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    Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food
  2. 2
    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Dog Food
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    Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Dog Food
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    Taste of the Wild Venison Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
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    Wellness Natural Complete Small Dog Dry Food
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    Royal Canin Dachshund Dry Dog Food

The Best Dog Food for Dachshund Puppies - Review

1. Wellness Core Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food

When it comes to puppies, they need highly nutritious foods that should sustain their developing bodies. This is where we shall introduce you to the Dry Puppy Food by Wellness Core, which has high levels of proteins and fat.

It also features high-quality sources of carbohydrates, which would be crucial for the digestive system. However, it is essential to note that due to its extensive range of meat and vegetable ingredients, this food may not be suitable for puppies with allergies and digestive sensitivities.

Product Description

The Wellness Core Dry Puppy Food is made in the USA, and its main ingredients include Turkey Meal, Chicken Meat and Meal, Potatoes, and Peas.

Turkey and Chicken are the primary sources of proteins, while Salmon should add some DHA to the nutrient content of the food.

The Crude protein content stands at 36%, while the Crude Fat is at 18%. Meanwhile, the Fiber and Moisture composition stand at 5% and 10% respectively.

It has an all-natural composition that is grain-free and should not have any Soy, Wheat or Corn. Further, it has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, this dog food comprises of antioxidants which help in boosting the pup's immune system. The DHA on its part should aid in the development of the nervous system while the prebiotics in the kibble is crucial in the overall growth of the pup.

Then, the food has the appropriate amounts of Calcium and Phosphorous, which aid in the development of strong bones and teeth.

There are also the superfoods like spinach and broccoli which provide the pup with the energy to play around the house for the entire day.

Lastly, the essential fatty acids are crucial in the development of a clean and shiny coat.


  • Grain-free
  • High-protein content
  • Available in tasty flavors


  • Not for dogs with allergies or sensitivities

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Dog Food

If you are on a budget and you still wish to put your pup on a high-quality diet, the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is here for you. It has high-protein content necessary for the development of strong muscles plus to give the pup the energy to play about all day long.

It has an all-natural composition plus is vet-approved to assure you that you should expect nothing less of a superb performance.

Product Description

The Blue Life Protection Dog Food for puppies is manufactured in the USA, and its main ingredients include Brown Rice, Deboned Chicken, Barley, Chicken Meal and Oatmeal.

It has a protein content of 24%, 14% Fats, 5% Fiber, and 10% Moisture.

The food has the perfect combination of the Omega Acids, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Minerals. All the Life-Source bits are manufactured at low temperatures to preserve the usefulness and avoid the degradation of the ingredients.

It has a reduced calories-from-fat ratio to avoid overweight issues and is grain-free without Wheat, Corn or Soy and any poultry by-product.

Other Features and Benefits 

The food is all-natural and should not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

It features smaller sized kibbles, which makes it ideal for the smaller jaws and should aid in tartar removal during chewing.

There are also the lifesource bits with the perfect combination of antioxidants which should be crucial in boosting the immune system.

Further, the antioxidants help in attaining an appropriate oxidative balance.

This food has a high carbohydrate content to keep up with the energy requirements. Then, there are the Omega Acids which aid in the development of healthy skin and shiny coat.


  • Aids in weight management
  • A high-quality source of nutrients
  • Antioxidants boost the immune system


  • Some Dachshunds experience diarrhea after consuming it

3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Dog Food

Are you looking for the ideal dog food for your Dachshund puppy with a sensitive stomach? If you are, the Wholesome Essentials Dry Dog Food by the Nutro brand is just what you need.

It has high-protein content while all the ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers to assure you of the reliability of this dog food.

Product Description

This Dry Dog Food is made in the USA, and its main ingredients include Brown Rice, Chicken, and Sweet Potatoes. These ingredients give the food a tasty flavor that should leave your dog asking for more.

All the ingredients are sourced from reliable farm suppliers to assure of the safety and quality of the food for your pups.

It is GMO-free as well as free from other artificial preservatives to minimize the chances of contaminations.

Other useful nutrients include Minerals, Omega 3&6 fatty acids, and Vitamins.

Other Features and Benefits

Chicken is the primary source of protein in this feed. The brand only uses farm-raised Chicken, which should give the food a fantastic taste plus should play a crucial part in the development of strong muscles.

Then, the Omega Acids help in the formation of healthy skin as well as a shiny coat.

Due to the limited number of ingredients and no artificial flavors, this food is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and prone to allergies.

Although it is well-suited for the puppies, this food can be used by different dog breeds in various stages of life.


  • Well-priced
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • No GMO contents


  • No probiotics among the ingredients

4. Taste of the Wild Venison Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Another grain-free Dog Food that we believe should make it to your list is the Dry Dog Food by the Taste of the Wild brand. It is designed for high digestibility and would be ideal for your growing puppy. All the high-quality ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers all over the world to assure you that the quality is never compromised.

Is it worth it? Let’s see.

Product Description

This food is made in the USA, and its main ingredients include Roasted Venison, Salmon Oil, Tomato Pomace, Sweet Potatoes, Lamb Meal, Peas, Fruits and Vegetables.

