10 Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Box 2020: Impartial Selections

Cats are fancy pets that many people love keeping in their homes. Mostly they are kept for company because some are quite nice and good looking. Their hair blends fanciful colors and you will not help to have such a beautiful looking creature around you.

They add aesthetic value to your home and also keep destructive animals away. For instance, if you have a cat in your house, they keep mice away because these two are great enemies. Therefore, you will not have rats, mice, snakes and other intruders coming into your home without being noticed.

However, they also have their challenges because when they poop in your house, you cannot stay there without clearing that mess. Cat's poop is so smelly and obviously, you will want to live in a conducive environment.

Wherefore, you need the right device that will help you to handle this challenge properly. There are litter boxes that are designed for your cat to use. They give you a very easy time and all the mess is done away with.

Quick Comparison Table for Dog Proof Litter Box

The following is a comparison table that lays the cat pan and litter boxes side by side to critically analyze and compare them. You will know which tops the list and maybe the one you can go for.

  1. 1
    Catit Cat Pan – Jumbo Hooded
  2. 2
    Petmate Cat Litter Pan
  3. 3
    Top Entry IRIS USA Litter Box
  4. 4
    Petmate Booda Dome Cat Pan
  5. 5
    AmazonBasics Litter Box – Hooded
  6. 6
    Automatically Self-Cleaning PetSafe Litter Box

The Best Dog Proof Litter Box - Reviews

1. Catit Cat Pan – Jumbo Hooded

This amazing device is absolutely amazing because of its outstanding look and performance. The manufacturer has designed it to ease and make handling cat poop, very efficient. In fact, you will not even realize that the cat poops in the house unless you check. Why? Because there are no traces of the slightest stench that cat litter emits.

The cat pan’s hood gives you easy access by lifting up to facilitate cleaning. Furthermore, the manufacturer has incorporated a bag anchor that keeps the bag open to avoid messing the pan. You will not have to scoop the litter from the pan or wash it.

To top it all, the cat pan’s carbon filter captures and gets rid of the stench. It has a good door opening which is enough for the cat to use without any hassles.

However, the carbon filters are not sold together with the pan.


  • It integrates a large hood that facilitates easy cleaning
  • It properly handles cat poop by retaining it in the box
  • Has carbon filters that get rid of the stench


  • Door measurements: 10.4 x 9.6 inches
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 18.3 x 17 inches


  • Enables easy handling of cat poop
  • Traps the bad smell to keep your house from stinking
  • It is portable and user-friendly for your cat


  • It may take some time for your cat to learn how to use it
  • It is not available internationally

2. Petmate Cat Litter Pan

This is another nice and amazing cat pan that makes business for our cat very simple. Unlike most pans, this one is large and the cat gets inside to relieve itself. In fact, it is absolutely fit even for large cats.

To facilitate this, the manufacturer has installed this pan with a large door. Through it, the cat will be able to enter and exit comfortably. You will not notice what the cat does inside this box-like device.

Precisely, the litter box is filled with litter that it can be able to dig. It could be sawdust and when it gets inside, it digs and then poops and covers it. The enclosure does not allow it to dirty our house through spillage.

For easy cleaning, the top entry pan also encompasses handles to enable lifting.

Moreover, it also has a hook for keeping the litter scoop in place. To top it all, Petmate litter pan is compatible with liners which are purposely made for it.


  • It is a top entry and enclosed litter box that has high walls
  • Has a grated exit surface to collect litter material
  • The litter material that is applied does not spill on the floor
  • The cat digs inside the litter box


  • Weight: 3.45lbs.


  • A multipurpose raised litter box that can be used by many small animals and birds
  • Large and comfortable for cats and dogs
  • Has a hook, scoop and handles
  • Convenient for both cats and dogs
  • Compatible with cat litter liners


  • It is a bit heavy
  • Designed to be used indoor

3. Top Entry IRIS USA Litter Box

Cats are disciplined pets and they were created with manners because they live near humans. Obviously, you cannot put up with a dirty and disorderly pet that dirties the whole place. To make it more friendly and convenient for your cat, you can get it a medium-sized litter box to enable it to relieve itself freely.

This box has a top entry and it is also spacious. When the cat finds its way inside, it will not be squeezed, get stuck or even be unable to turn. After finishing its business, the cat will also exit without dirtying your house because the manufacturer has incorporated the lid with grooves that remove the litter from the cat's paws. Therefore, the litter remains inside the box.

The device also has a hook the litter scoop that you use to clean the cat’s mess.


  • It is round in shape to facilitate cleaning
  • Inaccessible for dogs
  • Has a stylish and unique design


  • Weight: 4.85 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20.47 x 16.14 x 14.56 inches


  • Available in multiple colors
  • It is BPA free
  • Has a scoop and a hanging hook
  • Has grooves on the lid to remove litter from the cat’s paws


  • A bit heavy

4. Petmate Booda Dome Cat Pan

This is a little box with a special shape that can be mistaken for a helmet or an explosive device. It is a state of the art litter box that has what it takes to give your cat a good relieving experience.

