10 Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs : Train Your Dog Properly

What is the common factor with all dogs? They all bark as a way of communicating with each other and you. However, the barking can be so loud that it becomes an annoyance. Here is where a bark collar would come in handy to tame this habit.

But another problem presents itself if you have a furry dog. This is because the prongs would not reach the canine’s skin to deliver the correction or make the collar not fit properly.

If you are facing this problem, you have come to the right place as we have put together this article to help you find the best bark collar for long-haired dogs. We hope that in the end, you will be better placed to make the right decision.

Here we go.

Top Bark Collars for Long Haired Dogs: Comparison Guide

In this section, we have taken our time to analyze a sample of bark collars that we consider to be of the highest quality for furry dogs. Have a read, and maybe you can find something on the list that meets all your preferences.

1. Pet Resolve 3-Mode Dog Training Collar

The first E collar we are looking at is the Pet Resolve training system. Pet Resolve upgraded this system recently, adding features that are generally found on E collars that are double the price. This is a hunting standard collar offering exceptional value for money.

Let’s see whether this dog training collar reaches the high standards expected of items from this brand.

Product Description

One of the new features Pet Resolve added is extra-long prongs, which is perfect for long-haired dogs, avoiding the need to trim the fur for contact.

They have made the receivers fully waterproof, meaning you have no need to worry about the durability of this product, and with the addition of LED Night mode and a 3/4 mile range, you will have no fear of losing your dog on night walks.

Top Bark Collars for Long Haired Dogs: Comparison Guide
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Pet Resolve has also added an Anti Bark mode to deter unnecessary barking and the No standby feature will ensure instant corrections.

Other Features and Benefits

With a warning alarm and 10 levels of static stimulation and vibration, the Pet Resolve E collar has a versatile range of settings to suit the needs of each dog owner, and you can train up to 3 dogs per remote, so if you add to your pack you only need to purchase an extra receiver which is readily available. Pet Resolve has also made the shock removable if this is a feature you no longer require.

Pet resolve offers a 2-year warranty and has a world-class customer service team to back their products so you can be confident you are buying a top-quality product at a very reasonable price!


  • Excellent customer care
  • Sturdy build
  • Long battery life


  • Not the best beep

2. Patpet Waterproof Dog Training Collar

Here is another high-quality bark collar that you ought to get your long-haired dog. You should particularly find it useful if you are a first-time pet owner, although the professionals may find it useful.

Have a read and see whether the product has what you are looking for.

Product Description

This collar has an adjustable strap to make it a perfect fit for dogs of any size. So, if your dog weighs between 10-140lbs, it should be on the safe side.

 Patpet Waterproof Dog Training Collar
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Then, it has three tri9aning modes, namely beep, vibration, and shock. The third mode has 1-16 adjustable levels, and you should set the one that matches your dog’s temperament.

What about the RF 434Mhz remote control? Well, it has a 3000ft range, which allows for long-distance outdoor training with your dog.

Other Features and Benefits

An outstanding aspect of the remote is the unique design that allows for blind operation. This means that you do not have to look at it to operate it. This feature’s significance is that it allows you to focus on the training rather than the device.

Let’s also touch on the double protection design featuring soft silicone covers designed to keep your long-haired canine safe in the vibration and shock modes.

Lastly, both the remote and receiver are waterproof, meaning that you can proceed with the training on a rainy day.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Long battery life


  • Flimsy construction

3. Educator E-Collar

Why do we consider the Educator E-Collar to be one of the top bark collars for long-haired dogs? It is probably due to the two different sets of contact points that make it fit against the dog’s neck accurately, even with the long hair.

However, you may be put off by its high price.

Educator E-Collar
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Product Description

Made in the USA, the stopwatch transmitter has an ergonomic design, making it perfect for individuals with small hands. On top of that, the design also delivers discreetness whenever it is needed.

Next up are the stimulation levels of 1 to 100 with a bonus stimulus of 1 to 60. The additional level will be helpful if you have an extremely stubborn dog.

Further, the collar delivers a blunt rather than sharp stimulation to make it less stressful for the dog.

We liked the LCD that eliminates guesswork as you can accurately know the stimulation level you are dealing with.

Other Features and Benefits

An innovative aspect of this training system is the tracking light, whereby you can light it up if the canine is lost in the dark for easy location.

It is also worth noting that both the receiver and transmitter are waterproof to allow for training in the rain without fear of any damages.