It has a grain-free formula and does not contain Wheat, Corn or Fillers. Additionally, it has no artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives.

The kibbles are small in size, and this makes the food to be ideal for the smaller jaws in the smaller dog breeds. The diet should offer the required energy by the pup to sustain its playful nature.

Other vital components include Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Probiotic Fiber.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, this food has a high protein content, which is crucial in the formation of lean and strong muscles. Then, the fatty acids aid in the development of healthy skin as well as a shiny and pleasant-looking coat.

The fruits and vegetables offer antioxidants, which help in boosting the immune system of the pup.

There is also the prebiotic fiber which should help in improving the gut health as well as the overall condition of the digestive tract.

The food is tasty and should encourage the dog to feed more.

It comes with a feeding guide to help you in feeding the pup.


  • High protein content
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Kibbles are small enough for the puppy jaws


  • Leads to allergies in some dogs

5. Wellness Natural Complete Small Dog Dry Food

The Wellness Pet Food brand does it again with the Complete Dry Food, which specifically targets the small and developing dogs. It is the perfect formula, especially if you are concerned about health loss and maintenance and it is available in 4lb and 12lb bags.

Should you go for it? Let’s see.

Product Description

This food is made in the USA, and its main ingredients include Deboned Turkey, Oatmeal, Salmon Based, Flaxseed, Blueberries, and Peas.

It is grain-free and does not contain wheat, soy, or corn plus is all-natural and has no artificial preservatives or flavors. The kibbles are smaller in size to make the food ideal for the puppies with tiny jaws.

Some of the benefits you should get from this food include the Omega 3&6 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Proteins, Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Prebiotics, Calcium, and Phosphorous.

The food is backed by the Wellness guarantee to assure you of satisfaction.

Other Features and Benefits

To start with, the blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates should provide the growing pup with the necessary energy for growth.

Secondly, the Omega 3&6 fatty acids should ensure that your pet develops a healthy skin as well as a shiny and attractive coat. The blueberries offer Vitamins A & C, Fiber and Potassium, which are antioxidants and can go a long way in boosting the dog's immune system.

The Phosphorous and Calcium aid in the formation of strong and healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, the food features prebiotics and fiber, which aim to improve the health of the digestive tract.

It has a tasty flavor, which is sure to motivate your pup to feed more.


  • Great for weight maintenance
  • Aids in boosting the immune system
  • Grain-free


  • Tends to irritate the throat

6. Royal Canin Dachshund Dry Dog Food

Your Dachshund must maintain a healthy weight so that it can sustain an active lifestyle as any normal dog should. Therefore, you should ensure that you provide it with food having the appropriate formula that would not lead to excessive weight gain.

An excellent example of such dog food is the Dachshund dry Dog Food by the Royal Canin brand, which is exclusively formulated to help your dog in maintaining an ideal weight.

Find out more in our brief review below.

Product Description

Made in the USA, this dog food’s main ingredients include Chicken by-product meal, Brewers rice, Brown Rice, Oat Groats, Wheat gluten, Chicken fat, Natural flavor, Fish Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Vegetable Oil and sodium.

It has an all-natural composition without any artificial preservatives, flavors, or any meat by-product.

Some of the critical nutrients include Digestible Proteins, Calcium, Phosphorous, Fiber, L-Carnitine, Omega 3&6 Fatty Acids, among others.

This food is ideal for Dachshunds, which are ten months or older.

Other Features and Benefits

First, Calcium and Phosphorous are vital in the formation of healthy teeth, bones, and joints. This will be crucial in providing support to the long backbone and tiny limbs associated with the Dachshund.

Then, the highly digestible proteins and the L-Carnitine are vital in the formation of strong muscles plus provide the necessary energy to keep the pet going.

Further, the proteins coupled with the fiber could aid in a reduced stool volume and odor. This should keep everyone within the household very comfortable.

When it comes to the kibbles, they are designed with the appropriate size and texture to make it easy for the dog to pick up and chew.


  • Helps in reducing stool volume and odor
  • The kibble shape and texture aids in chewing
  • Crucial in the development of healthy muscle tone


  • Some dogs develop allergic reactions to the food

7. Diamond Naturals Light Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for an affordable dog food without giving up too much of the qualities that you could find in the higher-end products, the Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food by Diamond Natural could answer your question.

Our review should help you conclude whether the food really offers your holistic pet nutrition, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Product Description

This food is made in the USA, with its main ingredients being Lamb Meal, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Peas, Powdered Cellulose Chicken Fat, Natural Flavor, Blueberries, and Carrots.

It is all-natural with no artificial additives or preservatives plus has no corn or wheat. The food is infused with superfoods and antioxidants, which should improve the overall health of the dog.

The kibbles are smaller for easy chewing by the smaller jaws.

Other Features and Benefits

This food is specially formulated to help in weight maintenance. Therefore, if you have an overweight or lazy dog, this is the ideal food for it.