The box’s design gives you an easy time because you do not have to keep on cleaning your house. The manufacturer has integrated a step design that traps litter from the cat’s paw. Therefore, when it is stepping out of the box, the litter does not go dirtying your house.

It also features a great dome design that makes it austere. In fact, when you compare it to any other litter box, it is bigger than them with more than half size. This dog litter box pet smart is not only good but also satisfactory.

It also incorporates a charcoal filter which traps all the odors and keeps it conducive for your house. It also integrates a handle and a plastic pan for easy cleaning.


  • A dome-like litter box
  • Incorporates a charcoal filter
  • Compatible with scoops, waste bags, pans etc.
  • Has grooved exit steps


  • Weight: 22.1 lbs.


  • Fit for different breeds of cats
  • Can be used by different pets and domestic birds
  • The grooved steps remove litter from the cat’s paws
  • Easily cleaned, portable, durable, and conducive
  • Has no odors


  • It is heavier than other litter boxes

5. AmazonBasics Litter Box – Hooded

This is an amazing cat litter box that saves your house from cat mess. Litter box dog proof has been designed for convenience to facilitate your cat to relieve itself comfortably. It is oval in shape and spacious for your cat’s easy time. The cat can free turn around, dig, and finish the business without any hassles.

In addition, the  AmazonBasics litter box is hooded for your cat’s privacy. Naturally, cats are privy creatures and they do their businesses silently, secretly and privately. Therefore, this litter box has been designed in like manner (with a hood) to ensure that the nature of your cat’s behaviour is respected.

It is also very good and user-friendly both for your cat and the kittens alike. None of them struggles to use it. The falls into place and locks and then retracts by lifting off maximum. It facilitates scooping or changing the litter.

The door is also user-friendly and very convenient because it swings freely. All your cat has to do is to push it. This litter box also has a carbon filter which keeps the stench at bay. Your house has clean air always.


  • Integrates a high dome-like cover for peeing
  • Carbon filter – replaceable
  • Has a hood and a handle
  • A swinging door for enhanced access
  • Made of odorless and stainless material


  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 15.6 x 15 inches
  • Door measurements: 7 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.47 lbs.
  • Made of polypropylene plastic


  • Has a warranty
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Does not yield any stench
  • Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth


  • You have to train your cat on how to use it

6. Automatically Self-Cleaning PetSafe Litter Box

This is a good and efficient automatic cat litter box that will greatly facilitate you in your house. It has been designed to make things easier for you and remove and for your pet. Categorically, you do not have to do any scooping. Furthermore, you also do not require cleaning and refilling it for some weeks.

The manufacturer has enhanced it to spare you from the tedious duty of cleaning the litter box every now and then. Instead, you will only have to clean it once after some weeks. That is so friendly and relieving. In fact, you will even forget whether you have to clean the litter box for your cat.

You fill it with crystal litter which is five times suppressant to odor than the other kinds of litter material.

Specifically, it absorbs urine and dehydrates faecal waste hence reducing the odor. To top it all, this litter does not dirty your floor because it is not dusty.  Moreover, it does not stick to your cat’s paws.


  • The litter box auto cleans itself
  • It has high odor control
  • The litter is not dusty
  • The crystal litter does not stick to your cat’s paws
  • It integrates disposable trays that have a lining
  • Customer support


  • Weight: 16.7 lbs.


  • It is odorless
  • No cleaning required
  • Changing trays is not done often
  • It is convenient and friendly


  • It is heavier than other litter boxes
  • It is a bit expensive

7. CleverCat Litterbox – Top Entry

This top of the range litter box has wonderful features and it does amazing things for your pet. It is designed as a top entry litter box. It goes a long way in doing away with the cat tracks as well as preventing spills from the edges. To top it all, the litter box also gets rid of the bad odors.

In fact, it is good for the playful cats that love kicking and digging. If you have been wondering how to keep dogs out of the litter box, then this is your ultimate device. It has been categorically designed for cats and, therefore, it keeps dogs at bay.

It can be used with or without liners. For instance, you can use it with heavy-duty litter box liners to facilitate change. You can easily and quickly change and empty the litter box when has these liners.

In addition, this box is very good because it provides cats and kittens with absolute privacy. The pet climbs into the box from the top. However, old and disabled cats can have quite a hard time trying to use this litter box.


  • Does away with cat tracks
  • It is dog proof
  • No odour
  • Has a top entry hole


  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Entry: 9 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs.