This trainer is powered by lithium polymer batteries, which need only 2-hours to attain a full charge.


  • Rechargeable
  • 1/2 mile range
  • Safe


  • Non-adjustable collar

4. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar -Dog Shock Collar with Remote

If the previous product put you off due to the non-adjustable collar, here is one that overcomes this flaw. The strap is adjustable so that the unit gets to your skin as close as it can.

But this is not the only awesome thing with this collar. Find out from our brief review below.

Product Description

Did you know that you can use one remote transmitter to train nine dogs simultaneously with this trainer? This is a feature that you will find appealing if you have several canines under one roof.

Another thing is that the collar offers a 0-99 adjustable static level. So, it will be easy to find the ideal level for your dog.

Educator E-Collar
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The combination of long battery life and a remote range of up to 330 yards makes this training system very effective. Whether it is in the park or your backyard, you are sure to get the results you are looking for.

Other Features and Benefits

The adjustability of the collar makes it ideal for dogs of different sizes, ranging between 08-120lbs. In addition to that, the remote has a security keypad lock to minimize incidences of accidental shocks while it is in your pocket.

We cannot forget the three modes of training, i.e., vibration, shock, and beep, to give you options on what you can work with.


  • 9-dogs trainer
  • Impressive range
  • Three training modes
  • IPX7 Waterproof


  • Drains battery fast

5. Petrainer Shock Dog Collar

Are you looking for the perfect back collar which would not irritate your long-haired dog at any point in its use? The Petrainer collar is here for you with soft silicone covers for contact points to give your dog a more relaxed experience.

Let’s see what this product is all about.

Product Description

First, you have three training modes at your disposal, i.e., static, vibration, and standard beep. Then, the vibration mode has 0-100 levels, and you can use the safest and most effective one for your dog.

After that, the collar is adjustable to fit all dogs, including the small, medium, and large ones.

We were equally impressed with the 330-yard range, making the collar ideal for outdoor training in the park or your backyard.

Petrainer Shock Dog Collar
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Other Features and Benefits

Another thing you will surely like is that the receiver and transmitter allow for simultaneous charging. This will help you save time as you do not have to wait for one of them to complete charging before proceeding.

There is also the power-saving design comprising the memory function and automatic standby. This will help in prolonging battery life.

You are sure to appreciate that besides barking, you can use this collar to train your dog to abandon other behaviors such as jumping, biting, and digging.

Lastly, the collar is waterproof to maintain its use in wet conditions.


  • Three training modes
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Decent range


  • Short lifespan

6. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

Do you have two dogs and you are wondering how you can contain their annoying barking without using up too much of your time? If you are, the Bousnic shock collar could be the answer to your problem.

Its dual-channel design means that you can train two dogs at a go.

Let’s see what else this product has to offer.

Product Description

First, the collar features three training modes, i.e. shock, vibration, and beep. The shock mode is adjustable to ensure that it poses no harm to the canine.

Next, it is adjustable so that it fits dogs of different sizes, ranging from small to large. Further, it is lightweight to ensure the dog remains comfortable all the time the collar is on.

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar
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We were pleased with the lithium battery which needs around 2-3-hours to be fully charged. Then, a fully charged remote should last for over a month while the collar can be used for 11-15-days.

Other Features and Benefits

We all know the convenience that a rechargeable unit offers. This particular product only needs a phone adapter for charging when it dies down.

There is also the security keypad lock that aims to prevent accidental operation of the remote.

Another notable feature of this collar lies with the conductive silicone covers that protect the canine’s skin from irritations.

Finally, the LCD is large and clear so that you can easily see the levels of correction that you are subjecting your pet to.


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable collar
  • 1000ft range


  • No lanyard connection

7. Petspy P620B Dog Training Collar

Another highly-rated bark collar for thick-haired dogs is the Petspy P620B. The package contains two collars, and this should appeal to you if you have two dogs. In case you have only one canine, there is no harm in having a spare collar by the side.

Here is a detailed review of the product.

Product Description

Each collar has three modes of training, namely, shock, vibration, and beep. All of them have 16 levels to allow you to find the one that works best for your pet easily.

Also important is that the collars work for dogs weighing between 10 to 140lbs due to their adjustability. On top of that, the units can work on other types of dogs besides the hairy ones, giving them a versatility hint.

Petspy P620B Dog Training Collar
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The remote control is easy to use with easily identifiable buttons to allow for blind operation.