The high-quality and digestible proteins are essential in the formation of strong and lean muscles. The fruits and vegetables offer antioxidants which aim to boost the dog's immune system.

Then, the fatty acids are crucial in the formation of healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The food is manufactured under strict conditions and protocols to ensure that quality and safety are never compromised.


  • Well-priced
  • Ideal for overweight and lazy dogs
  • Small and textured kibbles for easy pickup and chewing


  • Some dogs vomit after feeding

Buying Guide for Best Puppy Dog Food

Now that you have your adorable puppy by your side, you need to feed it well. Buying dog food is not about just walking into a store and picking whatever dog food you find. Here is what you should look for in your dog food.

The Nutritional Value

Relevant authorities should certify the dog food you choose for your dachshund puppy. The label on the packet should say that the product offers balanced and complete nutrition or that the formulation of the product meets the levels established by the relevant authorities.

There should be meat product such as beef, lamb, or chicken. It really does not matter as long as your puppy can feed on it effortlessly.

Consider Grains and By-products

The debate about meat by-products being of no value to your dog is not likely to end soon. If your bag of dog food claims to contain by-product, it refers to ground parts of animals such as bones. Granted, these parts may not be as nutritious but they do have some nutritional value.

Do not rule out dog food that contains grains either. Unless your pooch is allergic, grains help in the digestion process. Consult a vet to find out what your dog should avoid.

Fatty Acids are Important

You want your puppy to have a healthy coat and skin as well as shed a minimum amount of hair. Fatty acids help with this. Therefore, as you look for the best dog food for your Dachshund puppy, ensure that fatty acids feature in the ingredients list.

How to Care For Your Dachshund Puppy

Proper care is necessary if you want your puppy to remain healthy and live a longer life. Here are some care tips that will guarantee this.

Reduce Back Issues

Restrict the treats you give to your dog and feed them more quality food. Meat will be among the first three ingredients in a quality dog food pack. While meat by-products may have some nutritional value, avoid buying dog food that has too much of byproduct.

Your little pooch is susceptible to obesity and if you feed him food with fillers, the chances increase. This will in turn lead to back issues. With quality dog food, your dachshund puppy is able to stay slim and fit.


Naturally, your puppy will try to be the Alpha dog. This calls for training whereby you keep them on a leash and teach them how to obey your orders. Within no time, they will be able to sit and poop where you tell them.

Treats go a long way in reinforcing whatever you teach your pooch. In the same breadth, you can train your dog to eat what is good for them and shun whatever is not.

Grooming and Health

Give your pooch frequent baths, but be careful not to overdo it. This is because you may dry out their skin if you bathe them too much, too often. Use mild shampoo and dry off your pooch after a bath.

For grooming purposes, brush them on a regular basis, as this will reduce hair shedding. Brush their teeth as well. Your vet is in a better position to tell you how often to do it.  

Do not miss any vaccinations, and go for regular checkups so that your vet can recommend the best diet for your pooch. Walk your pooch at least twice every day and this should be enough exercise for them.

Benefits of Dachshund Puppy Dog Food

Food is necessary for the health and growth of your pooch. Here are some benefits of quality dog food.

Reduces Allergies and Illnesses

Quality dog food should be free of artificial elements, contaminated pesticides, and chemical additives. In other words, go for natural dog food and in so doing, you will strengthen your dog’s immunity system and they will be able to fight off all kinds of infections that bring about diseases.

Extended Lifespan

Quality, organic dog food prolongs the life of your pet. How? They are able to avoid illnesses because of a strong immune system, and stay fit because the food does not promote obesity.

Improved Lifestyle

Natural dog food will cost you a little bit more. However, when you think of its benefits, you will see that it is a worthy investment. Organic foods are higher in nutrition and keeps your pooch healthy both internally and externally thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Better Digestion

Good dog food has high protein and fiber content. This means that it will be more digestible and you will be able to predict when your pooch will have a bowel movement. What is more is that the waste from your dog will be less stinky.

Increased Energy Levels

Organic, dog food supplies your pet with all the energy they need to stay physically active since they comprise huge amounts of calories rich in nutrients.

FAQ Dachshund Puppy Dog Food

You are bound to have some questions about your dachshund puppy at some point. Here are some common ones answered.

What should I feed my dachshund puppy?

Any kind of dog food that is rich in fat and protein should do. The main source of protein should be from fish, chicken, or eggs.

How regularly should I feed my dachshund puppy?

From when they are born to about the time they get to four months, they should have four meals a day. As they grow older, you can distribute their food portions more times throughout the day.

Why does my puppy eat grass?

It could be that your dog eats grass to improve digestion or supplement the nutritional need for fiber.

Which One Is The Best Dog Food for Dachshund Puppies?

We have a thing for the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Dog Food. First, we like the fact that it’s easily digestible. Plus, it contains a healthy supply of protein, fiber and fats all which are needed for the growth of a healthy pup.

Final Thoughts

Compared to adult dogs, puppies have different nutritional needs. A dachshund puppy is a small dog breed and that means they have their own exceptional requirements.

With this guide, you will be able to choose the right food for your puppy.

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