets shedding all over? Do you suck it up and continuously vacuum them? Let me tell you a secret, Natures miracle supreme odor and shed control shampoo gives you a reason to smile.

With its unique formula, it provides an effective shed control and odor removal combination by tapping into nature’s power of healing and rejuvenation. It boasts a stellar record for 30 years for producing the quality and safe skin and health care products for pets.

Moreover, the affordable dog shampoo model makes your pet feel appreciated as part of your family because of its gentle and natural ingredients.

Product Description

This product contains ingredients including aloe Vera, emulsifiers, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamin e, fragrance, preservatives, and salt. Besides, it does not contain dyes and parabens, which mean it is gentle even on the sensitive skins.

Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor and Shed Control Shampoo
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It also contains conditioning and moisturizing agents which take care of dry and scaly skins. Most of all, it rejuvenates and revitalizes hair growth, ensuring your pet has a silky smooth coat of fur.

Other benefits and features

We believe this is a nature-friendly product, and it is formulated and packaged in 80% recycled materials. Also, it is pH balanced to condition and reduce flaky skin.

The exciting part is that it has a rich lather and a pleasant smell that lasts. You will no longer have to keep vacuuming your pet; it is that effective.


  • It has a pleasant smell
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It has a creamy lather


  • The bottle has a weak seal

8. Furminator de Shedding Shampoo for Dogs

Wouldn’t it be splendid if you had your dog’s shedding under control? We all know the answer to this, we have a German shepherd, and she is very playful. Before we discovered this shampoo, we had lint on our furniture, and she always left fur on your hand after petting her. Little did we know, the Furminator de-shedding shampoo would come to solve all her shedding.

The product is uniquely formulated to ensure both you and your pet have peace of mind. It helps you to gently groom your dog and leave its coat smooth and shiny. With its stellar performance record, it is recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers worldwide.

Product Description

This product is made using aloe Vera, coconut-based cleansers, Panthenol, jojoba, vitamins, tea tree oil, Salicylic acid. This combination of ingredients moisturize, condition, and exfoliate damaged skin to give you’re a healthy new look.

Furminator de Shedding Shampoo for Dogs
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Also, it is dyes and paraben-free, which ensures it works well on sensitive skin. Wouldn’t you like to show appreciation to your furry buddy? Moreover, dogs enjoy massages with this shampoo.

Other benefits and features

This shampoo is pH balanced to provide a deep skin cleansing to ensure your dog has healthy skin. Also, it conditions and moisturizes dry, flaky, and irritated skin. Your dog will love a bath using this shampoo.

The shampoo has a rich lather which ensures you only use a bit at a time. Talk about efficiency. Well, take this and run, your dog will feel like part of the family.


  • It has a creamy lather
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin
  • It moisturizes dry skin


  • The fragrance does not last long

9. PET HEAD De Shed Me!! Shampoo

Do you hate how your pet always leaves trails of fur? Well, this product is useful if your dog is a shedder. We have used this product on our terrier, and we were impressed at how much difference it has. It was very stressful when he used to shake, leaving a cloud of hair.

However, with this product, there is minimal shedding. Be careful to ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on how to derive the most out of it. You also do not want to dry your dog’s skin by washing it frequently.

Product description

This shampoo contains vitamin E, which enhances its unique formula to reduce its shedding significantly. Furthermore, its lingering sweet strawberry and lemonade scent will make bath time enjoyable for both you and your pet.

PET HEAD De Shed Me!! Shampoo
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We bathe our dog twice a week, and we are satisfied with the results. The nature-friendly ingredients moisturize and condition dry and scaly skin, and your dog will enjoy this skincare treatment.

Other benefits and features

The shampoo has a pleasant that will leave you yearning to cuddle with your furry friend after a bath. It is also pH balanced to ensure it doesn’t damage your pet’s sensitive skin.

Besides, the facilities manufacturing this product are in the USA where they are subject to stringent FDA rules which ensure the product’s quality and safety.


  • It smells awesome
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin
  • It has a creamy lather


  • The bottle has a weak seal

10. PROCÃO Amazonia Pet Shampoo Basics

Do you ever feel stressed on how much your pet sheds? Well, the PROCÃO Amazonia pet shampoo provides an effective solution to this problem. Moreover, based on its results, both you and your dog will appreciate it.

Don’t let your dog continue shedding excessively, while you can snip this problem in the bud. This shampoo has potent essential oils that uniquely formulated to accomplish that function

Product description

Acquiring the ingredients of this shampoo involve sustainably sourcing them from the Amazon rain forest. Moreover, this shampoo uses all-natural ingredients which provide a deep cleansing and rejuvenating bath.

PROCÃO Amazonia Pet Shampoo Basics
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This shampoo makes a noticeable difference, our pug stopped shedding excessively, and we no longer vacuum him daily. Wouldn’t you like a break too?

Other Benefits and features

It is paraben and dye-free, ensuring it is gentle on sensitive skin. Additionally, its moisturizing formula gives the dog’s coat silky smoothness and shine.

You know this shampoo presents a case that nature can offer an excellent plant-derived cleanser. Why don’t you try it on your buddy? Both you and your dog will appreciate the experience.


  • All-natural
  • It smells wonderful
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin


  • The bottle has a weak seal

Buying Guide for Dog Shedding Shampoo

There are a few factors that we happen to think are extremely important when it comes to selecting the ideal shampoo for the job. These are just a few of those.


The best kinds of ingredients are plant-based ones or anything else that’s natural. We’re talking about the like of Vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, papaya leaf extract, and calendula extract, etc. These help nourish the skin and also improve the integrity of the hair follicles.

At the same time, there are some ingredients you need to avoid. One example is sulfate ingredients as they tend to cause skin dryness. Another example is parabens which are known to cause hormonal imbalance issues.

Skin Sensitivity

If your dog has skin sensitivity issues, be sure to use a shampoo that’s gentle on the skin. Ideally, you should only use made in US products which are also highlighted as safe for dogs with sensitive skin.

Fur Type

If your dog has thick, curly fur, you might also want to go for a shampoo that comes with an application brush. Please also keep in mind the color of your dog’s coat. If the dog is white in color, go for a whitening shedding shampoo instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

And now, we’d like to quickly respond to some of the questions people frequently raise about these products. The following questions and answers section is just for you.

Q: Do I need a brush to apply dog shampoo?

A: You generally don’t need one if your dog has thin fur. But if they have thick, curled fur like the one found on poodles, you certainly can benefit from a brush.

Q: How frequently should I apply a shedding shampoo?

A: You can apply it once a week or as frequently as recommended by your vet.

Which One Is The Best?

Our favorite dog shampoo for shedding has to be something with the right kind of ingredients and numerous customer reviews to back it up. And for that reason, we settled for the FURminator Ultra Premium Shampoo. We’d give it nothing short of two thumbs up.


Even though shedding is a normal process in dogs, you should not take it laying down. Something as simple as investing in the best dog shampoo for shedding can help slow down the hair loss. But on top of that, be sure to examine their diet and medications – if there is need to consult a vet, please do so.

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