Other Features and Benefits

The adjustable prongs that feature on these collars are what make them so effective with thick-haired dogs. In addition to that, they have a 650-yard range, which makes them ideal for outdoor training.

What if it rains? This should not worry you, as the units are designed to be waterproof.

We liked that the package includes a free training guide that aims to ensure you get everything right.

Last but not least, the product comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Waterproof
  • Decent range


  • Loose antenna

8. Garmin Delta XC Bundle

Are you looking for a durable unit that would remain intact in case of a sudden impact? If you are, take a look at the Garmin Delta XC, which has a rugged construction that enhances its durability.

Our detailed review of the product should help you decide whether it is worth investing in or not.

Product Description

Let’s start with the uniquely-looking controller, which has a compact design to ensure that it fits firmly in your hands. Further, it has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which implies it would not be damaged if submerged up to a certain depth in water.

The next feature to look at is the 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation in addition to the vibration and beep. So, finding the perfect level for your canine should not be a problem.

PGarmin Delta XC BundleNAME
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This is a 3-dog trainer, which is ideal for multi-pet households. Further, it has a ½ mile coverage to ensure that it remains effective while training outdoors.

Other Features and Benefits

The clear LCD will ensure that you know the exact level of stimulation you are applying.

We cannot leave out the dog select lock that acts as false-correction prevention.


  • Replaceable contact points
  • 18 stimulation levels
  • Durable


  • Hard to charge

9. Patpet 3-Mode Dog Training Collar

Once again, our list shall feature a product by Patpet, and this should give you a hint of the quality you ought to expect from the products in the brand. This particular unit is designed to work on all dog sizes, ranging from small to large.

Please find out more in our review below.

Product Description

We could consider this unit to be the best bark collar for long-haired dogs due to the long metal contact points. These pieces expand the contact area so that the collar becomes more effective with such canines.

Then, the trainer features three modes, which are beep, vibration, and shock. The vibration mode has 1-8 levels, while the shock has levels ranging from 1 to 16.

Patpet 3-Mode Dog Training Collar
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Next up is the adjustable nylon belt, which is ideal for dogs weighing between 15 to 100lbs. The wireless remote will offer you a range of control of up to 1000ft.

Other Features and Benefits

A notable aspect of the remote is the security lock, which aims to prevent accidental touch. This is one reason why this unit is very safe for your dog, as there would be no accidental stimulation.

Although this unit has an IPX5 rainproof rating, we caution you against submerging it in a swimming pool as it may get damaged.


  • Adjustable nylon belt
  • Rainproof collar
  • 3-modes


  • Poor packaging

10. Tokego Dog Training Collar

The last item on our list is a top-notch bark collar for thick-haired dogs that allows you to train two dogs simultaneously. As you shall see in the review below, it is a safe and humane way of training your dog into developing acceptable barking habits.

Check out what we found out about the collar below.

Product Description

First, the trainer has three modes, namely, shock, vibration, and beep. All of them are adjustable so that you can find the safest and effective level for your pet.

We also liked the versatility that the remote training collar offers with the RF434Mhz technology to provide coverage of 1500ft. This makes it suitable for different environments such as indoors and outdoors in parks, backyards, and streets.

  Tokego Dog Training Collar
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More on the versatility is that the adjustable strap means that it can fit different sized dogs, i.e., neck sizes between 15 to 22-inches.

You are sure to appreciate the ergonomic-designed remote that fits nicely in your hands. Further, it has easy-access buttons to allow for ease of operation.

Other Features and Benefits

Have we mentioned that the package includes two collars? This will be handy if you have two dogs to train or would give you a spare one.

Additionally, the collars are powered by lithium polymer batteries that need 2-3-hours to attain a full charge. Once fully charged, the unit can serve you for up to 20-days.

Let’s also touch on the conductive silicone prongs designed to be safe on the coat and skin.


  • Decent customer support
  • Fast charge
  • Water-resistant receiver


  • Cheaply made

Types of Bark Collars

We mentioned somewhere in this article that there are different types of bark collars available out there. Let’s look at them individually.

1. Sound Bark Collars

Some of these collars feature a beep mode that is triggered once your dog starts barking. The canine would become uncomfortable with the noise and desist the barking.

2. Static Collars

These types are designed to deliver short pulses of static shocks once your pet starts barking. They often have adjustable levels of sensitivity so that you can set them to a level that is safe for the canine.