  • It does not dirty your floor
  • Removes tracking
  • It has privacy


  • It is challenging for old and disabled cats

8. Designer Enclosure Litter Catbox 

This cat box is carefully designed incorporating crucial features that will highly enhance and facilitate your cat’s secret business. It is easily accessible and it does away with the odours that emanate from the cats' urine and faecal matter.

The lid is also designed to have an easy opening and closing. It is also high and the extra room is fit and perfect for your cat. The box is made of topnotch quality wood and painted with non-toxic paint. It also has storage for your cat accessories. For instance, you can conveniently store your box's scoop, litter and other things very conveniently.


  • Has good height for your cat to fit in properly
  • Has a nice air pressure safety hinge
  • Has a great entrance which is staggered to prevent littering
  • It has a hidden door


  • Dimensions: 29.1 x 20.6 x 22.2 inches
  • Entry hole: 7.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs.


  • It is safe for your cat
  • Made of high-quality material
  • It is spacious and comfortable for your cat


  • It is heavy

9. Merry Pet Cat Box – Washroom Bench

This classic litter box is one of the most amazing wood products that you will find in the market. In fact, it will absolutely carry you away by just setting your eyes on it. It has been terrifically crafted and designed using the most exquisite skills and technical know-how.  

It is also easy for you because it does not have any hassles when cleaning and emptying it. You can put any litter box in it and it will fit perfectly. Even the extra-large litter boxes fit in it very well.

Moreover, it comes with a partition wall that creates a space when you can store the implements that you use to clean and work on this box with. It has a door that measures 7 x 8 inches and it comes as a single unit that does not require a lot of joinery work.

The entrance of this dog free litter box can be placed on any side to suit whatever side you want to.


  • You can place the cat door on your preferred side
  • It is compatible with diverse litter box sizes
  • It yields no odour
  • Litter does not spill out


  • Dimensions: 21.26 x 37.40 x 22.64 inches
  • Weight: 57.4 lbs.


  • It accommodates litter boxes of all sizes
  • Litter does not spill out
  • It has privacy


  • It is heavy
  • A bit expensive

10. Van Ness – Cat Pan

For a dog-free litter box that is exceptional for odor and litter management, you should consider going for this one. With it, your cat will not scatter the litter and the waste products do not stink. Furthermore, it is professionally designed and it incorporates a seamless and immaculate finish. To top it all, this cat pan is easy to clean, not to mention that it is made of odor and stain-resistant plastic.

Van Ness integrates a closed cat pan. Moreover, it also has a filter with a locking rid, removable door that controls the odor and a carrying handle. Once you procure it, you will not have to go back to the shop any time soon because this device is manufactured using the most advanced and topnotch skills and quality.

Your floor will remain sparkling clean because there are no litter spills.


  • Designed to keep spills and odors at bay
  • Integrates a Zeolite air filter
  • Easy to clean and is stain resistant


  • 19.5 x 15.25 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs.


  • It is light in weight
  • Portable and affordable
  • Topnotch design and model
  • Durable and stain-resistant


  • Available in limited places.

Product buying guide

When buying a cat pan, there are diverse things that you have to look for and consider. Without them, it proves that the cat pan is of low quality. The following aspects are what you should consider and they should not be missing:-

  • Accessibility – the cat should access the cat pan very easily without struggling or hassles. Regardless of where the door is located, the pet should access it very easily and conveniently.
  • Material – material determines the durability of the cat pan. The better the material means that you will not have to replace the cat pan any time soon.
  • Durability – obviously you do not want to buy an item that will make you go back to the shop any time soon. If such a thing would happen, that means that you will have to spend a lot on cat pans. With time you will find that it is expensive. Therefore, go for a durable cat pan.
  • Quality – quality is the master of all products that you will ever buy. If quality is good, the performance and every other aspect will be well taken care of. You will sure that you have taken home a great product that will not require any repairs. It will also give you the kind of service that you deserve.
  • Spillage – the cat pan should not have any spillage because that would impact heavily on you. You would have to keep on cleaning your house every now and then. Therefore, you should ensure that the cat pan does not allow any spillage. When the cat digs, the litter should remain within the cat pan.
  • Cleaning – the cat pan should be perfectly easy to clean. Without this, you will take much time to scrub and remain the dirt in it. You should go for a cat pan that does not require any cleaning or you can simply wipe with a damp cloth and it will be clean. The ones that are fitted with liners are the best.
  • Odour – if you make a mistake of buying a cat pan that lets the litter stink, you will have yourself to blame. Cat urine and faces stink a lot. In fact, you cannot live in a house where a cat has messed. Therefore, you should ensure that the cat pan does not yield any stench.
  • Paw cleaning – this is equally important to prevent the cat from dirtying your house.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, these are the features, specs, pros and cons of cat pans. Try to buy a cat pan that integrates most of what is written here and you will not get it wrong. These are products worth going for and they have all the necessary qualities. To top it all, they have value for your money.

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