However, static electricity is known to cause tissue injury, which explains why animal activists are always against these collars.

3. Vibration Collars

As you may have guessed, these collars deliver vibrations to the dog’s skin as a way of distracting him from the barking. Many pet owners go this route as they consider it more humane than shocks.

4. Ultrasonic Collars

Just as the other bark collars, ultrasonic ones serve to distract the dog from barking. They give out a high-pitched noise that only the dog can hear.

Most are characterized by remote controls for a degree of adjustability.

5. Spray Collars

The last bunch is designed to provide a mist of a solution that will disrupt your dog’s barking. They normally feature citronella, although it has the potential of stinging the eyes.

Other options include plain water and lemon.

Buying Guide for the Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs

In your search for a good quality bark collar, you will likely encounter numerous options in the market. This may make your search more complicated than it should be. A smart way of overcoming this problem is by paying attention to a few essential factors.

Let’s see what they are.

I) The Correction Methods Present

The four common correction methods you find in bark collars include vibration, shock, sound/beep, and spray. You can find a collar with all the modes present while there are the non-shock ones, which only feature vibration and beeps.

Many pet owners consider the latter to be more humane, although they may not offer sufficient correction.

The vibration turns the dog’s direction from the barking to you, and you are supposed to reward them for obedience. As for the beeps, they distract the dog to pay more attention to listening and hearing.

Whichever mode you find effective and use, we advise that you always use the lowest setting so that it always remains safe for the dog.

II) Durability

The next thing to think about is how long the collar is expected to serve you, and it all depends on the type of construction it went through. Let’s start with the straps, which ought to be made of nylon to guarantee the longevity you are looking for.

Further, the device should be made in such a way that it is not exposed to external elements such as snow, rainfall, and dust.

III) Type of Bark Collar

In case you do not know, there are different types of bark collars available out there. They include static, spray, vibration, and sonic collars. In this case, you should go for the option that you feel is safe and most effective for your canine.

IV) The Dog’s Weight and Neck Circumference

Keep in mind that many collars are designed with the canine’s weight in mind and are mainly suited for dogs weighing between 4lbs and 150lbs. It would be wise to go for a collar that wouldn’t interfere with the neck’s positioning.

We also advise that you get an adjustable collar to easily attain the perfect fit without being too tight or loose.

V) Variable Sensitivity

Sometimes, the collar may not elicit the kind of response you were hoping for. So, if the sensitivity is adjustable, you could alter it to the most effective level. If not, you may be having that is of no use at all.

VI) Accidental Trigger-Proofing

It is normal for the devices to register a noise even when the dog hasn’t done anything. The result is that your dog would receive a correction even when he doesn’t need to. To avoid this issue, get a device with the necessary protection against it.

VII) The Length of the Prongs

Since you are dealing with a thick-haired canine, the prongs need to be long enough to cut through the hair onto the skin. If they do not, the dog will not feel any correction as per the intention.

FAQs on Ideal Bark Collars for Thick-Haired Dogs

We compiled some of the commonly asked questions on bark collars, and we hope that they boost your knowledge on the topic. Here they are.

Q: What is a dog bark collar?

A: This is a dog collar with a device attached to it. Once the device gathers the dog’s noise level information, it sends it to a microchip, which then processes the information to trigger a correction mechanism.

Q: Are bark collars safe?

A: Yes, they are provided that you follow all the instructions that ensure their correct usage. Ensure that you only press the button when the dog starts barking uncontrollably.

Q: How often should I use a bark collar?

A: It all depends on your canine’s barking habits, and you should identify when your dog is barking at the wrong time. If your dog is smart enough, a few training sessions would be enough for him to get the idea.

Only put on the collar when you are training your dog to desist from annoying barking, and it should not remain on your dog the entire day (24hrs).

Our Top Pick

According to our analysis, the best bark collar for long-haired dogs is the Pet Resolve 3-Mode Dog Training Collar. Some of its outstanding aspects include offering three modes of training, is well-built, and having excellent battery life.

Most of all, the customer support team is always ready to respond to any of your queries.

Closing Remark

If your thick-haired canine has been keeping you up all night or getting you into trouble with the neighbors, you should consider investing in a bark collar to control this habit. Luckily for you, our article has touched on everything important about this device so that your search for the ideal item is a straightforward affair.

Before you purchase a particular product, ensure that it is compatible with your pet’s temperament to be on the safe side.

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